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The synthesizer has no place in reggae. That doesn't even have to be mentioned, it just goes without saying. But there is this DJ from Brooklyn, Dub Gabriel, he apparently did not notice this dogma and is now putting us with it "ADSR Dub" (Six Degrees) a pure synthieDubAlbum before. Okay, it might not be that perfect, because two of the ten tracks definitely don't have a reggae rhythm. With others you could argue about it, because here the reggae vibe is unmistakable. And then there is the perfect reggaeDubs, two of them even with melodic playing by Addis Pablo. Melodica and Synth? Yes, it works - and surprisingly well. Dub Gabriel uses the synth in a variety of ways, sometimes as a rhythm instrument, sometimes as a supporting melody instrument that accompanies and accentuates the playing of the melody and, last but not least, as a solo instrument of equal rank that stands in attractive contrast to the melodica. The fusion force here is super solid rhythms, of which the long-serving global pop and electronic DJ really has a plan. If the synth tracks were completely erased, there would still be a very powerful instrumental album. But that's not the case: the synth actually plays the main role in ADSR. The "spacey" impression of its sound gives the tracks acoustic fullness as well as a charming warmth and softness, which are in stark contrast to the dynamic beats. Incidentally, whoever thinks of “synth pads”, like those from Drum 'n' Bass or Dubstep is (luckily) completely wrong. The “Space Night” (a term for older radio listeners) is also in a different dimension - still behind the wormhole. No, Dub Gabriel uses the synthesizer here in a very pure and authentic way, without importing the genre clichés at the same time. The result is a successful experiment that dared to take the courageous step beyond the limits of the convention and thus the claim of Dub fulfilled in the best sense.

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No, sorry but it doesn't really work for me. When tipping through, I didn't even want to listen a little deeper and longer. But for me that has nothing to do with synth sound. I like synthesizers (also in reggae) but the way this one plays it doesn't really blow me away. The biggest problem, however, is the bass lines. I don't know what that Dub Gabriel moved it, now besides pop too Dub But to want to make all these late bloomers who then at some point for a long time (which inevitably occurs at PopMucke at some point) think, “now we do something Dub“, Mostly one thing not checked at all. BASSLINE BASSLINE and again and again BASSLINE…. namely MAGIC! Pop people just don't have that in their blood. Otherwise they would never have played a single pop song, let alone produced it. That's why “clay stones shards” still doesn't work for me. (Except in two or three places).

Ok, I don't know if I'm really so "confident in style" that I don't have to revise my criticism after all, but this is first my honest answer from my gut. I can't and won't do anything for it, but I always think with my gut first before I switch my brain on.

"Insane in the Brain" …………………… lemmi

Ok, ok, I guess I'm too much DubFan, as that I don't want to add another criticism version here. It still doesn't come out of your head, but all the more from the heart. Overall, I can listen to the disc quite well. It's not so much the basslines that I don't find that great, but rather most of the SynthyLines that I don't find that tingling. All in all, it's no DubDisc and Dub I always find it good somehow. I can't do anything against that. Subliminally, my first impression was clouded because I was pissed off that I was the wonderful DubSlice from Elijah, Raging Fyah mixed by Joe Ariwa against times can't buy. Yes, I also like to hear it in gtkriz's playlist, but I just need something like that as a disc for HOME. And if I just put it under my pillow as well. Of course, I would only do that with the CD and not with the vinyl.

ok, Dub Gabriel is fine ;-) ………………. lemmi

If only I could be happy again. I'm just fully flashed here! Aldubb meets Big Finga !!! Yes, I know, the record is older, but just so you know how close I am to madness. For me this is by far the best album from Aldubb that i have ever heard. Not because the others are bad, but because, in principle, they could have been commissioned by me in exactly the same way. (I hope the sentence is so correct). Well, and at Discocks you can see that this is almost the only disc that you can't buy. Sometimes I think there's a method to madness. Joe Ariwa has already released a few CDs but the one with Raging Fyah ………………. ????? Do I have such a strange taste or are the people who are responsible for the releases of music hardware all afd voters?
(The last sentence came more from my gut again).
Even if you all cannot understand my misery, I could sometimes despair and it helps a little if you talk or write about it.

Boahh Ey ...... and again and again I hear bass and echo from Aldubb around the ears and fills the marrow and bone with the primal force of the universe. Honestly, what great music!

Aldubb !!! …………. should you happen to read here ………… please release me from my torments and bring the part out as cd or vinyl. You only have to make one copy, it can't be that expensive (;-)) ……………. lemmi

Hey thank you Fawkes ;-)!

That’s why I’ve already been to Planet Earth, but then I didn’t really check something.

I'll get in touch when I hold the pane in my hands.

And thank you for your empathy!

Greetings ……………… lemmy

As I have known since early childhood, you can do almost anything with howling.
In any case, my moaning here has caused me the “Big Finga Dub Disk “can now hold in my hands as matter. I am delighted !
So many thanks again to Anonymous (Fawkes) for the very good tip.

The weirdest thing was that I got the deal with Aldubb personally (well, in the form of e-mails).

Many thanks to everyone who made this possible ……………… lemmi

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