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Dub Evolution, March 2007

After the Dub-Album by Jan Delay (review in the last column) is now available again Dub-Work from Germany. Obviously, the reggae scene in this country is now so well developed that special interest sounds now find their place alongside dancehall and gentleman. The 26 year old producer and multi-instrumentalist Phillip Winter, who, despite his young age, has already worked on over 50 albums, grew up in this scene (z. B. Jamaram, Jahcousticx, Headcornerstone). He has often looked outside the box of reggae and dealt with jazz, punk pop or hip hop. However, with the album, he proves that his love belongs to reggae and that he has a lot to do as a sensitive sound mixer "Dubtrain " (19 / Enja). Under the beautiful name Umberto Echo Here he has gathered 12 highly exciting tracks that not only sound fantastic, but are also produced and mixed so diversely that you can run this album in replay mode for hours without getting bored. Each track consists of a firework of ideas: rhythm changes, arrangement changes, style changes and vocal fragments from great singers such as Earl 16, Luciano and Paul St. Hilair - other producers turn the material into five albums. However, Echo's great achievement is not only to have implemented these ideas, but also to have made sure that everything fits together so beautifully - instead of imploding in production overkill. The listener goes to the Dubtrain on a journey through the wide worlds of the Dub, glides through space and time, along boldly curved chains of associations in the gentle ups and downs of the warm waves of the bass. It's a shame that the train arrives at its destination after an hour. I could ride with him forever.

Not long ago, this column was the review of the Showcase album Abassi All Stars to read. Despite the showcase, there weren't any Dubs to hear. However, the sound of the album was so clear Dubthat it rightly found its place in this column. But Zion Train boss Neil Perch, producer of the album, is not a friend of halves, which is why he now, a year later, the pure, unadulterated Dub- presents versions of the showcase. The title of the album is logical - if a bit tautological: "Dub Showcase " (Universal Egg). Yet whoever proves to be hard-nosed Dub-Friend is now looking forward to another increase in enjoyment, let me tell you that the vocal versions of the pieces collected here were definitely more exciting. What might that be? The obvious explanation would be that the Dubs cannot compensate for the lack of consistently strong vocals with good mixes, since the vocals are already over good Dubs ran. Might be. But there is a second explanation for the poor performance of the Dubs: Without vocals, the listener can concentrate solely on the sound - and here he has Dub Showcase its weaknesses: Despite good rhythms and tough basslines, the tracks fail to break away from the steppers sound of the 90s. The entire album sounds like one big dejà vu. In particular, the Love Grocer-like wind sections cause a leap in time into the last century. It's a shame, maybe a little more courage when turning the controls would have been enough to bring the sound closer to the state of the art.

Here there is a transition to other major ones Dub-Protagonists of the 90s. In the limited 4 x 10 “vinyl singles series "Scoops - Rewind & Remixed" make them directed by the vibronics common cause: Alpha & Omega, Bush Chemists, The Disciples and Twiglight Circus. The concept is a bit complicated: there are four tracks of one on every single Dub-Artists, two vocal pieces each followed by Dub-Mix, whereby the A-side was remixed by the Vibronics and the B-side by the respective artist. All right? Actually, it is only important to know that we are dealing with recycling again - and that in a double sense, because we are talking about Dub-Mixing of Dub-Mix. And to whom the names of those united here DubAbout are still familiar from the 90s, he also knows what to expect: steppers, steppers, steppers. Another deja vu - especially the committed one Dub- Collector already knows all the pieces from the original albums.

As is well known, for some time now all Wackie's albums have been rereleased under the skillful hands of Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald in Berlin - and exclusively. The bigger the surprise when I got the album "Wackies in Dub: PartfounderDubstation" (Wackie's / Import) saw. The subline: “A Bullwackies Production” led to the purchase of the album - of course only for purely selfless research reasons, because my skepticism was great. Rightly so, as it turned out. Apparently, Mr. Barnes actually reached into the controls himself, but the material he remixed consists of mostly boring downplayed rhythms of unknown origin. In any case, no trace of the magic of the Wackie's sound. One inevitably feels reminded of the loveless productions with which Scientist, also an old warrior of the Dub, has recently gone public. Probably nothing more than awkward attempts to squeeze a few more dollars out of the familiar name - and I fell for it.

Better to use the originalDubs of veterans like z. B. to those from the 70s who recently wrote King Jammy for the album "Dub Explosion" (Jamaican Recordings / Import). All tracks are Jammy's own productions that he had recorded in the Channel One studio. The album's liner notes rightly point to the precise production and superior sound quality that entices today's listeners to date the tracks to the early 80s. Nice, classic Dubs with nice, classic basslines. Not exciting, but rock solid and perfect background stuff for the office.

Finally, another one Dub-Album from Germany, by a Bedroom producer with the funny, ingenious name Sir Larsie I. (Probably derived from Lars ?!). On the album "Dub Buds Vol. 1 " ( he presents 17 steppersDubs that are strongly reminiscent of the synthetic sound of the Disciples. He will certainly not get an innovation award for this, but he will get the respect of the bass junkies, because "Earthshaking" (as the cover promises) are indeed his basslines. My tip: Replace the Atari sounds with good quality samples and the thing is scratched.

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