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Dub Revolution, September 2005

Steve Barrow - tireless reggae historian and reissue pope - is now responsible for a new label alongside Blood & Fire: “Hot Pot”, located in the house of Cooking Vinyl (how fitting!). After “Earthquake Dub“, Which was published in March, is now coming "Leggo Dub" (Hot Pot / Indigo), both works by the producer Oswald "Ossie" Hibbert. "Leggo Dub“Is a beautiful, rough and energetic one DubAlbum that is relentlessly whipped through 16 tracks by Sly Dunbar's drums. It is essentially based on Gregory Isaac's album “Mr. Isaacs ”and offers Dub-Versions of such glorious hits as "Smile", "Storm", Sacrifice "or" The Winner ". But Barrow wouldn't be Barrow if he had left it at that, and so he has added six bonus tracks from Ossie's archive: including "Lion Fence Version", a Ranking Trevor B-side or "Special Version" and "Loving Version" , both U. Brown B-sides. But the Gregory rhythms cannot be topped. Bone dry and powerful, the beats storm on, garnished by beautiful Gregory melodies played by the brass section and then fade away to let drum & bass take precedence. Occasionally Hibbert, who was also a sound engineer here, mixed in sound samples such as dog barking or telephone bells. He probably copied from Errol T., sounds like "Leggo Dub“But rather out of place. Otherwise, Hibbert can't deny his closeness to King Tubby - which is not least due to the sound of the backing band (Revolutionaries / Soul Syndicate / Aggrovators), who have recorded countless rhythm tracks for Bunny Lee. So whoever does the Blood & FireDub Rereleases will be sent to Leggo Dub have his pleasure.

My dear record dealer from Münster has an interesting French one Dub-Label with the grandiose name "Sounds Around" unearthed, which is somewhere in the spectrum between neo-Dub, Electronics, techno and drum 'n' bass. With "Dub Excursion "(Pias / Import) The label presented a sampler - as a founding manifesto, so to speak - with names like Manutension, Tomaski, Brain Damage, Hybrid Sound System, but also acts like Elastik, Uzina that were completely unknown to me Dub or Heckel & Jeckel are gathered. The basic tenor of the sampler is determined by massive neo Dubs with heavy bass lines and stoic tapping drum beats. But everything sounds a little more experimental, electronic and playful. What the laptop has to offer is played undogmatically here - and in the case of Rawa Dub it's a rumbling bassline that is second to none. A real one Dub-Thunderstorm! Heckel & Jeckel, who put a UB 40 sample through the meat grinder, are also fantastic. The listener is dismissed from Elastik, who apparently had a lack of trouble. Weird and beautiful.

Another album on Sounds Around is "Dub Strike "(Pias / Import) Sism-Xthat's kind of like a hardcore version of Seven Dub sound. Powerful RootsDub without frills. Powerful and uncompromising. Completely redundant, one title actually “Stepper Dub“- nothing else does the whole album with flying colors.

The Hybrid sound system - already represented with a title on the sampler - is taking part "Synchronous" (Pias / Import) also present a full album on Sounds Around. It's more experimental here. Many of the massive ones Dubs are woven around oriental harmonies and Arabic vowel samples. The track L'Uzure begins like an Arabic folk song, then gradually turns into a powerful stepperDub to transform. “Nordick”, on the other hand, begins like a slow, sluggish one Dubto become a brutal drum 'n' bass piece over the course of the track. The ears are blown free for a long time!

On the other hand, it is comfortingly traditional on the vibronics-Album "Heavyweigt Scoops Selection" (Pias / Import) zu, which was also published on Sounds Around. Apparently vocal pieces are gathered here Dub-Versions of various Vibronics productions - a Vibronics label portrait, so to speak. According to the fresh French Dubthe typical UKDub-Synthetic sounds of the vibronics kind of stale, although the vocalists contribute some nice melodies. Above all, Madus' “Book Of Revelation” is a brilliant song, which is also supported by a beautifully powerful rhythm.

Let's stay a little longer in France and listen to an album whose title sounds very promising: "Night of the Living Dread". (Import) Originator of this horror Dub-Albums - on the cover of which there are dreadlocked giant robots fighting against zombies in blue banker suits Sonarcotic from Marseille. Dub-Avantgarde shouldn't be expected here, but a very nice, interesting and quite varied one Dub-Album that is by no means to be feared. On the contrary: calm, relaxed, but excitingly pulsating beats determine the sound. The arrangements are full of little ideas and ensure that every song has its own individuality and conciseness. Contrary to all expectations, the listener is not annoyed with stupid samples from horror films - the title seems (luckily) just a nice play on words. 

There is a new one Scientist-Plate! "Nightshade meets Scientist" (Organized Elements / Import) is the name of the part and offers 13 Dub-Mixes of a - not yet released - album by the American band Nightshades. It was mixed by Hopeton Brown aka Scientist in Hollywood. The tracks are all played by hand and sound like that - typical American reggae: traditional, rootsy, latently dry. Scientist does a solid job: traditional, rootsy, latently dry. More exciting rhythm tracks would probably have lured him a little more from his reserve. But an album without ups and downs also has strengths: It is ideally suited as background music in the office, as a kind of stress absorber.

After the big one last year Jah wobble-Werkschau has been released in the form of a 3-CD box, Wobble is now daring to present an album with current works. To give it an appropriate meaning, it has the title "Mu" (Trojan / Rough Trade) chosen what, according to his own statement, comes from Chinese and means nothing less than “God” or “origin”. So it should be clear that Mr. Wobble's esoteric trip is still going on. This time he takes us via India to the Far East, on a spherical one Dubs and warm bass runs paved path. His sound collages of Asian harmonies, breakbeats, samples, keyboard areas and, of course, subsonic bass frequencies have nothing to do with reggae, but all the more with it Dub, ZenDub, to be exact. Each track consists of a number of sound levels that cannot be precisely defined, which overlap transparently and from which individual instruments or voices emerge again and again and start a small melody or contribute syncopated beats. (By the way, Mark Lusardi is responsible for this fascinating sound, who has also made The Orb, Duran Duran and David Bowie sound good). Wobbles songs are full of ideas and do not allow an overly simple classification. So is "Kojak-Dub"For example a funky up-tempo track and" Love Comes / Love Goes "is flawless pop. But that's not a contradiction in terms, because everything comes from the great "Mu" as we know.

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