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Dub Colossus: Dub Me Tender Vol. 1 + 2

In the beginning there was Dubullah - a man with a vision. Even more enthusiastic Dubhead (one would hardly have expected otherwise with the name), founding member of Transglobal Underground and Syriana, had the dream, reggae and Dub to connect with the music of Ethiopia. In 2006 he flew to Addis Ababa, met many great musicians there, and founded the band with them Dub Colossus and recorded two albums. But what a real one Dubhead is, he doesn't just record two albums without them through the Dub-Wolf to spin. "Dub Me Tender Vol. 1 + 2 “(Real World) is the result of this process and you cannot avoid Dubullah to attest the mastery of his craft. What was originally a mixture of Ethiojazz and Reggae à La Abyssinians or Mighty Diamonds is now - formally speaking - more pure Dub. Played very lightly, with a sound reminiscent of live recordings. It may not be an album that gives us hardcoreDub-Maniacs, but the target group of the Real World label should be amazed to see music that is so much more playful and musical than what it was used to categorize under reggae. And it is precisely this joy of playing, which literally gushes out of the music, that with the conventions of the (mostly electronically produced) Dub breaks and enables a whole new experience of our favorite genre. But I modestly dare to question whether it is an all-round positive experience. Maybe I like the classic Dub-Convention too much, but it may also be that the conventions are the result of a natural and consistent process and therefore rightly exist; that develops in my ears Dub Colossus in any case not that fascination that the "right" Dub-Sound lives inside. In my understanding means Dub always “less”, i.e. minimalism, repetition and pure sound. Dub Colossus, on the other hand, offers “more”, musical abundance instead of minimalism, variation and joy of playing instead of repetition and instrumental “songs” instead of pure sound. The mix does not have the task of destruction here, but is itself a “more” in that it adds to the music and increases its complexity. In spite of Dub do we have it at "Dub Me Tender “not really with Dub to do - apart from that, with an interesting musical experience.

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