My Dub-Top Ten 2016

1. Mad Professor and the Robotics featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Black Ark Classics in Dub
2. Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno: 1000 Watts
3. Dub Dynasty: Holy Cow
4. Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band: Heavenless
5. Radical Guru: Dub Mentalist
6. Brain Damage: Talk the talk
7. Pressed Records: Dub Compilation Vol. 1
8. AMJ Meets RSD: Sky blue love
9. LUKL: Dubs
10. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Physical echoes

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High Rene´,

happy new year first!

Today is my first day at work in 2017. Unfortunately, I can't spread that many positive vibes there. Somehow they leave me too Dub-Charts in 2016 are not really blooming yet.
Maybe 2016 wasn't quite mine either Dub-Year. In any case, I myself would have great problems drawing up a top ten list. And the fact that your charts are ultimately topped again by the old masters in a new guise with a new band and old name shows me that all the "innovations" in the Dub of the newcomers didn't quite ignite. I can't actually do a single complete one Dub- Enumerate the disc. My favourite-Dubs are once again scattered on many albums and are often just the ones as usual Dubversions of the vocal versions.
But I have to do the “Deep Dive Dub“By Trance Hill and Dub Highlight Spencer specifically.
I know you don't think that's as great as I read in the riddim. Hurt me a lot ;-)
No, just kidding, I can live with it. But Dub Spencer and Trance Hill, together with Umberto Echo, provided my very special live highlight in 2016 when I was able to experience them in the slaughterhouse in Kassel. Yes, I know, nothing against sound system styles but music and especially Dub, played live, with crazy guitar solos, great drums and a not only tangible, but also visible bass, is simply the best way for me to experience music.
So once again a big thank you to all Singers and Players Of Instruments and also big compliments to the technology.

Greetings …………………… .. lemmi

I saw DS&TH with Umberto Echo and the Senior Allstars in Münster at the end of last year and was extremely enthusiastic. As I wrote: The Swiss are terrific live!

I really wanted to be there too. Two Dub-Bands in a row! That would have been it !!! Unfortunately I haven't found any accommodation for less than 60 euros in all of Münster. Fitter's rooms were all fully booked and otherwise I had the feeling that they only wanted rich people to stay overnight in Münster. I mean 60 euros are already the cheapest of the cheap today, but hey you castronists, 120 DM for an overnight stay? ... and then there is not even a special room service included ...............................

… I go in the gate ……………………. lemmi

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