Dubblog annual charts 2022

It's that time again: We serve you ours Dub-Top 5 of the year ending. As you can see, diversity counts for us. How could it be otherwise with such a diverse genre? We look forward to your comments.

Top 5 from René

Horace Andy: Midnight Scorchers

The Dub-Treatment by Adrian Sherwood that goes well beyond the borders of Dub goes out.

Mysticwood: The Mystic Way of Dub

Full arrangements, nice bass lines, classic ones Dub-Techniques and analogue equipment - a Swiss quality production.

Death by Dub: Abundance

An album with beautiful brass melodies, composed with inspiration and produced to perfection. Everything is right here.

JonQuan & Associates

Double pack consisting of vocal versions and Dubs. Produced and mixed by Victor Rice. The authentic sound of real instruments is refreshing and the musicianship is impressive.

Errol Brown & The Revolutionaries: Conference Dub

Here is one of the great old masters of Dub on the controls, who was always overshadowed by Tubby & Co. But it's not just the mixes that are great, the productions are too.

Top 5 of Ras Vorbei

Ambient Warrior: Dub Journey's

It's nice that there are still labels that make it their business to make such extremely rare, unique ones Dub-To save sounds from oblivion.

Sabab presents: Dubplate Pirate

Riddims for Eternity! Classics congenially reworked by Sabab.

Horace Andy: Midnight Scorchers

Over 40 years of legendary and unique On .U sound. This is how the slightly different one works Dub.

Eeyun & The Co-Operators - Vibrations from the Bionic Tabernacle

Then it was about time. Finally some fantastic ones Dubs on the wonderful vocal templates from Bristol.

Black Uhuru: Taxi Trax

Ultra rare A-Sides, Dubs and Dubplates from the strongest phase of the best Black Uhuru ever.

Top 5 from Helmut

The Soul Revivers: Grove Dub

Shaped by London's nu-jazz and the golden years of the roots era, Nick Manasseh has delivered the most beautiful reggae album of the year with "On The Grove". "Grove Dub' is the equivalent counterpart.

Boris Gardiner Happening: Super Ultra Dub Flight. 1

Two untraceable, enigmatic and priceless LPs come to light. Nobody knows who mixed them where. Most of the vocal tunes can't be figured out either.

Boris Gardiner Happening: Ultra Roots Dub Flight. 2

Both ultra LPs are from the mid seventies. The enigmatic and the unsolved questions ensure fascination. The restored sound is fantastic. The mysteries remain.

Rockers All Stars: Chanting Dub With The Help Of The Father

A 1978 reissue. Not the best pressing, but it was in the full broadside mixes by Prince Jammy at King Tubby Dubs goes down.

Paul Baldini Dubfiles: LAB in DUB

Paolo Baldini currently masters the keyboard of effects and on & offs like no other. The artwork, reminiscent of Linton Kwesi Johnson's "LKJ in DUB“ from 1980 ensures the place in the top 5.

Top 5 from gtk

Dub Vallila: Catakom Beat

The ultimate surprise in 2022: The Finns can also do reggae! In this case it's instrumentals, by an excellent horn section, but also wonderful ones Dub- Effects, brand King Tubby, benefit.

Joe Yorke: Noise and Emptiness

A surprising debut album that relies on catchy riddims, Yorke's sure-toned falsetto and fine brass sections. The whole thing is reservedly distinguished in the best sense of the word – as the supposed reputation of the British demands.

Gaudi + Savona: Havana Meets Kingston in Dub

Gaudi defoliates tracks from the overly lush "Havana Meets Kingston" albums. What remains are wonderfully slimmed down Dubs that focus on drums, bass and successful hooks.

Horace Andy: Midnight Scorchers

Adrian Sherwood, after a few excursions into genre-unrelated realms, is finally turning back to it Dub re: Brilliantly polished remixes characterize this companion album to the vocal release "Midnight Rocker".

LAAm Dub

An album that stands out solely and only because of the fine Dubmixes by Paolo Baldini crept into the top 5. This is all the more remarkable as the originals deserve the title of slick pop-reggae.

12 replies to "Dubblog annual charts 2022"

As always very interesting to see what the subjective favorites are at the end of the year. And it's nice that personal favorites are so diverse.
I, too, have had my thoughts (this is just a snapshot that could definitely change again):

– Joe Yorke – Noise and Emptiness
- Don Peyote - Reggae Style - Anthology 2004/2022
- Tropical DUB Connection—Irie Selection Vol. 1
– Horace Andy – Midnight Scorchers
-Mad Professor-Covidub illusion – Dub You Crazy 20-22

And I really want to mention “my” riddim of the year:
Lion's Den - Blaxploitation Riddim, the song "Dem A Kill We" by Micah Shemaiah is my absolute favorite song of the year, of course always in combination with the Dubversion (I've certainly heard both of them a hundred times and it just never gets boring!)... Unfortunately it's not a classic album release, but it's really great and highly recommended!

Hey Philip!

I need help again!

“Don Peyote – Reggae Style …………….” said nothing to me. If I “copypaste” it like this, I end up on youtube, for example, at a concert by Horace Andy with the Dub Asante band. It's not bad, but I think I have one more reason to get excited about the i-net. Why am I even less clear in 2023 than in all the years before. Otherwise, “copy – paste” ALWAYS (!) got me there. Or have I caught a happy New Year virus?
If you have any empathy for me, send me a specific one
Link to the disc (or whatever).

Thanks in advance ………………. lemmi

Yo! Thanks Philip!
It's definitely good too Dub for me. Beautifully psychedelic and rhythmically quite experimental.
But I would only buy vinyl at the correct nice price or a CD.
My mills grind very slowly (soon come is my motto) and maybe this year I'll manage to get an external hard drive or even better a laptop just for music.
But I shudder at the thought of how much time I'll waste again to get everything up and running easily.
I can actually only do CDs or vinyl for the other medium I'm much too lazy or - which I also fear - just too stupid.

I have certain limitations in mind. And barriers are not always open. But I can even still tape ;-)
I'll have to imitate that as a computer freak first ;-)

Definitely thanks Philip! horny Dubs…………………. lemmi

Super good selection from you, also because I see myself in it with my tops this year. I really celebrate the two Boris Gardiner and at the end of the year the Black Uhuru Taxi Trax... The year 2022 was in things DUB good to me/us That everyone can still agree on Adrian Sherwood releases fills me with warmth. Impressive at what high level the releases are. We could still talk about the record prices... 40 euros for a vinyl disc... phew...
Analogous to Philipp, I would also like to mention two albums that I will release in 2022 outside of the Dub Kosmos liked it a lot, like there's the new Holly Cook album and KOFFEE's. I've heard both a lot and with pleasure.

Also the book Dub Conference filled my heart with joy and a lot of basic knowledge. Thanks for that!

I would like to close with a question/request: If anyone knows where I can still get the Joe Yorke Noise And Emptiness for a reasonable price? That was even too fast for me, the vinyl was sold out so fast. It's already exploded at Discogs (over 100 euros are being called for...). In the best case, it will be re-pressed in the new year (information on this is also welcome).

Then I wish everyone here and especially the whole Dubblog crew a jute slide...

If Andi hadn't done it, it would have come from me, but I would like to underline and explain it again. Helmut's "Dub Conference” is one of those Dub-Highlights of the year!
The author manages to do something here that I miss in many books on music history: actually telling a story.
I was expecting to get a collection of interviews (also cool with interlocutors like that), but these are so beautifully and meaningfully woven into the narrative that the work is a joy.
Helmut has an – his – attitude towards this Dub, which is characterized by his audio engineering experience, which gives the book a very independent character.

Thank you very much!

And one more thing, Andi: I found Joe Yorke at a French mail order company. You have to create an account there, otherwise ordering to Germany will not work. It's a bit fiddly in French, but it works. Then it costs 35 euros including shipping, and supposedly they still have four. I just ordered them.

"We could still talk about the record prices... 40 euros for a vinyl disc... phew..."

I would say "BUH"! Babylon bullshit!

“It was even too fast for me, the vinyl was sold out so quickly. It's already exploded at Discogs (over 100 euros are being called for...). In the best case, it will be pressed again in the new year..."

100 euros goes in the direction of financial fascism. Something in the reggae scene I just find hypocritical. I certainly cannot (may not) write down the other terms that come to mind here.
It's all at the expense of art and in our case at the expense of good music. I really feel sorry for the producers. In any case, I ban it very “easy”. If the prices are "too colorful" for me, I say very coolly, "then just listen to the music on your own.
Apparently the whole business fell into the wrong hands again. It is not undertaken by music freaks, but by a-holes who have nothing to do with music and who prefer to listen to the noise when the hundreds rub against each other ( rub against one another or ..... ? German nothing good ).

Just wanted to express my displeasure with the "development of mankind"
(They should get the plastic out of the sea and then refine it with cannabis, so that you can then get really nice, colorful reggae and Dub plates in a kaleidoscope of colors. And if at some point you don't like the disc anymore - what I mean by reggae and Dubexclude fans - you can even smoke them up. But I don't yet know exactly how my lungs cope with plastic ...... )

As long as ……………. lemmi

Yes, a happy new year and a happy new year first of all!

I am also delighted that I can also find myself in your Top 5 2022. Mmmmh, that sounds like I'm in your top 5 now. No, I mean, of course, that I mostly agree with your Top 5, as the saying goes.
Of course, I'm particularly happy with René's first place. Well, you know, I mean DIE SCHEIBE, which is also number 1 for René, or is "manifested". For me it is very clear DubEvent 2022. Both the vocal disc (!) and the vocalDub-Toast disc ( hehe toast disc ) by Horace Andy with an exquisite On .U Sound Kru ( Crew ), was my music - HighLight 2022! And I am very pleased that this work also appears in your top 5. With Helmut she probably only comes in 6th place ;-). That doesn't matter either, especially since I'm just as extremely pleased that Helmut's "Grove Dub' was listed by the Soul Revivers at number 1 (or first on the far left). I didn't expect that since it's here in the DubBlog did not have a review or any other mention of this High Grade Album. Well, at least she's not completely under that Dub-Radar flew through, so I at least got my excitement about these fantastic Dubs, or was able to get some air for this sovereign high-grade music. “Havana meets Kingston In Dub“ only appears in the top 5 of gtk. Well, at least for me too! Also not just no DubDisc, but a real "work with an author", or a whole range of first-class experts, both on the instruments and on the mixer. At RasVorbei I also find an intersection
with my musical preferences and especially the “DubPlate Pirate” by Sabab simply has to go in a very special top 5 box as well. And unfortunately my crux becomes a little clearer again. Because I can do these fantastic ones Dubs and especially riddims in one box. It's just about data.
So I have two top 5 Dub-Lists for 2022. A serious one that gives the computer a break and one for computer nerds, where the thing just runs day and night.
Even if nobody is interested, I feel the need to tell you :

1.) "Midnight Scorcher" Horace Andy meets On .U Sound //// Sabab "DubPlate Pirates Files
2.) "Grove Dub"The Soul Revivers" //// "Havana meets Kingston" Files
3.) "Coviddub Illusion" Mad Professor //// Arky Starch "Bass It Up" Files
4.) "Imago Cells" DSTH //// Jon Quan meets Victor Rice "Easy Star Meets Jonquan and Associates" Files
5.) "Dub Showcase” Jah Schulz //// “The Roots Explorers” Youthie Files

And as always, I'm sorry that I couldn't mention all the files and discs again that musically helped me to get through the year 2022 well - yes, in retrospect, even very well again. There were plenty more very good ones Dub-Discs (all of which I didn't get, such as the Taxi Tracks by Black Uhuru or those by Vibronics with Mafia and Fluxy- which, however, should be out now). However, my disappointment is not limited when it comes to the Taxi Tracks, as I'm really well positioned when it comes to Black Uhuru. With the double album I would have easily shelled out 40 "eurazien" and might have only had about 15 minutes of really "new" or even more extensive music material.
I don't watch TV commercials and I always have my finger on the trigger to immediately shoot commercials out into the open, and my curiosity for new information is otherwise very limited. Therefore, it must have escaped my notice that there is a new book about DUB gives.
Well, as is almost always the case, JAH probably wanted me to know something about this book, because now I know ;-)

"JAH is my driver" and DubBlog is my long vehicle …………………. lemmi

In addition to those mentioned (especially Hanava meets Kingston), home run #5 was a highlight of the last year for me. Can also be loaded in flac quality for free. Tip!

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