Drop Collective meets Chalart58 in Dub

jazz or reggae? reggae or jazz? Almost everything is there - one drop, key and guitar skank, only the bass is a bit lacking: played virtuously, but the hypnotic repetition just doesn't seem to be there for long. That and the wind section(s) are the massive jazz part of the Drop Collective's new EP; simple "Drop Collective meets Chalart58 in Dubshe calls herself, released on the well-known Brixton Records label. The title couldn't be more meaningful - what's on it is in there: With the for DubAll in all, the producer Chalart58, who is responsible for the mix, gives you a small (4 tracks) portion of Catalan sound art from Barcelona.

10 men/women high - the thought of a band, if not a big band - that's what it sounds like in places. Admittedly, the heavy jazz part isn't for everyone, and the vocal shreds of a rather trivial-sounding voice don't inspire either; but the tracks undoubtedly grow the more you listen to them. Blame it on Chalart58, who with his mix is ​​the finest, albeit classic Dub-Effects from the somewhat boring vocal counterpart "come shine“ tickles out.

I recommend this EP to anyone who Groundation appreciate and are willing to take a few more big steps towards jazz; to others the whole thing might sound a little too intellectual. Give the part a chance.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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