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"Dream Dub“- this genre name was previously unknown to me. It is in the press information on the new album "Dub Realistic“(Echo Beach) by Dubblestandart and I have to say that it fits in well with what the four Viennese deliver on their now sixteenth album. Somehow psychedelic, surreal, trippy, sometimes electro-freaky, sometimes art-rock, sometimes really classic dubbig - the style of Dubblestandart is special and not easy to grasp. But it can be said that it is not too far from On-U. For some pieces on "Dub Realistic “you really have to be aware that there is no production by Adrian Sherwood running here. The album starts immediately with a climax: a reinterpretation of Massive Attack's “Safe from Harm”, which stays true to the trippy character of the original, but sets a very idiosyncratic accent with the languid lyrics by Amanda Bauman. Another highlight is the title track "Dub Realistic ”, which, in contrast to the title, sounds completely unreal, gets lost in synth pads, warm organ chords and seemingly endless swirling echoes. In the 26 (!) Track digital edition of the album there are three even more trippy Dub-Versions of the piece. The album ends with "Had to Have His Grass", which consists entirely and exclusively of space sounds that dissolve into echoes. Somehow it seems to be the essence of the album: Dub as a dreamlike state, in a sphere beyond space and time.

Rating 4 stars

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Dubblestandart - buying discs is standard for me anyway. Although I only have about 16 or 5 of the 6 discs at home.
While listening to Dub At first I wasn't really enthusiastic about Realistic. But as a matter of principle I bought it. Even at home on my "Dub-Sofa “the great enthusiasm did not yet arise. Only "South Central Voodo" flashed me from the start. Probably because it sounds mostly like On-U.Sound and especially like African Head Charge. But now I actually like everything on the disc.

“Harmony as the goal of the world” ………………………… lemmi

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