Dub Plantation: Beware of the Mega Magic Mushrooms!!

Today we take a look back at an album from 2022 – sort of an oldie if you want to look at it that way. And that in a blog that is actually dedicated to the new and fresh! Nevertheless, such a review occasionally pays off - all the more so when it comes to a fine work like the debut of Dub plantation trades. In good old age Dub-Tradition Loud"Beware of the Mega Magic Mushrooms!!“ (DPT), the brightly colored cover seems to demonstrate the worlds one enters – according to the advice of Dub plantation not followed.

Dub Plantage, a conglomerate of international musicians based in Regensburg, was able to come up with a few EPs and singles - they were well received, but can't keep up with the sound of the present album. And the reviewer likes it, bringing back memories of... yes, the RAS Records catalog of the late '80s and '90s. Doctor Dread waited, among other things, once upon a time Dub-Albums by Culture, Israel Vibration and Black Uhuru on; What they all had in common was a rather sparse instrumentation with (sometimes a bit too) much sound space for fine ones Dub-Vibes - see Culture's "Stoned", the Dub to the “One Stone” album, as an exemplary example. Here ties Dub Plantation with a little more verve: the production is clean, the arrangements are kept simple and the instrumentation is beautiful, even if the repeated use of a sound system siren seems a bit too much of a good thing. The reverberation on the crisp bass drum is very pleasing - you almost want to hear Paul Smykle out of it... wonderful. I also think that the total of "only" eight tracks on the album is completely sufficient - beneficial in a time when releases contain 15 or more tracks, regardless of their quality, stuffed in without meaning. Small, fine portions are better than stale-tasting XXL food.

All in all, this makes "Beware of the Mega Magic Mushrooms!!" a recommendation - especially for those who appreciate 80's and 90's productions. It was about time that after the 70's revival, homage was finally paid to the decades that followed!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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As you can see, it's not a 5 star album. Doesn't sound like it either...
I'm inclined to write, I think the album is quite nice too, but it's more than just nice. Above all, it gets better and better the more you listen to it.
The Dub - or sound games are occasionally really fun, even if they don't necessarily make you afraid that you may have eaten too many mushrooms. We're a long way from an overdose. But I don't always want to ride the razor blade either.
First I had a real face …. no, I mean "Uplifting" at "I see Circles". It was the first BassLine that gave me a perfect "Jamaican music feeling". Before that, most of the BassLines hadn't grabbed me that much. Or rather, they reminded me of many boring BassLines from Jamaica. There are "namely" too. Or not ?!? Nope, as I said, the more often I look at the Dubs, the more I like the BassLines. Why do I always talk so much about BassLines. Well, “In Bass we trust” stop. Dub Without BassLine it's like summer without sun or ice cream without sugar or a ski slope without snow or ...... it just doesn't work (!). The other instruments also play some fine melodies occasionally and the keyboard in particular creates very pleasant feelings for me, which stuck with me especially on “Herbal Essences”. From my point of view, there is a star deduction for the "beeping noises" that they couldn't help themselves. I find it worse than any siren (except for the Saturday sirens, which occasionally wake me up on Saturday noon), which are otherwise often used in the sound system style. Sure, you shouldn't overdo that either, because music is primarily created with bass and drums (which suggests to me that classical music isn't music in the long run ;-) ..... shouldn't really be a joke , but can probably only from the point of view of one Dubnerds, if at all, are modeled on ). The beeping noises are only rarely reminiscent of slot machines in the arcade and are also used relatively unobtrusively, so that I can turn a blind eye.
I also have to honestly “say” that now, with a healthy margin at the time, I can, or must, admit that I do most Dubs from the Ras Records catalog mentioned above are pretty boring and with little DubPlay joy generated, remember. In any case, I don't often have the urge to put them on when I've got a few magic mashrooms floating around in my head. ( No, I don't take these strange parts anymore, because they make my stomach ache ….. but I'm just saying ).

So, I think I've written everything I can think of about the album. It was or is definitely worth a tip, because I think there are at least 10 times more and more interesting DubEffects included than with the "old" DubVersions from the Ras Records catalogue. Still, I don't want to miss them either, because most of the riddims are pretty good.

But one thing must also be clear ;-) ……. if it doesn't appear haptic, it goes into my "Alzheimer catalogue" …………………… lemmi

Well dear lemmi, I read your comment with pleasure and a big grin on my face and I have to admit that I saw the Dub Haven't even listened to the Plantation record (although I've downloaded it)... I don't have the muse for that right now, because sadly my absolute and beloved reggae and Dub-Inspiration Jah Shaka, the mighty Zulu Warrior floated into nirvana on April 12th and since then I've been reveling in immeasurable memories of Sound System Dances and replaying over and over all his albums that I've owned... anyway, I still have your comment a few notes...
At the beginning of my 20s, I used to look for and enjoy the aforementioned mushrooms quite often in the Jura or other places in Switzerland I know (emmental and entlebuch, nota bene)... I never had a stomach ache from the pointed bald head, so I ask myself what you have a sensitive stomach... for two or three years, so a good 25 - 30 years later I got back to the "mushroom taste" and often enjoy small doses again (the dose is the be-all and end-all anyway, freely adapted from Paracelsus) ... highly recommended, I think .... so far so good, the word of your comment is in any case the "Alzheimer catalog".
Incidentally, I also keep this and since I "bake" practically all my albums neatly on an incredibly large hard disk, every now and then one of these albums flushes to the surface... whether that's because of the age that we have such a catalogue lead to the endless number of mediocre to bad releases, consumption of the aforementioned mushrooms or other plants, I don't know... probably a little bit of everything...
Now to the BassLines, which you keep mentioning… also the most important thing in this genre in my opinion. The first thing I hear is always the BassLine!!! But I also find a lot of BassLines from Jamaica in the 70s and 80s that leave me pretty cold and don't really catch me... but that doesn't surprise me, because since I became Helmut Philipps Dub-Bible, I know (at least I wasn't very aware of that beforehand) that in the studios on the Caribbean island there really was an unbelievable mass of music being recorded on the tapes. I'm happy to content myself with the qualitative icing on the cake...
So now I'm expecting from Dubblog another worthy obituary for Jah Shaka…

Off Topic:

Hi lemmi and philip!

In keeping with the magic mushroom topic: Exactly 80 years to the day today (April 16.04.1943, XNUMX), the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann experienced his first and accidental LSD trip, which he later described as a "wonderful experience".
For hallucinogens that cause perceptual changes, such as psilocybin, the active ingredient in "magic mushrooms," or LSD, recent studies show that there is virtually no significant difference in effect between the two. The biggest difference is that LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) works in much smaller doses. With LSD, about 200 micrograms are enough for a change in perception of 9 to 14 hours. For psilocybin, up to 30 milligrams are given and the effects last 4 to 7 hours. Most people who have experienced psilocybin and LSD report that the effects of LSD last longer. And yes, “the dose makes the poison” (Paracelsus).
Today the research is so far - with psilocybin even further than with LSD - that mental illnesses and also cluster headaches can be treated with hallucinogens in moderate doses. Nevertheless, according to current knowledge, both substances are not saviors for all people.
What I always find extremely interesting is that nature has provided us humans with medicines for many diseases. You can z. B. produce an antipyretic, diaphoretic, analgesic and germicidal drug – a kind of aspirin – from willow bark extract.

Off-topic continued.....

What a grace that nature grants us. There are really a whole lot of natural remedies that nature, with the grace of God, makes available to us. Unfortunately, that doesn't suit the (chemical) industry at all. They want to produce everything synthetically and then sell it to us at high prices. Aspirin instead of willow bark extract and the pinnacle is synthetic cannabis with THC rates up to 30% and more. Something like that doesn't happen in nature, but it's always used (abused) as a counter-argument to bring God's gift (cannabis) into disrepute.
Thesis ( conspiracy theory, or lemmis truth ) :
The psychoses that are often talked about are, if at all, triggered by synthetic cannabis, which is additionally sprayed on the flowers and is far above the natural THC content. Even our "public law" still does not clarify properly. They keep coming back with the ridiculous "psycho club" to create maximum fear in the population and especially in uninformed parents. Lying press and lying media! Lauterbach and Co make alibi proposals for legalization. And what is d-land doing?! It continues to discuss and change….
The worst genie is still in a bottle. In liquid form, created by man and not by nature.
I'm just saying that I also like to drink a little beer but basically it's a very disgusting mess that can even become emetic if left uncooled. We don't even need to talk about wine. Spoiled, sweaty-feet crushed old grapes that aren't even good as raisins. Then all the schnapps, let's be honest ..... have you ever seen someone drink a schnapps who didn't have to shake himself with disgust and a face contorted in pain afterwards?!
Sometimes I really wonder why so many people prefer to bite gristle over fillet. There are also people who run voluntarily, without any external compulsion, 20 or even 40 or more kilometers, just to avoid smoking weed ......... ah sorry, I think now I'm going through the whole thing ……………….. lemmi

Well, in Germany they are at least talking about legalization... in CH-land they are all full of CBD for it... so bad to "destroy breeding" a natural plant... my truth is that this CBD stuff just causes psychoses, because the The body and the brain think that THC is now (also) being supplied and nothing happens... then the wheel turns, voilà!
And because the growers can't get rid of all the CBD stuff, they spray it with synthetic THC, sell it as "real weed" and then you get the double psychotic effect...preferably just good "old" seeds from India or Afghanistan grow outside...

High Philip!

The Swiss !???! Also have one on the marble. That's clear. Here they sell CBD flakes anna Tanke. I think CBD grass is like sniffing a plastic bag filled with old socks when you have shortness of breath.
Growing weed outdoors requires too much self-discipline. Too many leave the males standing and then you can smoke nice toned down fully inseminated weed. That doesn't work either.
No, I mean there are already enough illegal professionals who do this at their finest. They should be appointed German honorary citizens and the free license to
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By the way ! I still have to clarify that with the Swiss. Of course, not all Swiss people have one by the marble. But political tricksters have bad genes and are mentally ill just from their quest for power. And I can't and don't want to understand those who voluntarily choose their weakmates and inside (particularly narrow-minded, conservative and, on top of that, right-leaning Tüpen'). I am, quite narrow-minded, interested in my individual freedom and in each one's individual freedom - which does not restrict the freedom of any other individual.

All what we need is Food, Drinks, Cannabis ( Tobacco ) and LIBERATION !!! (As a narrow-minded, liberal old dictator, I would say …………………… lemmi

Boring basslines from Jamaica? I don't know... just those that I'm already fed up with. I don't want to be disrespectful, but I've heard some riddims way too many times - be it in the original or cooked up again and again and again and again *yawn* :-)


I, on the other hand, find it downright fascinating that my favorite riddims,
and BassLines still don't even come close to hanging out.
I don't find it particularly creative to boil these riddims over and over again, but I much prefer a soup that I like, even if it's boiled up for the 5th time a week, than a soup that's freshly cooked but unfortunately it was seasoned too weakly.
Basically, the “primordial soup” still tastes best to me.
Or just a new soup that sticks to the original recipe.

( Well, blablabla ...... I understand you, but wanted to say something again )

So long …………… .. lemmi

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