Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Deep Dive Dub


countless Dub-Albums locate their music associatively in space, although it is known to be dead quiet in a vacuum. No trace of echoes. So it makes a lot more sense to go under the water surface and try to associate echo sounder sounds. Our four favorite SwissDubheads Dub Spencer & Trance Hill make with their new album "Deep dive Dub“(Echo Beach) exactly that. Even if there are no underwater echoes on the sound side, the atmosphere is still right: dark, heavy as lead and hypnotic-hallucinative, as if in deep intoxication: the whole thing, of course, unmistakably live hand-played and no longer as electronic at all seeming like on their last album "Physical Echoes". The Swiss actually produce flawless products Dub with jazz sound. An idiosyncratic hybrid music that matches my idea of Dub equally corresponds as well as contradicts. Sometimes I find it difficult to decide whether to succumb to their fascination or whether to keep my distance. The current album makes it particularly difficult for me in this regard, since it largely lacks the usual lures, such as catchy melodies or well-known riddims. A brittle, complex and demanding music that unfolds its true power best live in concert, in the dense atmosphere of small venues and in the community of a committed audience. Unfortunately, the spark doesn't really want to jump on the record this time.

Rating 4 stars

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It can't be that I don't write a comment on my four glorious scoundrels.
We all agree that the "boys" are a great experience live. The discs lag a little behind in this regard. But I'm a big fan of “italo Dub“A la Dub Spencer & Trance Hill. I buy the slices without checking them first. I always have very high expectations, which are then regularly disappointed. This “disappointment” subsides on the second run and by the third run at the latest I find more and more magical moments, of which I find even more with each subsequent run.
The music of Dub For me, Spencer & Trance Hill cannot be completely grasped at once.
The more I hear it, the more I discover.
The last time I saw them live, I roared for everyone DUB : "Edmund, Edmund, Edmund ... .."
Unfortunately they didn't have that in their program. For me the best Dub on “Deep Dive Dub". The bassline is perfect for my taste. The groove is right and in the middle part everything from Umberto Echo becomes a real one DUB-Hall-Echo-Inferno swirled and twirled, so that really only the craziest Dub - brains can even follow. And although I have this Dub think best, they then went one better with Space Suit.
Not necessarily superficially spectacular, but rather ingeniously ingenious or something like that. "Hypnotic-hallucinative" just ... .. exactly as you have already described it exactly. Just like badminton ;-)

Greetings …………… .. lemmi

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