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Dub Syndicate: Acres of Space

After more than 20 years of waiting, it can finally be heard again, at least in the streaming services: The new edition of what is probably the best Dub Syndicate albums where there - from "Acres of Space"There is talk that the Echo Beach label has thankfully brought it back "into the program". When I'm in things Dub something I've been hoping for, it's the re-release of this album. Chapeau, Echo Beach!

It won't surprise anyone that I call this album - the only one by the way - a masterpiece and the review will end with (at least) 5 stars. What Style Scott and Adrian Sherwood created here in 2001 is my personal ultimate Dub; everything is just right here: from the basslines, arrangements, production, sound, Dubmix to the cover artwork. Every track is "tight" and "crispy" - and what Adrian Sherwood has done with the instrumentals recorded in Jamaica is simply terrific: everything we know from him is there, including additional recorded instruments such as the violin or harmonica and of course the track by track bespoke SherwoodDubmix.

What is left to say? I could go into superlatives here and why I used the metaphor "Acres of Space" in the tried again and again. Ultimately, I just recommend the album to everyone and wish I could give six stars - it doesn't get any better than that.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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"Everything is just right here: from the basslines (Flabba Holt)...."
According to my ancient CD, Christopher "Pow" Meredith played the bass, Flabba wasn't there.

"Yes It Is Bless (ed) From The Most High !
Who sit upon his throne in Zion!
I reigned in the heart of all flesh!

What a review GTK !!! I think it's clear that I'll put the entire starry sky at your feet for this. ( Even if only metaphysically, or as a metaphor ). I've known for a long time that you like this album (Die SCHEIBE (!), I can even say in this case) very much and it should be just as clear that I don't have the slightest objection. Or is it?!? “The only masterpiece” ……….. ok, for me there are only Adrian Sherwood masterpieces. Ah, what am I talking about?! ………
His works are doctoral theses with summa cum laude (or something like that, I just don't feel like looking at how summa cum bla bla is written) and put every professorship in the shade. With the Dub Syndicate his works can replace the Bible and the Koran for me. Who needs words to understand the meaning of life?!? And there are at Dub Syndicate anyway still as a bonus on top. Am I too theatrical? If so, then I'm satisfied ;-)
So really gtk, your raving about this album made my heart jump and I feel liberated from all bad vibes, which unfortunately are also very often a part of me. I just don't always manage to completely block out all the bad vibes that flow over me and all of us every day.
This is one of those albums that basically makes it clear to me again and again that I don't really have to look for new music anymore, but well, it's very difficult to get out of the habit of looking again. It's just too deep inside.
In any case, your review will be included in my top 5 charts for this year ;-) ……………..

Go spend a weekend! A happy happy weekend ……………… lemmi

As far as I know, only for streaming services for the time being. Perhaps the label owner would like to get involved here and give more specific answers...


Super nice. Thank you very much. Music is available via you tube, so you didn't have to bother, but the offer alone is of course very cool. I'm just copying the tapes right now... :-)

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