Dubby Stardust: Spaced Oddity

That could easily have caught the eye: Icon David Bowie "in Dub“. Also because the previous Dub-Tributes of the Echo Beach label most extreme between hit (Police in Dub) and Miss (Palmer in Dub) swayed. So here it is, something pseudo-witty named "Dubby Stardust: Spaced Oddity". You could have just called it "David Bowie: Spaced Oddity" or if that's not possible for copyright reasons, then for my sake "The Thin White Duke: Spaced Oddity". But the reviewer gets lost in the details again...

However, it is the album that should be discussed and not its name. Producer Lee Groves grabbed a few gems from Bowie's catalogue, re-recorded and that Dub-Subject to treatment. He also found some vocally fitting singers - with the emphasis on singers, because one track (and "Heroes" at that!!!) massacres an inconsequential-sounding female singer whose name I have wisely forgotten. But the rest of the tracks… yes, it's worth seeing (read: hearing).

As mentioned at the beginning, this could have been a musical suicide mission, but it actually works: the sounds and arrangements are melancholy, bass-heavy and provided with hypnotically slow one drops (only “Let's Dance” could have used a little more oomph); the Dub Mix successful and very close to the pulse of time. You can do that from the current competitor product, Easy Star All-Stars' "Ziggy stardub“ Don't claim, it comes across as quite conservative (if not to say: old-fashioned). Lee Groves, on the other hand, has managed the balancing act, much of the spirit of the originals in the new Dub-Transfer versions (particularly successful: "Black Star", "Space Oddity" or "Ashes to Ashes"); Bowie enthusiasts may see things differently.

All in all - despite a few points of criticism - a thoroughly successful album that the reviewer streams up and down on repeat. And frankly: A volume 2 is needed; Bowie has plenty of other masterpieces to offer and Lee Groves is obviously the man to a) do the tracks as Dubs and b) to interpret them in a contemporary way by means of sound and mix. Staging and zeitgeist... ultimately two qualities that David Bowie made good use of.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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It is important to always remain tolerant. But I have great difficulty accepting with tolerance what Echo Beach is presenting here. I consider this work to be uncreative and uninspired. One could easily assume that David Bowie only made music in the style of "Low" or "Blackstar". The Thin White Duke turns in disgust in his grave. This release is sad and pointless. The Trax were mistreated and destroyed beyond recognition. That's very sad.

Uwe, I share your opinion. It's more of a disservice than a tribute to David Bowie's musical achievements. There are actually four and a half stars for something like that, why only?

woah Uwe... I urge you not to assume or even suggest that I accept any money or services from a label or anyone else in the artistic field, either directly or indirectly. I regard such untenable claims or insinuations as damaging to my reputation.

In addition, I would like to point out that I am an extremely critical reviewer and sometimes only give a single star; 5* reviews, on the other hand, are a rarity for me. A reading of my previous reviews will enlighten you.

Regardless, I hope everyone makes up their own mind about a release; Even more: If as many readers as possible deal with the respective release *because* they are interested/pleased/outraged by the review, then the text has fulfilled its purpose. I like the BowieDubs very good - reason see review. The recently reviewed "Acres of Space" is my favoriteDubalbum, there is no way around 5* for me. And yes, both came out one after the other on the same label... that's the way it is.



woah gtk... you must have a pretty short fuse. Sorry, that was poorly worded.
You are welcome to delete my thoughtless comment.

Now I'll search for my damaged reputation: what was that again? The call of the wild, the call of the mountains or maybe the call of the deep sea or the call of the Dub? Who knows? Anyway, my old Wurlitzer Payola will fix it. Relax gtk and have some fun! You don't have to read my reviews here anymore.

It's really great that Echo Beach is treated so kindly by you. That is my perception and opinion, but everyone has a different one and they should have it too.

No, Uwe... of course I will not delete any of your comments and I will of course continue to read them - freedom of opinion and exchange are important for the discourse! What kind of review would that be if everyone agreed with it... boring as hell.

On the other hand: For I'll do it for free, everything else is a day job and no serious writer can afford even the slightest suspicion of accepting a gift. To cut a long story short: Nobody pisses on my leg out of the blue without justification... not even indirectly or with a wink. That may be worded drastically, but it's also about a lot.

Imagine if I found Echo Beach's new one now Dubxanne album good. Could I still formulate a positive review for this and would I then have to reckon with further Payola allusions?

However – the discourse must live on, otherwise we will not move. In this respect: Please continue to comment, Uwe. Maybe just with a little more care.

Well I think David Bowie fans will smack me if I put it on for them. Even if I meant well.
I just can't completely deny myself to this music. Maybe it's enough for me if I hear reverberation and echo, it's as Dubto feel music.
All my buddies and girlfriends loved David Bowie while I always wondered what was so good about it. I thought "Let's Dance" was super awesome and I'm still hotting it to this day. But the tune "Underground" ( how could it be otherwise ) is my top favorite from him. Not because of the limp rumgesülze, which extends over long stretches of the tune, but because of the extremely great kick, which starts at minute 1:35 and then returns again later, especially instrumentally.
( ) I think there's real music in there. I also sing Major Tom to myself every now and then, but it's actually a limp tune for me. Well, and now if I'm in this Dubversion here to "Lets Dance", I feel like a Yorkshire terrier who should be happy about a vegetarian Möre. Then it stalls a lot.
Such DubAlbums always raise the question for me, whether one doesn't digress too far and perhaps prefer to open oneself up Dub with reggae foundation should limit. Did I write “limit”?!? Well, therein lies the problem! Dub should not be subject to any restrictions. But well, one Dub I really don’t need more of “Chery Chery Lady” ………..
Like “Palmer In Dub“ but I still found a real highlight for myself here.
FAME!!! ….. is really cool for me! The only bass line that really grooves for me here and doesn't make me think of melodies from silbermond. And the way they say or sing "Fame" here, I can only be amazed. It sounds really mentally insane. Why do I like this so much? Well, the everyday I have everyday. A bit of a psychic Twilight Zone is just right for me. An advantage for me may also be that I didn't remember the original by Bowie or maybe I've never heard it.
No offense. I come from the "Marley, Wailers and Spear corner" and say here again completely arrogant and haughty but also from the deepest inner conviction, what else should I do with David Bowie?! That would be almost like "I can never get enough".

No, I'm not intolerant! I'm just infected with the best music that ever was and ever will be! And that is very good …………………. lemmi

Well I think let David Bowie be David Bowie but his music does NOT lend itself to reggae or Dub-Edits… find both this album and the Easy Star Records re-release “Ziggy Stardub“ Completely irrelevant and not audible for me… what with Dub Side of the Moon, Radiodread and Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band still worked reasonably well, doesn't fit here at all!

Maybe it's better not to talk about a more or less original transformation of Bowie plays into Dub-Gefielde to speak. There are Dubs based on a selection of Bowie plays... if you put it that way, could you avoid the temptation to make a direct comparison...?


Am I only reading negative things? I'm not a big Bowie fan, nor was it my time. But I think fashion and heroes are very well done. This is how modern spaceDub. And I don't think this "leave Bowie alone" attitude is okay. Because you don't have to understand the pieces as an ode to Bowie, that's what cover bands are for. The pieces themselves sound good and would certainly work well with non-Bowie lyrics - I see melodic borrowings more in the background here. In other words – if you are not a 100&#XNUMX; Bowie fan, but here you go Dubwork stands, which does not compulsively try the bad recording quality and the classic Dubarrangements of the beginning of the Dubs, then you can certainly enjoy one or the other piece here. Not all tracks, but that was already with “Police In Dublike that. And that is also a matter of taste. And that's a good thing, you can't like everything. But please don't ask for restrictions. That quickly sounds like "I love wind energy - but please not in my district!".

Now that I've been able to read the different opinions here, an idea has come to my mind that the heroes at Echo Beach could certainly disagree with. First of all, I have to write that I am always very happy to read other comments and opinions than just my opinion. There's real joy there!
The "boys" at Echo Beach have consistently entertained me with finest DubMusic supplies and that makes them heroes to me. Now the boys are probably no longer boys and want or have to earn a little money. The title of an album sounds like "Dub Side Of The Moon” already very promising, both for Dubfans as well as Pink Floyd fans and thus also for the sellers of the album. Only Echo Beach knows whether it was really worth it financially. You also have “Police In Dub', 'Radiodread' and even 'Beatle's Lonely Heart Club' into one dubbig garment sewn. "Police In DubI thought it was ok and most of all "Dub Side Of The Moon” (the version with Adrian Sherwood and others is important Dubspecialists ! In my opinion, you can bend the first attempt) is fully to my liking. "Radiodread" and "Lonely Heart DubClub" I don't have to turn it off either, but I left these discs where they were. It must be very conspicuous, otherwise I would not have noticed that these are world-famous role models and there Dub Well, reggae is first and foremost (the rest is Dubmusic or even just dubbig music ), but because it hardly attracts any attention, this suggests to me that these projects were hoping for more attention than, for example, “King Size Dub" has reached. Well, and more attention might mean more money the quickest. But I don't want to judge that at all. I also don't do anything for free or for money (except for my comments, they're free). But it's an attempt to explain why this is my third choice, pre-cooked from the jar. Pink Floyd was the "first," so to speak DubBand" that ever existed ;-) and that's why it has - at least for me - when the right ones DubWizards put their hands on it worked very well. radiodread; The Beatles and now David Bowie are - at least for my feeling - maybe too far away from reggae, so that I can relate to their music and also the attempt dub
just can't celebrate like that. I also like "love Dubmusic" but I've always loved them best Dubs where it was absolutely clear that this was definitely not going to be a hit.
This is music lovers for DubConnoisseurs and nobody else has to form an opinion about it. Free opinion, tssssssssss where is something like that?

In any case, I think it's very good if the opinions are a little more differentiated than if everyone just wrote "I like".

In fact, I could do that with anyone DubWrite a (music) album, because DubI like music a lot. Even though the BassLines, like most "Dubs”, which have no reggae foundation and are therefore emotionally cold. I reject music that doesn't groove for me. And that's unfortunately also due to ethnic factors (at least for me). Exceptions confirm the rule as always. For example, the Red Eyes managed to give me fantastic reggae and Dubto convey feelings. How now? Is that ultimately a matter of taste? Now comes schoooon.....

So long ……………………… lemmi

lemmi, you're confusing Echo Beach releases with those of the Easy Star Allstars... are two pairs of shoes & imo worlds in between.


But gtk ... of course I will not write any more comments.
To cut a long story short: I won't and don't want to piss you off out of the blue or justifiably ... not even indirectly and with a wink. I don't feel like dealing with fun brakes who take themselves far too seriously and interpret a wink as an attack. Such clowns can easily remain stolen from me.
Any sane person knows that a midget label like Echo Beach definitely won't bribe writers like you. At best, you'll get a dingy download a few days before the release, so that you can then politely finish a benevolent review. Therefore my request to you, do not open such a barrel and rather listen to the call of the Dub. Your dubIn the future, will no longer affect me even on the periphery.
That may be worded drastically, but my point here is absolutely nothing, except to clarify something.
I'm done and bye!

Seems to me that treating Bowie's songs as immutable, sacrosanct text is in total contradiction with the attitude of the master himself, who never tired of reinventing his sound and approach to music. This pressure from the conservative fans is clearly felt in the Easy Star effort, and it's a glad relief that Lee Groves took the opposite path in "Spaced Oddity", opting for a progressive dub reimagining of the songs. Like gtk, I'm in the camp of those who loved the album, and just wished for more creative, reggaefied remakes of Bowie's originals. What if Lee tackles material from "Station to Station" or "Low"? Can't expect anything other than awesome!

As usual, thanks dubblog reviewers, for your priceless guidance!

"This pressure from the conservative fans is clearly felt in the Easy Star effort, and it's a glad relief that Lee Groves took the opposite path in "Spaced Oddity", opting for a progressive dub reimagining of the songs.”

Hey, I'm sorry! I don't want to make pipi on your legs ;-) My english is so bad that there is a great danger, that I totally missunderstand ( I don't know the right form of the past ) your sentence about the one and only, always faithful DUBFANS ( !!! ) around the world, especially the fan who is sitting here in my office, writing these words to get happy again. What is so bad to be a DubFan, that a DubProducer wants' to take the "opposite path" of me ( of us ) ?
And sorry that I disagree but for me it doesn't sound so progressive. not bad !!! But its not a new HighLight ( for me and some other faithful Reggae and Dub fans )
And another aspect in my brain is that it is impossible to be a conservative DubFan, because DubFans are always progressive ;-)

ok man!!! I hope you have enough fun in your feelings, so that I didn't make you angry. This is just a try from me to make some nonsense, early in the morning, in english language, to have some fun in this and some other places. Sometimes i jump into the water, not sure that i can swim. But the ReggaeRiddim will never let me down ;-)

Cheers ……………………. lemmi

This is never a progressive dub reimagining of Bowie songs. In my ears it is a bad massacre. Not even the basic ideas of David Bowie's songs have been preserved. Just listen to what he made out of “Heroes”. With the best will, I can't hear anything awesome. For me this is a tasteless corpse-scavenging. Not only conservative Bowie fans will find this album just disgusting. A disservice, only Bowie haters can find this junk great. Sorry, that's my opinion.

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