Dreadsquad: The Riddim Machine Versions


In the meantime, excellent reggae is emerging almost everywhere in Europe: France, England, Italy, Germany: all great reggae nations. Poland is also one of them. A producer from Lodz alone takes the credit for this: Marek Bogdanski aka Dreadsquad! Since 2001 he has been screwing together some wonderful, energetic rhythms that are musically located somewhere between Ska, Early Reggae and Dancehall. Over time, they have been voiced by a variety of European and Jamaican artists (Ward 21, Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, U Brown, Milion Stylez, Lady Chann, Tipa Irie, Jah Mason, Perfect, Dr Ring Ding) and in In the form of a few solo albums and many singles (which, however, were compiled into one-rhythm samplers) Last year, “The Riddim Machine” was a Best Of Dreadsquad that I ran in continuous rotation for a long time. Well, a year later, no, unfortunately not the right one appears DubAlbum, but “only” a version album, with the largely unmixed rhythms. It is appropriately titled “The Riddim Machine Versions” (Superfly Studio Poland) - and what can I say: I'm loving it! Great instrumentals, which it is not surprising that they inspired the artists mentioned above to create excellent songs. In addition to original compositions, you can also hear great reworkings by riddims like Sleng Teng or Stalag. That is fun! Now I'm just waiting for that DubAlbum - or optionally on new material. Mainly supplies from the east.
Audio sample at Juno

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