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Dub Revolution, January 2004

What a dream team! Everyone dreamed of this die-hard DubEnthusiast - now it's a reality: Sly & Robbie and the crazy professor dubbing out crazy! For three days in April of last year they sat together in the Ariwa studio in South London and turned the hands of the clock back to the 70s, the golden age of the rocker sound and the Dub-Music and recorded the album "Sly & Robbie meet the Mad Professor: Dub Revolutionaries " (RAS / Sanctuary / Zomba). Mad Professor, an avid fan of this sound, took the opportunity to have its inventor, Sly Dunbar, in the studio: “I wanted to revive this sound from Joe Gibbs and Channel One, with hand-played drum & bass. The record should sound like it was recorded in 1978, ”explains Neal Fraser. He chose a few for this Dub-Tracks from his legendary "Dub Me Crazy ”series and had Sly, Robbie, Sky Juice, Bubbler and other members of the taxi gang re-record it in rockers-style. “He wanted“ four to the floor ”and the typical rockers rim shot,” recalls Sly, “I had a lot of fun playing this style again. There were no restrictions - we just go for it! ”. About a week after this session, Dean Fraser came into the studio and also refined the recordings with his beautiful, sensitive saxophone playing. Originally a whole horn section was supposed to compete, but Dean Fraser reserved the right to play all the wind instruments himself and later to copy them over each other. The result is a great, tough one Dub-Album without being overly intrusive Dub-Effects in which Slys Rockers drumming is brought back to life and merges congenially with the typical Ariwa sound. An album that has its place in the Dub-History will take.

After two and a half years, Style Scott is back with the Dub Syndicate has now been completely taken over by Adrian Sherwood. "No Bed Of Roses" (EFA) is the name of the new work of the syndicate, which was completely recorded in the Jamaican Tuff Gong studio - but in London by Adrian Sherwood for reasons of sound consistencydubbt was. He did his job so thoroughly, however, that a fantastically inspired, thoroughly British-sounding one Dub-Sound was created. But Mr. Scott didn't want it with an instrumental, however exciting Dub-Album and asked different vocalists like Cederic Myton (Congos), Cornell Campbell or even Gregory Isaacs to contribute a few lyrics. With the grandiose rhythm tracks they couldn't help but deliver their best performance. One album now combines what clever producers usually make two albums out of: Solid, highly inspired Dub-Tracks with wonderful songs as encores. A milestone!

In the highly acclaimed "Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions "Series of the American label Guidance is just the "5. Chapter "(Import?) published. Unlike the previous albums, which are more focused on the British Dub-Sound concentrated, "Chapter 5" makes a U-turn towards classic-looking up-tempo beats with a clear vocal component. Apart from the G Corp remix of the Thievery Corporation track "Richest Man In Babylon", the track listing has no names known to the reggae geek. Perhaps the house label Guidance has stepped up this time in the familiar waters of house and club for interesting Dub-Remixing wanted. What they found there is not uninteresting, but it cannot keep up with the level that they have come to expect from the Hi-Fidelity series. 

Inspired by the "Wild-Dub“Compilation, the Hamburg Echo Beach label is now providing "Modern Wild Dub"(Echo Beach / Indigo) in front. Subtitled with “Dread meets Disco Punk Rocker Downtown”, the new compilation offers various remixes of contemporary dance floor formations such as Playgroup, Chicken Lips, Radio 4, LCD Soundsystem, Kid Loco or Colder. The whole thing can perhaps best be described as a punk disco tripdub where “punk” stands less for rock and more for sound anarchy. It goes without saying that this sampler is not Dub-Purists aimed. The dance floor avant-garde, however, and very open minded Dubheads should have a lot of fun getting the tracks beaten in the face.

Back to the pure Dub-Sound. With "Dub Em Zukie "(Indigo?) represents the Jamaican Recordings label a classic 70s DubAlbum by Tapa Zukie in front. All together here are Zukie-produced Dubs from 1976 to 1979 such as z. B. Johnny Clarke's version of “Ballistic Affair” or Horace Andy “Natty Dead Ah Wey She Want”. And so it is less that Dub-Mixes that are more fun on this album than the wonderful classic rhythms that are presented here with beautiful melodic interpretations (not heard for a long time: “My Conversation” or “Hypocite”). Sly Dunbar's rockers style is something of a bonus.

Muzique decoder is a project by DJ Javier Verdes and graphic designer and VJ Giovanni Jubert. Inspired by the city of Barcelona, ​​they have one Dub-Compilation, named “Barcelona In Dub"(Indigo?) with lavish cover artwork, a video film on DVD and a live project. The compilation is particularly interesting because, contrary to expectations, by no means the local ones Dub-Acts are presented, but on which international artists such as Up, Bustle & Out, Sugar Minott (Wackies), Playgroup, International Observer or Don Air are represented. Artfully mixed together, the selected pieces convey a dark, melancholy mood that suits the early hours of the morning in a club. Incredibly sensitively put together with a lot of surprising tracks, “Barcelona In Dub“The most interesting one at the moment Dub-Compilation. 

With "Combat Dub II "(hammer bass / import) presents the French Dub Project Brain Damage a second series of Dub-Remixing her album "Always Greener". Alpha & Omega, Manutension, Mossman Vs Mr. Tsunami and Vibronics are represented here. Despite the different origins of the protagonists, “Combat Dub II "a through and through typical UKDub-Album with massive rolling steppas rhythms and loads of reverb in all corners and awesome cover artwork. Very nice that something like this still exists! It is a shame, however, that there is still no distribution for it in Germany!

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