Dub live.

Here again an overview of the upcoming Dub-Events.

On December 21, the 29. Dub Stories instead. This time the Roots Plague sound system is a guest. More information here.

Four days later there is the Reggae Attack X-Mas Special with the reverbalists and the Chalwa sound system in the same place. Info at FB.

On December 27th at Yaam in Berlin: Berlin Dub Arena - 4 sound systems in session! Unfortunately too far away for me. Info here.

And on December 28th, “Reggae /Dub Left Vol.15 “with Wicked Steppa Sound (France) and Bissoman (Italy) on the Versionist International Soundsystem, in Jeckyl & Hyde.

The new year begins on January 4th with the Senior Allstars on platform 1 in Münster. Find out more here.

On January 11th, the Soundsystemkultur Ruhr-Revier e. V. a rub a Dub- Night in Oberhausen. Here is the information.

On February 22nd, the AZ Wuppertal Dub Diversity # 9 of the Zion Garden Sound System takes place. Here is the information.

A little later in Cologne: Cologne Soundsystem Meeting on February 29th in the Kulturbunker. "Roots & Culture in a heavyweight style!". You can find information here.

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On December 28th there is reggae in Lüneburg /Dub Left Vol.15 with Wicked Steppa Sound France and Bissoman Italy on the Versionist International Soundsystem in Jeckyl & Hyde. Spread the Word. ????

Who will I meet at YV in Cologne at the end of February? I'm already looking forward to Christmas like a child, the last session in the culture bunker zsm with King Shiloh was an epic pleasure from start to finish.


I feel torn again and ask myself whether I can write this down here and whether anyone is even interested in it.
But my urge to report on it overrides all doubts.
First of all, unfortunately, I have to get a little weird again, because I actually find it almost embarrassing to have found out about it at the “Kassel regulatory office”. It's about the live tour that just ended Dub Spencer And Trance Hill. I would prefer to have some of it here “appropriately”. DubFind out blog. But maybe it's a bit too much to ask for you to give us exact tour dates here. After all, this all has to be researched first, and I also get something from management
the band actually expect. How should our DubMiniKosmos will ever come out of the barely noticeable “dark corner”, if even DubNerds only find out about something like this by chance (or in my case a kind of providence) at a “regulatory office”. My wish would be that DubBlog becomes such an authority that no band touring in Europe dares not to inform us about a tour.
Well, I'll lean out the window and dare to say that JAH once again treated me to a really great concert.
I have seen the “Swiss Space Cowboys” live several times and was always thrilled. I also always think her slices are great! I don't know what it would be like without Umberto Echo, but in my opinion the young man definitely shouldn't be missing. And this time he had a very special treat for SoundNerds (sound fetishists) and lovers of all kinds of technical games that you can play with music. Here was the already beguiling stereoDubSound still through a surroundDubSystem
expanded and (not only) amazed me.
I'm just saying... if a reverb and echo freak like me, the whole range of crazy DubIf you can now feel the effects presented from the front (anyway) and also from the back, from the side and also from above and from below, then it's not far from positive madness. I always thought the band was great even without surround sound, but I can only express my deepest gratitude to Umberto Echo for having this surround sound with him in Kassel.
The music itself was great as always, although I also noticed that the drummer Julian Dillier was a bit more into it now DubSnare skin to dem Dub to give it a little more spice. I also really like the use of more electronics from Philipp Greter's magic box, but I had the feeling that Marcel "Masi" Stalder's bass lines lost some of their power and assertiveness as a result. I would therefore like to highlight the exception to the rule here. As awesome as the whole evening and the whole concert was, the version of
“Play me the song of death” freaked me out the most because here, as it should be, the bass plays the whole thing DubTune pushed forward and carried. In any case, I had “a boner in my head” (oops, if that wasn’t too much for the law enforcement office).
By the way: I also thought that “the boys” from the sound system in the anteroom played very good reggae. I was so in a trance that I didn't really look forward to the beginning of the concert. It's a shame that one of the record player systems was broken, but the music - THE REGGAE - was great. I'm afraid there must have been something wrong ;-)
Ok, in any case it was great to have experienced such a great concert again.

Until then……………………. lemmi

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