Dubblog charts 2020

Looking back, 2020 was definitely not a good year. Luckily the last 12 months provided also some great musical relief: Here are the best Dub- and Instrumental-releases of 2020 - handpicked and carefully chosen by yours truly, the editors of dubblog.

Manasseh meets praise

No. 1 by René

More symphonic Dub. A brave experiment, innovative and perfectly implemented.

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Tumultus II

No. 1 by gtkriz

Four Swiss set out to produce the most creative, innovative and technically brilliant album of the year.

Lee "Scratch" Perry: Heavy Rain

No. 1 of Ras Vorbei

Sherwood meets Perry: genius and madness meet. Always a brilliant dream team.

Clive Hunt: Blue Lizzard

No. 2 by René

Great instrumental music from Jamaica. There are only a few producers and musicians left who can deliver this quality.

Manasseh meets praise

No. 2 by gtkriz

An Englishman and a violinist set out to record the most beautiful, but also most melancholy instrumental album of 2020.

Rezin Tooth: Rezin Tooth

No. 2 of Ras Vorbei

Funk and Afrobeat rhythms experience superb Dub-Finishing.

Zenzile Remixed

No. 3 by René

What a variety of styles! If I could only take one album with me to a lonely island, it would be this one!

C Jones meets Ale X: Kalimba is my Telephone in Dub

No. 3 by gtkriz

An Austrian sets out to create a big cross-genre Dub-Album using a small, electrified african instrument.

Dubment: Showcase & Dub Runaways

No. 3 of Ras Vorbei

Swiss Made: A sure guarantee for quality and precision.

Tubby Isiah: Rising High

No. 4 by René

So must steppers!

Dubvisionist meets Dubblestandart & firehouse crew

No. 4 by gtkriz

A German sets out to save a deadborn album and, en passant, gives it atmosphere, style and last but not least: relevance.

Nat Birchall meets Al Breadwinner: Upright Living

No. 4 of Ras Vorbei

A roots rock reggae Dub Album like from another time.

Various artists: !! Dub !! Dub !! Dub !! Vol 2

No. 5 by René

The best Dub-Compilation 2020. Curated by Elastica and Zion Train.

Paolo Baldini Dubfiles meets Dubble standard

No. 5 by gtkriz

An Italian sets out to revive certain lackluster tracks with some heavyweight dub-mixing.

Tara Putra: Obvious Dubmuch

No. 5 of Ras Vorbei

Vive la difference!

5 replies to "Dubblog Charts 2020 "

Yes, the DubBlogCharts 2020 were already in the air and were eagerly awaited by me. And now for the first time "to the power of three"! Your briefly summarized headlines in the form of, for example, “a German, an Italian, an Austrian or even four Swiss are going” are also very nice ..... are again a nice little treat.

It was actually very clear to me that “Manasseh meets Praise” would definitely be written in stone up there. Whether now, as here, in one place in first place and in the other in second place, is due to the slightly different perception of each individual in detail. Although I've only streamed this data once or twice so far,
I have fond memories of them. It's the same with "Tumultus II" Als Dub Spencer and Trance Hill Fan, I would have loved to have bought this data as a disc. Of course, I always like to listen to the data when it is in the “Deep In Dub Playlist “it's my turn again but otherwise it's a coincidence when I do this Dubs should hear again. To this day I do not understand why neither “Manasseh meets Praise” nor “Tumultus II” were published seriously by the dealer I trust.
Anyway, I have enough slices at home, both from Manasseh and from Dub Spencer and Trance Hill. I just hear them!
My very clear and unreachable number 1 would have been “Heavy Rain”. Quite simply because here genius and madness enter into a perfect symbiosis, mine
comes closest to nature felt inside, or perfectly to mine DubDock receptors and make all my synapses fluoresce while allowing the entire color spectrum of light to pass through. It feels like this or something like that for me ;-) …… .. actually even better ;-)
The disc is also available in official vinyl and therefore rotates relatively often at home. The disc is so good that it was rated twice in a row for me
DubDisc of the year goes through ;-)
The others too DubFor the most part, I can sign blogchart placements for 2020 just like that.
Whereby C Jones meets Ale X - for me - by itself Dub 1, 2 and 4 is worn. These three Dubs make up the entire disc for me, but they are so outstandingly good and almost stunning for me that they manage to catapult the disc so far upwards. The rest of "Dubs “splashes past me quite peripherally but that doesn't matter.
Ok to everyone DubI also diligently submitted my comments in the past year and so far nothing has changed in my respective opinion.

Still, a nice one to you all Dubfestival or rather a MERRY CHRISTMAS. I now go into “hibernation” and wake up in between only to eat, drink and listen to music.

"May The Bong Be With You" ……………………… lemmi

Hi Lemmi, thanks for your comments this year. What would that be dubblog without its most productive and entertaining commenter ?! Our team wishes you a good time, so that you can get through the "Splendid Isolation".


I have 8 of the 20 mentioned here as vinyl or on the computer / phone, I'm not set up that badly. This is mainly due to René and the fact that I subscribed to RIDDIM again after years of abstinence. This is how I came across this blog and ODGprod, so I always have enough food for my self-made mixtapes which I then pass on to friends. At this point I would like to thank you for all the continuous input. Everyone gets through well and then we want to hope that there is a lot to discover again in the New Year, safe and sound.

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