Dub Machinist meets Gary Clunk

Have you ever heard of the “Bordeaux Dub School “heard? Not yet? It consists of two actors: The Dub Machinist and Gary Clunk - who in turn follow in the footsteps of manutension and improvisers Dub walk. What does that tell us? The beautiful little town in the south of France is up Dub built! And how! The album "Dub Machinist meets Gary Clunk"(Culture Dub Records) gives eloquent testimony to this. Originated in the underground of Bordeaux, it offers thirteen tons Dubs that shook Saint-André - the famous Gothic cathedral - so badly that the tower collapsed (which is why the cathedral now stands without a tower). So be careful when you play the album - only do it with a safe distance from tall buildings! For safety reasons I only hear it through headphones, which lacks the pleasant vibrations in the chest, but allows the necessary volume that this steppers orgy demands. But the album has much more to offer than just bass pounding; the two French also put nice one drops and a whole bunch of good ideas in the tracks. Small, fine melodies, for example, oriental and Indian sounds, clever rhythm constructions and even very varied, exciting mixes -. All in a super tight production. Anyone who thinks of Kanka now is correct. One slowly begins to understand the Bordeaux style.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The album is also available on at Culture Dub Records as "Name your price" download! Is the most likeable site for me!
(I&I don't like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify ...)

"The a DubScout! The A ToughScout “!!!

Tough in the sense of robust or colloquially “tough” !!! I could also say you are guuuuuuuuuuut !!

In the end I really had nothing to complain about and this “disc” also raptures me. When DubAs a connoisseur, you basically count on everything that is to offer beyond music. That doesn't mean that I was surprised by the intro but the intro alone puts me in a really good mood, because there are no people in the world who are more "open minded" than DubFans. So much self-praise must be! There is no music that offers more variety than DUB !!! Point end off! No! I'm just getting started! ...
After the intro, where I thought that our Helge might also be part of the party, things really start. As beautiful and amusing as the intro was, "From The Grave" shows us
why DubMusic is so different from everything else that you can hear. This power !!! If you don't feel that, I'm sorry and at the same time I don't care.
Family, relatives and friends excluded. For me this is not a "stepper", it is Dub with a continuous bass drum ;-) …… Here there are wonderful little melodies and instrumental "rumgezuppele", what the DubConnoisseur not only keeps going, but even leads into exuberant enthusiasm and ecstasy. And then that sounds "criminal" too. What the keyboard / synthesizer delivers could very well be the title melody for a brand new Edgar Wallace film in color and HD.
The Dub cut into me like when you see Charlize Theron without a bikini for the first time.
I'm not going on everyone now Dub individually but “Suspicion” clearly shows that power can also be generated without a continuous bass drum. Namely through expansive, fat bass gravity in the form of an intergalactic bassline with accentuated drum beats. Regardless of whether it is generated automatically or live and directly. Then there are the many small instrumental gimmicks, e.g. through flutes, guitars, keyboards and other instruments from all over the world ( z. B. India) be conjured up. For me that makes the big difference to the very often depressing "bass pounding", which is known worldwide as Uk steppersDub is recognized.
It may be that not everyone feels that way, but I find riddims like the “Saloon Walk” very cheeky and refreshing and in connection with the playfulness of the producers Dubs, with all the equipment for DubMusic and beyond, as pure UPLIFTMENT and I would not be surprised if all Corana viruses and their mutations were used
could wipe out once and for all. But to do this, everyone in the world would have to hear it and, above all, feel it ....... and then we have reality again and all of its misery. Allegedly everything has a certain spin and so it is inevitable that I too stick with my spinning.
Actually, I also wanted to write something about the very successful vocal snippets, which are very skillfully sampled here from time to time. Did something remind me of DreadZone and whoever knows me knows that this is an additional small gold medal that I have awarded with it.
Since my text feels long again to me, I will not go into further details now. There are two three Dubs that are a little weaker for me but are still so good that I don't particularly want to complain about them. This includes “of course” also “jungle” ;-) ……. but I confess that this is me Dub also filled with a positive overall feeling and that although he sometimes drifts rhythmically into hyperactive and seems to suffer from flatulence, which one or the other “bass fart” could not prevent.
Doesn't matter, because we all know it's not bad as long as the fart doesn't weigh anything.

And so that I really don't get the feeling that I have forgotten something, I also mention that neither Spotity, BandCamp nor any other internet portal can replace a tangible CD or - even better - a tangible Magic Vinyl disc. Nevertheless, the whole thing is better than nothing and also a very good source of information.

So much for now ……………………… .. lemmi

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