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Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Physical Echoes


And there they ride again: Dub Spencer and Trance Hill! Your new album bears the beautiful title "Physical echoes“(Echo Beach), which certainly alludes to the almost physical listening experience that its tremendous bass frequencies always make possible. Typical of the four Swiss is their minimalist, hand-played Dub-Sound that often takes on psychedelic, trance-like traits. Your latest work also builds on this solid foundation, but the sound architecture built on it seems to have made a small evolutionary leap. The rough, rocky charm of their earlier albums gives way to a more electronic sound. The whole impression is denser, more intense and even "dubbiger ". In contrast, there are also downright lively, melodious ones Dubs like “Polar” or “Wanna Ride” and with “Hyperactive Echo” even something like Dub-Wireless. So it's not that easy to get to the heart of the album. It seems to me that the guys here push open the door to something new without having gone through completely. And it also seems to me that what is coming will be damn good - because "Physical Echoes" is one of the most exciting albums for me DubQuartets.

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It can't do that I don't express my opinion about this disc.
I used to always think when she was one Dubpiece with rock n 'roll or let's just say we started in rock rhythm ...... Yuck !! what is that fucking groove now ?! I don't know if the band wanted to do exactly what they achieved with me. For me it was always a provocation against rock music, because whenever I couldn't stand the "shitty" rock music (usually after 30 seconds) the band probably couldn't stand it anymore and then switched to reggae mode and I could breathe freely again. This “Aaaaaah that's how it works” came into its own thanks to the sudden break in the music style. I mean to say that I also have the earlier discs from Dub Spencer and Trance Hill found it very, very good.
Now I am a practical person and I am of the opinion that without mechanics and electronics on this planet everything would still have to be done in slave labor. Music without electronics is good at most for the pedestrian zone or maybe for a romantic guitar on the beach to soften some girls' pears. (Yes, I admit, I can't do that).
So I think it's all the nicer that the glorious scoundrels from Switzerland have put on electronics here. We (or I) have already appreciated that at Dreadzone. I used to go to one or the other techno rave and I was always into the techno stuff, which is also a little bit like that Dub have listened to. And vice versa, I like it a lot when Dub also sounds a bit like techno. The mixture of both could be the final revelation of music for me.
After everything I've written here, it shouldn't come as a surprise that “Hyperactive Echo” is my clear number 1 on “Physical Echos”. It may be that the style is more funk, but I have an excellent raver feeling about it.
Should it really be the case that they have not yet fully faced through the door, I am very curious to see what will come in the room that is waiting for us all behind the door.
With all my enthusiasm for technology and electronics in music, I shouldn't get the impression that I'm not into the sound of Pura Vida too. They delivered another record with Lee Perry …… .. I can only say… .. THE HAMMER !!! Whereby the technology only works as a support, because the musicians of Pura Vida have an extremely psychedelic sound and they also seem to master their instruments really well. I don't know what they took, but the stuff must be very good.

So much for now …………………… .. lemmi

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