Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, “The Clashification Of Dub"Vs. Jamaram," In Dub"

I recently got the Joe Stummer tribute "Shatter The Hotel“At number 10 mine Dub-Top-Ten chosen in 2010, a new clash tribute is coming into the house: Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, “The Clashification Of Dub“(Echo Beach). The four Swiss space cowboys offer us a rocky, dark one Dubification of well-known clash hits. Hand-played, a sound with rough edges, classic and with a lot of care and attention to detaildubbt. The whole thing sounds almost like a live production, unpolished, rocky and yet full of reggae vibes. When I first listened to it, I didn't even realize the brilliant quality of the album, which makes it clear that we are not dealing with ostensible, catchy beats, but on the contrary with thoroughly complex and subtle instrumentals, completely composed and full of tension Dramaturgy determined. Add to that this gloomy, almost psychedelic atmosphere - that spark of madness in the music that makes it a little inaccessible, but at the same time so seductive. With The Clash has this dubified reinterpretation to be done only marginally. Joe Strummer's songs only seem to have been a starting point for the extensive musical excursions of the Space Cowboys, excursions into the vast prairie of psychedelic transcendence, until their silhouettes disappear in the distance before the shimmering fireball of the setting sun.

In addition to “clashification”, the likeable Hamburger sends DubLabel Echo Beach (what would we do without it?), a second, completely different one Dub-Album in the running: “Jamaram In Dub“(Echo Beach). Instead of sounding rough, gloomy and rocky, Jamaram offer one hundred percent niceness: Positive, energetic rhythms, full of storms and urges, which you can hear the fun of the eight-piece band. This is not music drifting into the transcendental, but simple, great reggae - virtuoso gedubbt by Umberto Echo. A nice, warm sound, hand-played, very varied and inspired. Recommended for Dub Spencer & Trance Hill's attentive listening is how “Jamaram in Dub“Its effect is much more immediate. The positive power of this music literally jumps at you. Anyone who hears them thinks about it. And the Dub-Wizzard Mr. Echo did well not to sacrifice this drive to an overly complicated mix. He acts cautiously in the background and gives the music space to unfold. Jamaram and Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - you have to love them both (or all three?)!

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[...] Jamaram “Druffis-fun-makers stand next to compelling ass movers and sophisticated sound layers, which only really stick after the third / fourth time - but then all the more relentlessly etched into your memory.” (The digital flaneur) “Most of the 14 tracks are in chilled downtempo area, so that you can relax and let yourself be carried away by the sounds. ”(MKZWO)“ Vocal scraps are skilfully stored as samples in the background and with an almost indescribable amount of groove, the numbers put a grin on the face of the listener. Never hectic, never annoying, but also anything but monotonous. Brilliant. "(Supershit)" ... one hundred percent niceness: Positive, energetic rhythms, full of storm and stress, where you can hear the fun of the eight-piece band. "(Dubblog) [...]

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - The CLASHification of Dub

It's unbelievable that this band surpasses itself with every new album. Once again I am under the spell of a trance Dub captured. The boys from Dub Spencer and Trance Hill just turned the tables, and used the punk melodies from "The Clash" and reinterpreted them and gave them the Dub Spencer & Trance Hill stamp marked. The result is breathtakingly groovy, lives, breathes, drifts, floats, gives space, takes in. The concept worked. I have discovered some old time classics here in a new guise and find it partly fits better than the originals. The limited edition is also reduced to 1234 pieces and that Dubnight Studio has the number 999. Dubpunk or punkdub Rules !!! My favorite piece is “Lost in the Supermarket”, but like all of them Dub Spencer & Trance Hill's albums unfold the full effect Dub Trance is best when you listen to the whole album in one go and I mean that in a positive way. In any case, absolute buy recommendation here too.

Jamaram, one of the most likable reggae bands from Germany, are now finally joining the “in Dub“Row one. What about the day or rather about the night or even better about the Dubnight is really big cinema. The sound of this disc should be for the experienced Dublisteners seem familiar, because behind all the mixing there is none other than Umberto Echo himself. But not only the sound is perfect, the verdubbten pieces are just inspiring. I was as happy as a snow king when I held this spring messenger in my hands. Tips from me are: “End of the World Dub"," Music Dub"," Rock Steady Dub“Although ... no, ... the whole disc is awesome.

Absolute buy recommendation.

Dubbig greetings ...

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