Dub Vallila – Katakom Beat

Spoiler alert: 4,5 stars for a very nice, groovy, Dub-impregnated instrumental album that found its own way to us from – read and be amazed: from Helsinki / Finland. Why not; Talent can be found everywhere. Here, however, we have to do with an accumulation of it; tape and Dub Mixers complement each other ideally:

The band is called Dub Vallila and "Catacomb Beat“ (Playground Music Oy) their successful debut album. The line-up is as simple as it is effective: classic reggae horns meet the same band; just using a hang drum is a bit out of line. But why not; the slope is used in the fine arrangements just as appropriately as it is unobtrusive. The whole thing also works very well live:

Ultimately, it is still the Dub-Dragging the mixer in front of the curtain - a certain Micho Dread, who is the congenial partner on the mixing board: Very nice classic and modern effects that fit perfectly but never take on the leading role. If you like his style, you can find more of it on "Dub by Studiored".

And all this from Finland, who would have thought it. One could now be subtle and wish for a somewhat warmer overall sound; but the reviewer surprisingly doesn't want to be nitpicking and just sticks to the basslines, horn sections and Dub-Effects delight. Will probably be his summer soundtrack 2022!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Spontaneously, after the first “SoundCheck”, I immediately wanted to give negative vibes again. It was on the tip of my tongue, or my fingers itched to write, the good BassLines or their inspiration through cosmic rays or simply the arrival of deep and very deep bass waves, still on and around the equator , are most effective. In Finland it's just too cold, too dark and the magnetic field shields the best possible BassLines too much. But I want to set a good example on the reviewer
and - as far as the BassLines are concerned - don't be so petty. Especially since the bass line from, for example, "Teotihuacan" and above all its skilful use of magical interruptions and pauses raises a very high degree of empathy for my "battered" soul. It was or is above all "Teotihuacan", which triggers an extreme feeling of well-being in me, whereby I use it to confuse the others Dubs not want to belittle greatly. The range of effects also appeals to me, so this is a very good and beautiful one for me too DubAlbum ( even if the wind instruments sometimes ……….. ) . Yes, the trombone ( ? ) ( a trumpet could do that too ) plays a very spherical melody on "Teotihuacan" for my taste and lifts me to white clouds. In addition a fantastic reverberation on the rimshots, which is beyond any doubt. I think it has become clear that “Teotihuacan” (seems to be on everyone’s lips at the moment anyway, because there were also a few documentaries on TV …… / although the old “Inca and Maya stuff” doesn’t interest me) my number 1 on this one Dubalbum is. Mind you I can look at the others Dubs also all very good to listen to again and again.
For me, a "summer soundtrack" would only ever be a compilation of all my highlights and then it would have to be from Dub Vallila also something to be there. Also from "Dub By Studio Red".
Overall, I also like a somewhat warmer overall sound (if I know what that means). But as a longtime Dub-Connoisseur, I also appreciate it when the sound is a bit drier ( but not sterile ), like Victor Rize for example.
Harald Lesch might now say (if he were to Dub has an opinion at all ) ……… “ By the way: the guys also sound great live !!! ( At least the 28 seconds brought me to this realization ). It doesn't sound that dry and watching musicians make music is always fascinating for me anyway. There will also be music that has nothing to do with reggae and Dub has to do, even a little bit better. reggae and Dub by a live band are therefore a religious event for me.
A DJ is enough for the “kids” of today, who they can “look up to” all the time ……….. but I didn’t want to be so petty today either ;-) ……….. "The main thing is that the chorus comes after thirty seconds at the latest ...... right?" "They're not all hamm these days" ........ (calm lemmi calm).

Psychodelic Kingdom Come………………. lemmi

Well... in Finland they have half a year of permanent light, followed by half a year of permanent darkness. Or something like that :-) In any case, I'm happy that it's finer all over the world Dub is produced.

As the ultimate Dub-Summer Soundtrack I can of course only recommend one thing, I can't get around it:

Here's another listening tip, especially for lemmi - reminds me of something Dub Syndicate (although I can easily do without the babble and singing on some tracks :-) The samples are always interesting: On track 1, for example, Dunbar's drums from Black Uhuru's “What is Life”, the drums come from “Bull in the Pen”. also on a track before. Small sound treasure trove:


Well, it makes sense that I should now give you a little ( washboard )
Belly brush gtk.
your ultimate Dub-Summer soundtrack goes far beyond summer and is definitely suitable as the ultimate "Dub of Life Soundtrack".
I would also never want to mess with you when it comes to drums and I'm thrilled that you heard it so well with "What is life" and "Bull in the pen". And I can't disagree with that in any way. But to also get the bow to Dub Beat Syndicate, I have to say that I also listen to Style Scott. In particular, the sound of the drums reminds me a lot of "Tunes from The Mising Channel". But the bass lines don't have the power that the Dub Syndicate is usually ALWAYS the default. Based on my feelings, mind you. But there are also some very nice BassLines for me.
Much wouldDubLand” but still fit well into the On .U Sound catalogue.
The "babble" partly even reminds me of On .U Sound productions, although for my taste it doesn't come across as "babble" by far.
Also the – how should I put it (?) – style of the tunes reminds me of many
On .U Sound Productions. It's not always the classic reggae groove that sets the tone with On .U Sound, but it always sounds ( somehow ) like "another underground deep style of DUB" "if I am not wrong".
Here at Dubland is missing a few crazy effects from the "Sherwood Forest" but apart from the babble, the riddims get into my blood very well.

"Every time I hear the sound... the sound... the sound.....”

Echo and Out………………. lemmi

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