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Dub Evolution January 2011

The most interesting Dub-The new publication of the still fresh year comes from Münster, from the Senior All Stars, and bears the simple but apt title "In Dub" (Skycap). In a way, it is a birthday present that the boys have given themselves, because when the project was born in 2009, the seniors were 10 years and five separate albums (without Dr. Ring Ding) old. “Right from the start Dub It was an important element of our (instrumental) music, ”explains Thomas Hoppe, the band's drummer,“ but a really decent one Dub-Album has been my dream for a long time ”. How nice that such a dream can also be realized. My dear fellow Riddim author Karsten Frehe managed contacts with some of the most interesting ones at the moment Dub-Producers at, so that an illustrious host of sound tinkerers and Dub-Maniacs found the 14 tracks of the Senior Allstars in "really good" Dubtransform s. Karsten gave every 9th Dub-Meister in the booklet dedicated a small, informative text: Umberto Echo (Munich), Alldub (Berlin) and Dubvisionist (Hanover), webcam HiFi (France), Dubolic (Croatia), Victor Rice (Brazil), Crazy Baldhead (USA), El Bib (England) and Avatar (Ireland). All of them did their job very well and clean Dub-Mixes delivered - Dub Mixes mind you, not remixes. It was about the good old sound engineering trade and not about recording new tracks and turning a relaxed, jazz-inspired instrumental into a dark one Dubconjure up step number. It is therefore not very easy to hear stylistic differences between the various actors. The light, relaxed uptempo sound of the former ska band stays with them Dub- defining the version. In a direct comparison of some tracks from the last Senior Allstars album "Hazard" with theirs DubHowever, it is noticeable that the originals were probably mastered better. The presence and clarity of the original sound is simply fantastic. For this they get Dubs more depth and heaviness, the sound appears more concentrated. So overall a nice one Dub-Reworking that is fascinating to listen to, especially compared to the originals.

The British reggae collective Pama International is pursuing a similar concept with the new album “Pama International Meet Mad Professor: Rewired! In Dub“(Rockers Revolt). Here, too, became a well-known one Dub-Producer, namely the crazy professor himself, invited to existing tracks dubben, namely those of the 2009 Pama album "Outernational". The professor gave everything here, but what can he save if the basis is not right? Unlike the Senior Allstars, Pama International has not built any good rhythms, composed no melodic basslines and created no really exciting arrangements. Therefore, the tracks ripple in a somewhat uninspired manner, even if Mad Professor added a lot of reverb and screwed his fingers sore on the mixer. That me that Dub-Album knows how to impress so little, surprises me, because I actually didn't like “Outernational” that badly. But in a direct comparison it becomes clear that the original benefits a lot from the vocals, which are a nice mixture of James Brown, Desmond Dekker and Jimmy Cliff. It's interesting to see that the effects of the Dub are not suitable for masking a lack of musical quality. The opposite is the case: Dub concentrates on the essentials and makes defects all the more apparent.

Another case: Again it's about him Dubmix existing material, just that Dub-Master in this case none other than the resurrected Scientist: "Scientist launches Dubstep into outer space“(Tectonic). The poor guy was spared the Pama album, but he had to Dubstep remix. Is there a music that is less suitable for you Dub-Mix suitable as Dubstep? What else do you want to mix with this minimal music? Scientist obviously didn't know why his Dubs not particularly different from the originals - which, by the way, were conveniently included directly in the form of a double CD. Unlike with Mad Professor, however, the “raw material” in this case is not that bad. Previously unreleased, the tracks are from Dubstep luminaries such as Kode 9, Shackleton, Distance, Digital Mystikz etc. Anyone who goes on an excursion in Dubstep-Gefilden is not averse, you can have a listen. However, anyone who expects to hear the scientist he knows from the early 1980s will have to digest a bitter disappointment.

An from comes from Japan Glen Brown produced and by King Tubby mixed Dub-Album to us: "Big Dub - 15 Dubs From Lost Tapes“(Rock A Shacka). Dub Vendor in England sells the good piece for 22 pounds (26 euros) plus shipping costs. So an exclusive pleasure to listen to the (also limited) CD. And what sensations does the luxury CD come up with? For example with Dubs to pieces like “Never Too Young To Learn”, “Father Of The Living”, “Away With The Bad”, “Merry Up”, “As Long As There Is You”, “When I Fall In Love” - but also With Dubs of previously unknown tracks (after all, we're talking about "lost tapes"). As expected, the Glen Brown sound is also rather dry and brittle here and Tubby proceeds with it in the familiar manner: He reduces the little even further, occasionally lets guitar or keyboards sound, cheers over it vigorously, only to turn it back into the mighty one Two, drum & bass, to sacrifice. We are dealing with a truly minimalist work and I have to admit that I was quite bored listening to it - despite great masters and great art. The sound is a number too meager for me and that Dub-Mixes too classic. To my liking, an album for the collection rather than for listening pleasure.

So, that would take me to the column at the beginning of the year, which - as I have just discovered - consists almost entirely of pans. That started well!

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Today I made a little time travel into the long past "abysses" of musical activities. I can still remember the "slipping column" from the year 11 well. What really pleased me about it was, above all, the "unity" that I felt with you. Despite the Mad Professor, I found this pama-disc just "yawning". Very weak riddims. You can screw on the nipples as much as you want, there is simply no reaction. there is no feeling.
Scientist is now not only with Dubstep productions have become an uninspired bore. Generally yours go to me Dubstep delineations down like oil anyway. DubStepDub but then it is quite useful again, I think. Besides, I now know why I dared to write anywhere here, King Tubby DubI find it boring. As I read here, you too were bored with King Tubby. The love of God always punishes small sins with me immediately. As soon as I wrote that I find King Tubby boring, I have a disc on YouTube called “Fever Dub“Discovered and was absolutely thrilled. I thought the record was so good that I still can't believe it was really King Tubby's.
I never cared about the Senior All Stars. Since Senior All Stars In DUB I am a fan !!! However …………………… .. so far I have only found a few live appearances on the net and I have to say, I cannot imagine that the spark will jump over there, especially with the younger audience. The Dubs are very, very (how should I put it ?!) introverted. I lack the ability to dance a little. I have the feeling that one would actually prefer to hear their live concerts sitting or lying down. Precisely because they were a ska band or because they know their way around ska very well, they should also be much more skaDubCelebrate s live on stage. I would like more on the future album Dub on ska riddims. It may be that this is completely nonsense what I am writing, because unfortunately I have not yet had the pleasure of calling the Senior Allstars Dub-Band to experience live. My impression was created only through the perception or representation on the Internet.
Well, I have my job here and at the moment I'm not doing it properly either, because I am writing here ......
The people who are responsible for culture here in Göttingen are doing their job even worse. The last band that had anything to do with reggae here was Jamaram about 4 years ago. 2 reggae tunes during the whole concert. Traitor !!! .... We're a student city, but I have the impression that students primarily want to hear talk and heavy metal. The rest of them are into punk. That gives hope, because in France expunk bands are very awesome Dub-Bands grow up. Well, for us I still have no hope. No matter, nothing against students ("these old nerds") but I'm probably talking a little too much here.

Oh, actually I was about to say goodbye, but I haven't mentioned the most important thing yet. Because I really couldn't believe that Mad Professor DUB as a forerunner of dubstep has "recognized". And in an interview on YouTube, I actually understood it to mean that he meant it very ironically. My English is bad though, so I wouldn't put my hand on the fire for that. His statement ……. "They like the word Dub"... .. and the associated slightly raised grin in connection with the topic shows me that the professor still knows the difference. Here, of course, a source offer would be urgently needed but “I have nothing student”.

But now I have at least (for now) finished ……………………. lemmi

So don't you misunderstand me: Dubs from King Tubby & Co. are not boring per se. On the contrary: he is the originator. Its innovation performance cannot be rated highly enough. His Dubs were endlessly creative and exciting in his time. However, 45 years have passed, and his work is well known and highly valued - but of course it is no longer “exciting” today. You've heard them too often for that and got used to your sound and style. New ideas, new concepts, new sounds are exciting today - which is why I focus my attention in the Dubblog almost exclusively focuses on new productions. Yes, I occasionally get bored at Tubby - not because his work is bad, but only because I've heard it so often and extensively by now.

Mad Prof's nonchalant statement that Dubstep without Dub would be unthinkable, I find it very funny. Implicitly he says yes: Hey kids, listen to the real, original stuff! Open your musical horizon.


Hey René,

I didn't expect an answer from you so quickly. Yes, misunderstandings unfortunately arise again and again. My problem with King Tubby is that I only have the boring things on my record. The good things are scattered around the internet. His work was by no means bad and I think I would go nuts today if I heard an echo with reverb for the first time on one of his dances. He also soldered the things together himself. Just genius !!! That's why I don't understand myself when I am his Dubs describe as boring. Ashes on my head !!!
I will never understand why the majority of kids prefer to eat shit. But it was no different in my childhood.
Almost everyone wanted to hear the doctors and the dead pants ……. I, however, preferred BOB MARLEY !!! It may well be that in the end it is a matter of taste, but if you want to drink non-alcoholic beer, you should do that too ...

But leave me alone with my stuff! Dub …… music …… .. non-alcoholic beer! ??? ... I wouldn't be surprised if that leads to misunderstandings ...

What the heck, the main thing is that it grooves ……………………. lemmi

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