Dub Garden: Doctor Wind In Dub

Every time I listen to this album I think that I absolutely must Dubblog should discuss. Dub Garden are a group of four - two girls and two boys - from Thessaloniki, who have been on the road in terms of trip-hop music since 2016. In the summer of 2017 they released their first album: "Doctor Wind", which they received in 2019 Dub-Revision in the form of Dub Garden: "Doctor Wind In Dub“Followed. Trip Hop (pige) formations from the early 1990s such as: Massive Attack, Portishead, Thievery Corporation, Groove Corporation, Waldeck, Kruder & Dorfmeister and many others have contributed significantly to my interest in Dub has not suffered over the years and I am still deeply into the matter. I especially have to highlight two albums from that time: Massive Attack / Mad Professor: “No Protection” and Groove Corporation: “Co-Operation Dub“That made me feel the lack of good, current, Jamaican Dubs made them much more bearable. The Greek represent precisely this legacy Dub Garden with their present album “Doctor Wind In Dub“, A trip hop album that is very much dated Dub is influenced. The eight tracks, around four minutes long, reflect a wide variety of musical influences and take us on a melodic and equally groovy journey from the early nineteen-nineties to today with very pleasant vocal sprinkles, stoic basslines, well-accented guitar licks. With some ethnic, blues but also ambient elements, we move on to the lesser known Dubterrain and worn out Dubpaths.
In short, we have a great mix of the traditional here Dub and innovation. "Doctor Wind In Dub"Is timeless and hopefully not only drives away the bad vibes that the" infamities of life "occasionally bring with them.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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I was too curious myself and had to look again to see what my first short comment on the album was. That I still remembered it at all makes me a little relieved and I conclude that my subconscious is still very "fresh".
"I actually like it very much" was my feeling and I'm glad that nothing has changed about that until today. My “love” remains “Talking Dub". I also liked and like this one
"TripHop Dubs “and also all these TripHop things from Massive Attack to Groove Corporation to Kruder and Dorfmeister. I can still remember the hot summer days very well when I floated on the water with my Luma and indulged in the comforts of life, while on the shore some fat van with powerful boxes filled the whole lake with Kruder and Dorfmeister. The scene was only surpassed by the fact that my best and dearest buddy brought up the coolness to deliver me a finished “carrot” in a watertight container including a lighter in the middle of the lake. I never forget such "things"! It was pure enjoyment ;-) plus Kruder and Dorfmeister. What more do you want ?!? (Well if it's that Dub Syndicate been …… .. ok ok you already know)
Admittedly, I found Kruder and Dorfmeister quite nice too ;-)…. but back then I always asked myself why people K. & D. a whole long summer, until you drop and listen to every corner of the city and for real Dub had not the slightest left. Well, TripHop was popular anyway and therefore politically correct.
"Doctor Wind In Dub“I can hear through it well, but I have the feeling that Masssive Attack, and especially Groove Corporation, have implemented a higher volume of sound and a whole lot more ideas. But Dub Garden can of course add something more in the future.

Until ……………… .. lemmi

"Admittedly, I found Kruder and Dorfmeister quite nice too ;-)…."

Hey lemmi, you already know that "nice" is Sch ** e 's little brother. ;-)))
After all, you can get Doctor Wind in Dub "Listen carefully", which from your mouth can definitely be assessed as a positive quality feature. We certainly agree that it is classic itself DubOften, the plates are only brought to one side they have heard, and then quickly disappear again into the inner shell due to the spreading boredom. It is precisely then that I feel works like the Doctor Wind in Dub as a welcome change.

This is exactly my "offtopic topic" Ras Vorbei. Whereby we are never "offtopic"
but at best “transtopic”, as we often transfer topics to the next higher level ;-)….
I rarely listen to entire albums because it often only takes one or two complete rounds to find my highlights. I don't do this out of boredom, but because my insatiable thirst for the highest feelings,
asks for the next highlight very quickly. So I often turn a playlist into a concentrate and then turn it into an essence. That I used to put together my favorite cassettes is clear anyway (everyone probably did), but I also liked to put together fantastic CD's with the essence of my concentrates for my life. But it's no longer fun with a computer, as this "mouse-over" feels too much like hard work. Completely breaks my groove. So I mostly stand at my mixer and do the DJ or selecter for myself. Simply sitting on the sofa and only listening to high lights is no longer possible, because it is from the Dub Syndicate doesn't have a single disc that only has - but really only - highlights on it. But since I still buy a lot of new or unknown records, there is still enough time to listen to the music on the sofa.
I even have a disc from the Sofa Surfers ;-)….


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