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For two short years, between 1979 and '80, that brought that originally to Bunny Lee ATTACK Label that already belonged to Trojan at the time, exorbitantly popping Maxis out, most of them recognizable by the logo highlighted in yellow, with red letters on a dark green background. In some cases the blue Trojan label was also used. There were a total of 25 pieces, most of which are in great demand today because of the mixes of Prince Jammy and Scientist that can be found here and only here. Including extended killer versions of Barry Brown's "Living As A Brother", "Separation" and "Cool Pon Your Corner", Morwell's "Kingston Twelve Tuffy", Linval Thompson's "Pop No Style" and Michael Rose's "Born Free". The picture with the labels of these maxis comes from the booklet of a strangely compiled one DoCDon which one, separated from the vocals, 19 of that attackDubs as - as the booklet calls it - finds “generous” bonus material. Including the previously mentioned titles. But there are two completely different hooks for the compilation Dub-Albums that absolutely do not match each other stylistically. On the one hand, “A.1 Dub", Mixed with Blacka Morwell in Kingston in 1980 Dubs for Morwell's 1979 LP “Cool Runnings” and mixing the “Taxi” and “Get In The Groove” riddims. On the other hand, “Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter IV ”, the counterpart to Prince Far Is“ Voice Of Thunder ”, mixed a year later in London by Adrian Sherwood. Although the DoCD's liner notes endeavor to link the albums and both LPs are individually excellent, the Attack BonusDubt's the real reason this set is better not to be missed. Especially since you would have to invest significantly more money for each of these maxi than for the always inexpensive DoCDs from the English re-issue label Doctor Bird. (A shorter version of the text appeared in RIDDIM 01/21)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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It's not like I wouldn't want to check out this tip too. But so far I haven't found anything to listen to. If you like to sit at the computer and move the mouse back and forth all day, you might find what you are looking for at some point, but then I would need a link where it starts right away. Sorry if that sounds a bit snotty, but that's my "humor" today.
Basically, an honorable thought is what drives me to make a short comment. I wanted to express that I have ignored neither the review nor the recommendation.
For example, I did hear the "extended killer version" by Barry Brown on YouTube. I envy everyone who can pull this magical black plastic out of the fat cover at home, only to "drop" the needle into this fat groove shortly afterwards. Who needs Fat Freddys Drop ?! (Ok, private joke)
But of course, “Cry Tuff …… Chapter 4 (!) Unfortunately for me it ends at Chapter 3. And so I have the fantastic versions resp. Dubs from the
“Voice Of Thunder” (and then mixed by the boss) not only not at the start, but never heard before. I hear gtkriz screaming "Blasphemia" again ;-) and this time too I can't disagree.
Instead I can put “Sir Pinkerton” and “Tumultus II” on the plate today. So I'm still steadily improving ;-)

And my hope is high that the governor of Münster ;-) will eventually become my hero again .............................................................

Unfortunately, I feel the same way, even if I already belong to the online native group. Either I order the thing from the UK, despite Brexit-related delivery problems and scarce money, or I leave it ... Streaming services have a few individual tracks, including YouTube. But is it the CD version?

my weekly dub but fix has mostly been delivered free of charge from King Shiloh on Youtube for a year. There are tons of rarities to be heard there too :)

Lemmi, at JPC you can get the CD for € 18,99. You can also listen to all the tracks:
You can get them in England Dub Vendor or directly from the label for 12 pounds:
And with King Shiloh you are always right. That's where we meet :-)

Do you have a specific link or am I always right with King Shiloh?

I'm just an “online / digital immigrant” ;-) ………………… .. lemmi

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