Do the reggae

Do the Reggae
Reggae from Pocomania to Ragga and the legend of Bob Marley
By René Wynands

The book was published by Pieper-Verlag in 1996. It traces the history of reggae (until 1996) and places the myth of Bob Marley in its music-historical context.

"Do The Reggae" is available as a free download here.

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I got the original edition from a very nice colleague today, I've already read it partly as a pdf, but I'm even more happy in book form, just wanted to express my joy :), thank you and all the best!

Thank you for making your book available as a download here, there is hardly anything in German on our favorite topic anyway! Just got that Dub-Book by Michael Veal in progress, then this will come next <3 lg doc

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