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Dub Natty Sessions and Dennis Bovell feat. Matic Horns & Mad Professor: DNS And Friends

Granted, the album is not exactly brand new, but two of my heroes from British reggae and reggae Dubscene Dennis Bovell aka Blackbeard and Mad Professor were instrumental in this.

"When Dub Natty Sessions ”(DNS) is a band that was formed in early 2009 in a ghetto called“ Caricuao ”southwest of Caracas, Venezuela Dub to revive. DNS recorded their first record in 2014 with the legendary co-founder of the reggae movement in Great Britain, Dennis Bovell, which they simply “Dub Natty Sessions feat. Dennis Bovell ”. Already on their debut album, which was also produced and mixed by Dennis Bovell, they played a pure roots reggae Dub.

"DNS And Friends“ (Dub Natty Sessions - DNS 1) is the second release of the Venezuelan roots reggae, which is now based in Great Britain.Dub Collective. This time Dennis Bovell also took over the bass and again led the recording sessions. The finishing touches were then done by Mad Professor in the Ariwa Studios. "DNS And Friends" is full of catchy, dubBig reggae instrumentals with all the ingredients you would expect from Bovell and Mad Professor. The track “Un Amor” sounds so authentic that you might think it comes from Rico's “Jama Rico”. “Plantation” also achieves a real brilliance that inevitably reminds me of Bovell's fantastic work with “The 4th Street Orchestra”. Even though Dub Natty Sessions can already convince with some really good and crisp grooves, the absolute delicacy on this album are the Matic Horns. Dennis Bovell's ex-Matumbi bandmate Henry "Buttons" Tenyue on trombone and ex-Aswad members Eddie "Tan Tan" Thornton on trumpet and Michael "Bami" Rose on saxophone deliver a brilliant performance here. "DNS And Friends" is an album with eight instrumentalDub-Tracks whose influences are influenced by reggae, jazz, latin and the great sound of Matumbi and Linton Kwesi Johnson. Dennis Bovell's convincing involvement in this work is unmistakable and Mad Professors Mixing is pleasantly subtle, he sets his scent marks very specifically and precisely.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One answer to "Dub Natty Sessions and Dennis Bovell feat. Matic Horns & Mad Professor: DNS And Friends "

Yo, I like that like that!

At the moment, the internet forums serve me more as a reminder of the records that I should have put on again a long time ago. These Dub Natty Sessions feat. I also remember Dennis Bovell very well and this one with the Matic Horns too. Everything will be put into rotation again at my home soon.

Thank You For The Music and give Thanks for Live ……………. lemmi

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