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It's that time again: for Christmas we'll serve you ours Dub-Top 5 of the past year. As you can see, diversity counts for us. How could it be otherwise with such a multifaceted genre? We look forward to your selection. Write them to us in the comments. Happy Holiday!

Top 5 from René

Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts

A concept album with cross-over potential. Don Letts presents Dubs of non-reggae songs. Many remixed exclusively by the greats of the genre.

Aldubb & Mr. Glue: Man

I stand experiments. Dub meets German poetry! Weird and very successful.

sumac Dub: Ex-Home Session

Magical, overwhelming, deeply sad, gloomy, heavy and powerful.

Blundetto: Good Good Dub

Sound Almagan made from exotic ingredients with an intense, dense - sometimes quite melancholy - atmosphere.

Jallanzo: Dubam 'It & Luvin' It

One of the few Dub-Albums from Jamaica. But all the better: Crisp, powerful, dynamic and full of ideas.

Top 5 of Ras Vorbei

Lee Scratch Perry meets Daniel Boyle: To drive the Dub Starship through the Horror Zone

The final chord of a musical genius. RIP Rainford Hugh Perry aka Lee Scratch Perry, we will miss you!

Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts

The "Rebel Dread" gives me a cross-section of my musical socialization in Dub.

The Mikey Dread Show: African Anthem Dubwise (rerelease)

A huge monolith; the one-of-a-kind unmatched to this day.

Kutiman: Wachaga In Dub

"The whole World is Africa," mine Dubious music album for 2021.

New Age Steppers: Avant Gardening

More original, unused, limitless Dub from the ON .U sound archive.

Top 5 from Helmut

Out on the floor Dub

A homage to vinyl, stylistically somewhere between UK steppaz and traditional JamaicanDub. Surprised with a new one Dub an old wailers riddim.

Alborosie: Back-a-yard Dub

More virtuoso, more merciless Dub-Showdown. It was not until the last meter that the Tuff Scout Gorilla was pushed into second place.

Dennis Bovell: Y in Dub

In 1979 Dennis Bovell produced the UK Pop Group's debut. 40 years later he mixes them Dub-Version. Radical! Effectively! And guaranteed reggae-free!

Roots Makers - Karigan meets DM Kahn & Organiks

Online project of an Indonesian drummer living in France and one in Vancouver Dub-Wizzards. Passionate instrumental music with Dubsee subtitle: Rubadub - One drop rockers.

Aswad - A New Chapter Of Dub

On a sad occasion: The new edition with "African Children", "Natural Progression" and the killer bassline of "Dub Fire ". Mixed with Michael "Reuben" Campbell, who passed away at the beginning of December.

Top 5 from gtk

Mungo's Hi Fi - Antidote

Pure joy: Catchy, suspect vocal sprinkles meet ingenious basslines that boom from the speakers like a sound system.

The Dub Chronicles - Simba (Return to the Throne)

The album that deserves the award for the most differentiated and dynamic sound. Chapeau, sound engineer Casey Burnett! 

Papa Dee: Sir Pinkerton Investigates Another Murder in Red Hut Studio

Sneaky Dubs, roaring loudly mixed with a bit of dirt. Embedded in a murderous concept, this results in a… well, a killer album!

Zilla Dan Meets Riwan Pruvot: Starlight Dub

Fresh from France and already in the top 5: A wonderfully relaxed, charmingly awkward journey through the solar system - or: the rehabilitation of the saxophone.

BuffBaff meets Aldubb: Dubs from the BuffBaffTV Sessions

That could have been a lush album, but it comes as a single broadside: rock solid roots tracks in Aldubb accustomed-reliable-conservative Dub-Quality. 

27 replies to "Dubblog Charts 2021 "

Okay, yes yes, the usual expected albums are included ... only Helmut's (lemmi?) Choice "Roots Makers - Karigan meets DM Kahn & Organiks" is unknown to me and so far I have not been able to find it ... but only tried it for a short time ...
For me it's still the top ten ... it was difficult and is probably a snapshot at the moment ... too many good ones DubThe year 2021 had to offer albums. Brizion with its large output should actually have been represented, but then it wasn't quite enough ...

- Tsadqan - Dub Meditation
- Manjul meets FX & Xvo - Sound Therapy
- Tropical DUB Connection - Outtanational Steppas Mixtape, Vol. 1
- The Disciples - A Vault Full Of Roots
- Emanuel & The Bionites - Maranatha
- Dub Shepherds feat. Jolly Joseph - Nah Jester
- Eter Dub - Eternally Wise
- Marcus I meets West Finga - 2000 Years Showcase
- Zentons - Chapter 2 (Tone Mix)
- Roberto Sánchez & Chalart58 - Audio Merge In Dub

I'm already looking forward to everything that the future will bring ...

It's the same constellation, but as you can see on the cover, a different LP. There were only 100 copies on vinyl. Digital link is available from Kahn.

Understand. The track titles are just the same as from the two album streams and DM Kahn himself says in the Facebook video it would be the vinyl version of the streamed tracks. Add to that the almost identical cover ... oh well.

Mes cinq meilleurs albums de 2021 sans order:

Errol Brown: Culture Dub & Medley Dub
Nachur: Cicada Sessions
Lee Scratch Perry meets Daniel Boyle: To drive the Dub Starship through the Horror Zone
Mantra Move: Raven Dub
Keith Hudson: Flesh Of My Skin Blood Of My Blood

Thank you Dubblog for your bon travail! Je vous souhaite une bonne année 2022.

Because the good man at Dubblog is generally neglected, here are my favoriteDubdisk 2021 - and yes, it just doesn't come from reggae:
Jah Wobble: «Metal Box - Rebuilt In Dub»
Otherwise: A big compliment for your super nose and competent classifications / reviews in matters Dub. I read you regularly and with great pleasure.

Hello Everyone!

A Happy New Year…. for now !

So nothing new will come from me. Everything that is in your top 5 also appears in my top 5 from 2021. In addition, a large part of my highlights were also mentioned in the comments. Especially Bastian's list could also result in one of my top 5 lists. These “Cicada Sessions” run for me (always / very rarely) as very special candy. I also have very good memories of Mantra Love and at Irie Records I was able to fill my blatant gaps "in the matter of" Errol Brown very well with very solid material. Whereby I refer to the “Culture Dub & Medley Dub“I've felt a few years longer. For me, however, it was the initial spark to buy everything else from Errol Brown that I can get. The Keith Hudson record was released last year and is also a very special snack for me, but I've known the record for about 30 years and so I didn't feel like it was new. Many people like it that way Dub and reggae freaks probably also go with the "new releases" by Errol Brown, but I haven't had that much from him so far. Anyway, I wasn't aware of it.
Well, and as Phillipp wrote so beautifully, “the digital memory is fleeting” and that's why there are a lot of good ones with me DubData in a data cloud dripping with mp3 data in readiness, unless they were even (unreasonably) deliberately deleted from “memory”. Unfortunately, this includes such beautiful albums and eps such as the beautiful “Cicada Sessions”, the “Raven Dubs "and, unfortunately, albums and eps like" Wachaga In Dub“By Kutiman. Or that too Dub Machinist with Gary Clunk! They got my heart beating right at the beginning of the year and they still do. Not with everyone Dub but there are three to four of my favorite onesDubs from this year.
In this respect I am more than happy that in the end I have so many discs in person at home that are in the top 5 charts of our “World Wide Dub Scouts ”are listed. If I judge it by the number of rotations alone, Don Letts with his “WorldDubAlbum "are at number 1. The disc ran and runs for me on every occasion and also in the very special moments. She would be my very clear number 1 if, yes if not "that Dub Starship, once again - to check - through the HorrorZone. To this day I can hardly believe that I almost left the disc in the store, because I generally have a hard time with remakes and because in this case I superficially ticked it, because I thought they were here Dubs just "smuggled" from CD to vinyl and tripled in price.
And so I would like to say a very special thank you again Ras Vorbei judge, because without his review here, I would probably not be on this special one again DubBecame aware of the album. So again thank you very much Ras Vorbei !!! The disc also has that certain SOMETHING that it is unchallenged about mine and - as you can see - also about it Ras VorbeiMade number 1. The basis is REGGAE! And what a !!! I think all riddims are excellent, magical and mystical at the same time. In addition, they pressed a bass volume into the groove, which I would no longer have thought possible even for vinyl. Not only do the pants flutter, the whole brain vibrates and the scrotum tingles. Daniel Boyle is an excellent one for me anyway DubWizzard and Lee Perry together could only come up with something brilliant. Then there is that
Lee Perry and Max Romeo provide the right flair and push the whole thing again extremely through their presence. For me it was the most expensive vinyl record I have ever bought and I don't regret a cent. Especially since the vinyl made of “crystal clear rock crystal” gives me great pleasure every time I pull it out of the galactic cover. For me it's an all-round perfect one DubAlbum !!!
Oh dear, that’s going to be a long text today …… ..
In third place, however, “Avant Gardening” has to come straight away, because On .U Sound still hits a very special nerve with me. There are "tunes" or "Dubs "on it, which I would have put in a drawer with noises that would have been suitable for therapy for" artistically disturbed "or" forever seekers ". And yet it is the case that these tunes have something that only happens with On .U Sound. They always arouse my curiosity and also my own penchant for madness, so that it only took two to three rounds for me to also do this "DubTunes “is at least very amusing and in a certain way also feels mystical again. And otherwise the whole disc is simply “AN AGGRO DUB VERSION". Since life is by no means a bed of roses without thorns for everyone, I need aggro Dub Versions as well as nice and lovely DubDo it. I am also very happy about the “Out On The Floor Dub“, Which at least made it to first place with Helmut. It definitely has to be in my top 1 in 5!
And what I'm particularly happy about is that it is the DubDisc "by Sir Pinkerton" made it into the top 5 of gtkriz. And I'll give you a handful of extra asterisks here
for the short comment from gtkriz:
"Sneaky ones Dubs, roaring loudly mixed with a bit of dirt. Embedded in a murderous concept it results in a… well, a killer album ”.
I feel exactly the same way!
Also in my top 5 “parallel list” I would put the fat album from Mungo's HiFi “Antidote”. Unfortunately for me the disc has meanwhile also become a victim of the lack of data and is unfortunately now bobbing around in a playlist. I didn’t have the heart to buy the vinyl record from it, because the price was a little too “nice” for that….
I can find a couple of mine in Philipp's list DubHighlights from 2021 again. Especially the "Tsadqan - Dub Meditation ”(was a very good tip Philipp!) Made it to my home. I don't know if I have to mention that I've only heard half of the disc over and over again so far ... ;-)

Yes sorry ! Of course, I would have preferred a short digital list with places 1 to 5 in the “digital steppers-style” but then I - unconsciously - went for the “analog DubVersion "decided.

Like them Dubs be with you ………………………………… .. lemmi

In any case, Lemmi's post led me to order two of the mentioned records yesterday (thank you!).

Too bad the Dub Chronicals have no one to take care of them and release their two great records on vinyl.

Heyii Dub-heads,
I would like to add that in a top 5 or whatever of the year 2021, in my opinion, there should only be albums or releases that actually saw the light of day in 2021 ...
Everything else - discoveries that I (unfortunately) made later (e.g. Nachur) and re-releases in whatever form - I don't count among them for myself ... otherwise it will actually be endless ... it's difficult enough to make a choice as to what Yes, it always depends on the mood ... Couldn't we all update and change our top 5 practically every day? So finally chisel in stone, wow, that would be a challenge and therefore doesn't have to be

I actually see it the same way Philipp!

I have to admit, however, that at the end of a year I don't know what I got to know in this (oh dear) new year, let alone whether it was really published last year. For me, time is blurred and if others didn't always remind me, I would forget my birthday too.
With the re-releases, I see it a little differently, because if the re-release only has one more tune or there were a few more DubVersions dug up for it, it is already something new for me. And to put it very meticulously, I would even say that an album is “new” even if it has only been remastered. In doing so, the date of the new or Republication. This is no longer a question of taste, but purely a matter of definition. (meaningless subordinate clause)
But you also wrote that you don't count it for yourself and therefore everything is and will remain in the best order ;-)

But then I would really like to chisel "my" number one in stone and put it in the museum forever next to the 10 commandments carved in stone ;-)

Where is this board with the 10 commandments actually? It cannot be that one has not kept the tablet with the 10 commandments of God. Or was it made of sandstone?

So long ……………… .. lemmi

The tablets (there are 2) are in the ark, lemmi. And that is supposed to be hidden in Ethiopia. You don't know more details - or probably only when the Messiah has appeared.

That's a thing too. He (allegedly) said yes or even promised (?) that he would come back 2000 years later. Haile Selassie was actually a little early. So I keep waiting.
I am firmly convinced that he should come here again urgently. If only to refresh our faith or even to transform it into knowledge. Belief in money only brings us closer to our doom.

(May JAH forgive me my irony) ………………… lemmi

In my personal top ten of the year, I have now introduced the rereleases section in addition to LPs and singles. So I can separate them a little. Some old new releases are still "new" to me because they have never been heard of or dealt with before.

By the way ... it would be time for a Junior Kelly in Dub Rerelease on vinyl

Nuja, it depends on the point of view. For the chosen people, the Moshiach only comes at the end of the day, i.e. when the temple has been rebuilt - and that may not be so soon, considering the local situation. For others it was already there, around 2000 years ago. In the case of Haile Selassie, one could say that he actually brought nothing - no redemption, no repatriation ... nix, nada, nothing, rien.

A complex topic that can only be scratched superficially. I suspect that everyone sees a nuance or a whole world differently.

Yes, the thing with faith is really a bit too complex for me.

"Lets talk about sex" ....... uh no, Dub I wanted to write

Let's talk about Dub …………………. lemmi

"King Jammy Destroys the Virus with Dub"

…… and I idiot get double and triple vaccinations. I always suspected that I was immune to this stuff from the "twelve monkeys".

Ok, I'm gone again …………………… lemmi

Oh yes, kill the virus ... fortunately we have a certificate and vaccination pass-free in Switzerland Dubscene that regularly holds small illegal sound system dances ... otherwise I would definitely be "dried out" because I have resisted the vaccination madness so far ... and the money that I don't spend on concerts is now increasingly flowing directly to the artists via bandcamp ... but I'm slowly missing the live events ...

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