Dub Club Meets The Lions: This Generation In Dub


Here we have a fine example of the old school Dub - transported and transformed into the here and now. Classic live mixing of hand-played reggae - no laptop included. Pure & simple. Location: Los Angeles, home turf of the Lions, a reggae band that played with "This Generation" 2012 had presented their debut album. And the Dub Club, well-known LA venue, in front of which queues of people form on weekends who want to hear the good, old 70ies reggae sound nice and loud and in the company of like-minded people. Tom Chasteen, operator of the Dub Club, record collector and producer of the two (last discussed here) "Signs & Wonders"-Retro albums, the Lions debut enthusiastically turned the buttons and with it “This Generation In Dub" (Stones Throw) a solid in record time DubVersion conjured up. The strength of this album, however, lies less in the mix, which is undoubtedly perfectly fine, than in the template processed by Chasteen, the tunes of the Lions. The band is bursting with energy, enthusiasm, ideas and virtuoso playing. Even though Dub obeys the principle of reduction and compression, the musical richness of the debut album is in every measure of the Dub-Version noticeable. Varied arrangements, frequent changes in tempo, catchy melodies, pleasant live sound and a classic, but very inspired mix - all of this combines into a wonderfully musical one Dub-Abum that is really fun.

Rating 4 stars

One answer to "Dub Club Meets The Lions: This Generation In Dub"

I've had this record for a long time. Although I liked it right away, it is somehow one of my big ones Dub-Drawers got stuck for a long time. When I heard it again years later, I not only knew why I bought it, but I also knew straight away how my favoriteDub is working.

Energy ! Joy of playing! Virtuoso game! …… and a classic, very inspired mix !!!

Something similar can certainly happen with downloads, but I am always thrilled when I rummage through my drawers and dig out an "older" disc that I don't really know that well and then notice what a great treasure slumbered in my drawer. That's the advantage when you have more music than time to listen to it. The music always stays fresh.
I don't think much of thinking about death, but when I think about the fact that one can no longer hear music in death, I get scared!?!

So I need more than just one life ……………. lemmi

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