Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Imago Cells

The "imago" is the sexually mature insect that has emerged from the juvenile stages, i.e. the adult form. To turn a robbery into its imago - a butterfly (like the one on the cover of the new albums by Dub Spencer & Trance Hill is shown) - so-called "imago cells" become active in the body of the caterpillar. They are the triggers of metamorphosis. Interestingly, the imago cells are present in the caterpillar's body from birth, but are initially suppressed by the insect's immune system. Only when they succeed in asserting themselves and multiplying over the long term will metamorphosis begin.
An interesting story that Masi Stalder, Markus Meier, Julian Dillier and Philipp Greter tracked down to metaphorically illustrate the change in their musical style. Because, in fact, the people of Lucerne do Dub-Musicians with their new album "Imago Cells” (Echo Beach) a clear stylistic change, viz Dub to trance. A change that – according to their own statement (and the band name suggests it) – was in the band right from the start. Offbeats can still be heard, but driving dance beats are clearly more dominant. In addition - completely unusual for the people of Lucerne - are the electronic synth sounds. Luckily not in the form of the "pads" typical of trance, but used rhythmically. All in all, it reminds me of the 90s sound of Dreadzone, Rockers Hifi or Zion Train. On the other hand, there is also the familiar, unmistakably analogue/acoustic signature sound from Dub Spencer & Trance Hill. What I particularly like: The music of the gang of four grooves like never before. What used to be partly cerebral Dub was is now body-oriented dance music. I'm excited to see where the metamorphosis will take the four experimental Lucerne residents in the future.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Mmmmh, I don't quite agree with your perception René. I think “the boys” have been going on trips or even flights home in the direction of trance for a long time now and again and maybe even catch one or the other techno freak with them. My buddy is more inclined towards techno and agrees Dub Spencer.....always, "That's good Dub" ;-)
Personally, I immediately had to think of “Physical Echoes” (2016) and thought that “Imago Cells” ties in exactly with this disc, with this groove. At least 6 years ago. And also with “Deep Dive Dub“ drift some Dubs again and again in this direction (I think). Ok, here with "Imago Cells" the trance sound is probably pulled through even more consistently. In this respect I am then again "d'accord" with you, with me and the world ;-)
I've met today with a real connoisseur and Roots Dub Reggae Connaissoir ( ;-) ) talked a bit about this disc and we didn't quite agree, to say the least ;-)
I can only say that I like the record right away, but I have to admit that I Dub Spencer and Trance Hill always wear very thick fan horn glasses, which have not yet clouded my sensory perception.
I get along very well with this kind of DubMusic and a little bit it encourages me to put on another record by the old Hypnotix (from Poland or somewhere nearby).
It's great music too! ……. (when the “singer” shuts up …… / Noooooo ! ………. it’s not that bad either).

"G7, give it away right now!" …………………………… lemmi

Yes, what else can I say? I also have the green resp. Fan glasses on Lemmie!
And Dub Spencer are simply a phenomenon, although I have to admit that I would much rather consume their music live than canned.
Dub pure, despite driving trance rhythms, a congenial interplay of the four musicians (and often Umberto Echo as the fifth in the group on the controls), which I can only enjoy. There is nothing disturbing, no “wrong” vocals but everything organically blends into a whole that simply catapults me away. And I've noticed that, in my opinion, the Trance Hills are getting closer and closer to the sound of their "big" sister (which unfortunately no longer exists) Tratosphere (later Tratosphere).
Both bands live resp. lived from the grooving beats of Julian Dillier on drums and with "Chili Dub", the one Dub Spencer's take on the song "Paprika Market" by the same named Tratosphere, this convergence or fusion is manifested.
I'm lucky enough to be around relatively often Dub To be able to visit Spencer & Trance Hill concerts, because they are without exception musical highlights and I recommend all readers (hello? there are also female ones Dub- fanatics?) to visit the band's concerts. These are Dub- and trance or whatever fireworks of the extra class.
Unmatched, my favorite live band! I hope that I can experience these magical moments and this joy of playing countless times and I also wish the four band members appropriate commercial success, so that they have the opportunity to constantly develop and refine what they do, so that the joy of playing making music may be preserved, which I just love to experience live...

I like them both live and on disc Philipp.
I remember her especially live like that, that the Dubtunes are performed in two parts in a way. That's actually often the case on disc. Rootsig starts first and then very often in the second part they play the Dub in a very trance-laden atmosphere. For me, an extremely danceable and "unlockable" version of Dub. I don't know if they can remember me. At their last concert in Kassel ( a few years ago ) I was the guy who completely freaked out in the front row and kept repeating the DubTune "Edmond" requested.
I don't know if they have it in the live program now, but I was really wondering why they did this MegaDubDon't find tune as cool as I do. Of course it can be that the live is too difficult and they don't really dare to perform it live. ( ;-) .... small provocation on my part to lure the boys out of their reserve ;-) )
What I don't really like are their "hints" when it comes to rock music. I find rock music as banal as a banana on toast or something like that. Confirm Exceptions……. It kicks all the better when they switch from rock (groove) to reggae or Dubchange grooves You notice such a wonderful, refreshing buoyancy that sums up the difference between the two types of music exactly. Maybe that's exactly why they do it, because as I said, they only hint at it for a few seconds in the intro. Good, keep it up!
I think I mentioned it here before, but whatever. Jahcoustix osä. was here in Göttingen and asked the audience whether Dub Spencer and Trance Hill have been here before. The only one who did that with a disappointed NO! (with a contemptuous smile about our cultural philistines here in the Göttingen KonzertAgenturScene) was I. People here always just want punk or the other extreme. N'singer with a simple guitar and top-heavy lyrics. Or just other school bands from Germany. ok stop ! I'm blaspheming again.
In any case, I'm a bit "envious" that you seem to be able to enjoy them live more often than I can.
Luckily I only know them because they didn't go under the "Ballermann" entertainers. They focus on the essentials!
I've never had to get on my knees on command and then jump off on command (e.g. "and now everyone"). I could make a pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and ask what's going on with the people who still want something like that. I thought there was only Jürgen Drews and Ickehiepgold at Ballermann in Malle. I have cut outs
watched from the Summerjam in Kölln and no matter where I stopped the cursor, somehow "Jürgen Drews" was always playing.

I used to cry tears of emotion when I was able to relive the original Skatalites and when Llloyd Brewett thanked the audience with the majesty of a wise shaman with the words "Thank you ladies and gentleman". Today tears come when I see Chaun Paul and Gentleman as headliners on the poster.

Now I also know what the line of text “Time a go get dread” can mean. Well, what the heck, the youngsters seem to still enjoy it.

I'll just go back into the goal and look forward to my next one Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Concert ……………… lemmi

The 12.11. my live premiere will be in Berlin. If they also manage to get me excited about trance, then I'm also a carrier of imago cells that I've never known before.

Heyie Claas
I'm confident they can do it... ;)
Enjoy it... hopefully not everything will be "running amok again because of a so-called pandemic" and such and the event will take place at all... I'm still skeptical...

Hey Dubpunk !
So I'm glad that you're going to my comment Dub Spencer & Trance Hill and I can't think of anything better than stabbing you in the back.
I read from your lines on the "so-called pandemic" and the reference to a "certain swagger" something like criticism of all those who allow at least a certain amount of skipsis to arise in general world events.
I'll start by saying that I'm completely boosted and went through all the "vaccination shit". But I only did all this because, despite all my skepticism, I blindly trusted certain people. The pictures on TV of the poor people lying around there with their bums up, completely at their mercy, had their full effect on me. And I know myself, even if I have a fever, I don't want to lie naked in a room where the room temperature is no more than about 16 degrees. These images were sneaky and criminal in my eyes. Especially since they have no regard for the privacy of the patients. The whole thing is pretty questionable, I think. Well and the fact that after three vaccinations you can only hope not to be ventilated to death by a heart-lung machine is in the end ( although we are far from there ) also only a small consolation.
Maybe I'm just a "Schwurbler" but I would like to use this example to show how broken and sneaky our existence here is. Or how I feel about it here. Maybe I'm making my old mistake and giving my opinion without really knowing it, but it's been bothering me for a long time.
The way how quickly you are pushed into a corner (predominantly the right) by the media and also by the general public
I dislike it greatly. That's making it too easy, I think. I still don't think it's right at all to label opponents of vaccination as lateral thinkers. I've heard that healthy skepticism is a basic requirement for intelligence and I can very well agree with that.
Please don't misunderstand. I use your comment to share my thoughts on this. I'm not saying I'm putting you in the same box as so many others who are driving me nuts about certain "changes" in our society. In my opinion, the (a)social media greatly encourage this grievance because they censor everything possible but not that which destroys them from behind through the chest into the eye. Above all, I mean that long-established terms are used completely upside down and for the wrong thing these days. For example, "Get Up Stand Up" by Peter Tosh and the Wailers has already been played on "alleged" demos by right-wing extremists. Possibly they were only vaccination skeptics (who were and are only too happy to be generalized as narrow-minded opponents of vaccination) from the left-wing scene and the media interpreted it as the secret service ordered. (I know, with sentences like that you can very quickly catapult yourself into the corner of the scumbag, but I really like it).
I would like to try to make it clear that there are "forces" here that turn the word on our lips. It even went so far in the Netzt that a certain Uwe Banton was to be pushed into the right corner because he used the line of text “We refuse to be the way you want us to be” in a tune. The text was then associated with demonstrators who had doubts about the whole vaccination and was interpreted in such a way that it would only be directed against the necessary corona measures and the government responsible for them.
"We refuse to be what you want us to be".....

Seems familiar somehow:

"We refuse to be what you wanted us to be"

So Bob Marley is just a radical right-wing lateral thinker.
Man, I would have only recognized that much earlier ….

Yes, dangerous! It could also be that I misunderstood something completely, but that's how it came across to me.

A light man with a skirt has already been considered. I’m just out of youth, I just don’t understand everything anymore …………….

How long …………………. lemmi

"I'm completely boosted and went through all the 'vaccination shit'. But"'re not a Nazi, are you? :D

Your account has been terminated.

Can you be a little more specific?

If you can even remotely establish a connection between me and a Nazi, you would have to explain it to me. So far I've always felt like a nazi hater, but maybe I have to reflect on myself again (reflect) and find deep abysses in me.

“booster the new material and relax again”

…… from this sentence I can clearly see that something is wrong with you ……..

Get well soon ……………… lemmi

Berlin is over now and I hope you were able to enjoy it... hopefully the people in Leipzig left some merch for you in Berlin ;)... I heard that they had gotten quite good in the east.
You can think what you want about me, I don't care...but I haven't gotten a vaccination yet and I think I've "did" well with it...although "never judge anyone until you've walked 10 miles in their moccasins." ", an ancient Indian wisdom, I would recommend to you...
I have also found that anyone who even begins to criticize the official policy of the State of Israel regarding separation, a two-tier society and the occupied territories (these two lines will probably suffice) is immediately branded an anti-Semite by certain fellow human beings... well, you Germans probably have to bear a different burden, from a purely historical point of view, although little Switzerland has been proven to have been good at Nazism and there were enough sympathizers in this country who could hardly wait until they were also "brought home" (fortunately that didn't happen then) ...
But instead of politicizing and considering who was or is right now regarding Covid-19 and all the talk, beliefs and claims about it, let's do a good deepe Dub-LP and unite us in the beloved sound...
Jah Rastafari negus negast…

I would suggest that we end this here. So will he Dub Spencer Platte does not do justice to discuss such a topic on the Platte. I would be happy if that works. Thanks. Dub Spencer in Berlin was incredibly good again.

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