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Dub Revolution, March 2006

who of Dub-Samplern speaks, no doubt thinks of the 1990s, the heyday of the genre, when the music market came along Dubwas downright showered. EFA-Records (God have them seelig) imported what it took and brought hundreds of Dub-Compilations to German stores. But this wonderful time is unfortunately an irretrievable past, and after Echo Beach the appearance of the king size Dub-Sampler has stopped, this species is extinct. Completely extinct? No, a small, unwavering label in the UK is resisting and relentlessly publishing a traditional compilation series. We're talking about Tanty Records ( - or rather - by Kelvin Richards, the one-man show behind the label facade. Since the early 1990s, he has been wearing selected ones with a highly individual taste DubReleases together and publishes them under the misleading title “Roots Of Dub Wireless". His selection has little to do with funk, but all the more with heavy bass, sluggish beats and 100% one drop. So this is not about crossover, experiment or even avant-garde. No, this is about maintaining tradition in the best sense of the word, it is about what is commonly referred to as UKDub understood, whereby - and this is an extremely exciting development - from the 14 tracks of the new album "Roots Of Dub Radio 5 " (Tanty Records / Import) only 5 actually come from the UK. Dub is now a completely international music, whose protagonists by Kelvin rightly “today's global dub warriors ”. He gathered here, on the 5th edition of “Roots Of Dub Wireless", Dub- Warriors from Canada, the Netherlands, the USA (Groundation), Australia, Sweden, Brazil and France (Peter Broggs). The best-known names come from Great Britain: Vibronics, Alpha & Omega, Abassi All Stars and Mad Professor. What sounds disparate here merges acoustically into a wonderfully homogeneous one Dub-Album at the highest level - on which there is definitely not a single filler. An album that doesn't deserve an innovation award, but an order for maintaining tradition and unswervingly good taste - apart from the miserable cover design - but what about Dub unfortunately it is already a tradition.

An album that perfectly matches “Roots of Dub Funk 5 “(see box) fits, is that "Showcase" (Wibbly Wobbly) by Abassi All Stars. There is actually only one person behind the All Stars, namely Neil Perch, label boss of Universal Egg, Deep Root and head of Zion Train. This exciting album shows that he has not forgotten how to produce powerful, inspired and beautifully melodic tracks since the early Zion Train masterpieces. Contrary to what the title suggests, only vocal tracks are presented here, mostly by unknown UK artists. Only Earl 16, Luciano and Dubdadda are known to a larger audience. All participating artists deliver extremely beautiful, concise and excellently sung tunes. Earl 16's opener “Stem the Tide” already sets the bar very high, but the highlight is probably Sis Sana's track “Suffering”, in which the singer confidently contrasts her soft but strong melody with the brutally driving beat. Luciano's tune “What We Gonna Do” is unusually dark and heavy, while Fitta Warri delivers his interpretation of Sizzla over a remarkable up-tempo stepper. Two tracks further he speaks up again with “Never Sell My Soul” and presents another outstanding track on the album. Here Perch has created another small masterpiece. It is hard to believe that after around 15 years in business, he is still overflowing with ideas. On the other hand, it is all the more disappointing that there will only be one MP3 release (iTunes) of the album. Times are changing. 

Let's change the sound gradually and get a little more experimental: "Negril To Kingston City" (Nocture / Rough Trade) the album is called the Transdub Massivewhose most striking feature is the delightful contrast between the persistence of the beat and the dissonance of interspersed, bulky sound effects. Beat and mix seem to work against each other here. Whenever one of the two sides threatens to gain the upper hand, the tide turns. The scraps of voices and the playing of the melody wanted to take on a life of their own, the calm bass already kicks in and brings them back to the floor. It's very interesting - and also extremely beautiful. Of course, hardly suitable to chatter in the background and spread a warm atmosphere. But if you listen carefully, it offers a fantastic journey through the magical land of sound. Aside from the fact that these are French producers, there is little about trancedub Massively known. But after this album that will definitely change.

The manifest of the experimental Dub wrote the British artist and musician in 1978 (two years before Adrian Sherwood's "Starship Africa"!) David cunningham under the title "The Secret Dub Life Of The Flying Lizards "(Piano). That year he was given a mono-tape of Jah Lloyd's productions to remix it for Virgin Records. Cunningham - a friend of minimal sounds - was desperate because the copied mono material was practically "unremixable". So he went to work with the tools of the minimal musician, cutting, looping and filtering the tape according to all the rules of the art and chasing it through various effects devices. The result is a completely atypical, subtly cerebral, minimalist, but maximally fascinating Dub-Work that was around 30 years ahead of its time - which is why it is being rereleased at the right time.

Finally, a heavy dose of old school: "Soul Syndicate Dub Classics "(Jamaican Recordings). Niney the Observer is known for his heavy, massive and powerful rhythms, about which he produced singers such as Dennis Brown, Barry Brown, Max Romeo and Gregory Isaacs with flying colors. Wouldn't it be exciting to hear these rhythms pure, savor their sound and let yourself be carried away by the energy? Jah Floyd, from the reissue label Jamaican Recordings, now has 14, King Tubby'sdubB-sides of well-known Niney singles, put together into an album. These include some amazing cuts. It is unbelievable z. B. "Dub in Heaven “, the Dub-Version of Horace Andy's "You Are My Angel". This bone-dry, all-dominating bass is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard from the 70s. Stripped to the bone - in the truest sense. "Dub A Long “is similarly fundamental, only the rockers drums bring a certain lightness to the track. “Niney's Dub Crown “, a Dub, which later became world famous as Augustus Pablo's version "555 Crown Street" - the original can be heard here. Seldom have brilliantly played rhythms and highly inspired tubby mixes been so perfectly combined as here.

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