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Dubmatrix: King Size Dub Special


There are moments when I'm sick of it Dub. The last time it was after visiting the three-day International Dub Gatherings in Alicante like that. Absolutely intoxicating - but a bass overkill. I was sure that I would only listen to jazz and Bach. Just nothing with heavy beats and deep bass. But then comes an album like Dubmatix '"King Size Dub Special“(Echo Beach) therefore - and I am reconciled again. Jesse King is just the King. I am a slave to his music. She simply embodies my ideal modern image Dubs. But okay, everyone can have their personal favorites - but only if Dubmatix is ​​in first place ;-). Seriously and back to absolute objectivity: “King size Dub Special “is really cool. The 20 tracks give a nice overview of Dubmatix 'work over the past ten years. More than half of the tracks are previously unreleased remixes - or completely new material. In a sense, a “best of Dubmatix “in Dub, Remix and mashup. Every single track bursts with energy and dynamism. Dubmatix is ​​a perfectionist, but not an introvert Dub-Frickler nerd. It's always about dance, movement and upliftment. The “King Size Dub Special “could simply be run through on a Sound System Dance. Those who do not feel the urge to move must be deaf. Oops, now I've run away again. By the way, from track 15 on there is nothing new Dub-Material and that is - if you are really honest - absolutely GREAT!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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I like Dubmatix 'King Size Dub Album not at all ... imo the tracks are designed for a younger crossover audience, everything is so pounding and beat-heavy that the vibe is fluttering. Echo Beach-choice stop. This is even more noticeable when you compare this album with the "Versions, Vol. 1" album that was released at the same time. A difference like day and night. And I'm really thrilled that almost all the tunes from the version album sound like they were recorded live, even though they consist entirely of samples. Then suddenly the vibe is there with the Lord Dubmatrix.

Yes …. and here my comment will probably be a little longer again.
First of all, I have to say that I really like the record. At the moment I can only think of track 3, which - for my taste - drops significantly from the first two. Otherwise I think the album is consistently great! The "Versions Vol. 1" is also a dream for every Reggae fan but ... .. blablabla .... Playlist gtkriz will fix it. Even if there is a difference between day and night ... I love both day and night. It's been like that forever.
Maybe you will make an extra report for the Dub Gathering in Alicante but I understand your hints that you don't necessarily have to be there next time ;-)
The last time I was at a reggae sound system session, I had to put some cotton in my ears because both the speakers and the space were infinitely overwhelmed for this type of bass. Not only did the trousers flutter, but the entire eardrum began to vibrate, which counteracted a complete enjoyment of music. I had the feeling that an ear specialist from Siberia was poking around in my eardrum with a melted Q-tip. In this respect I had to smile a bit at your description, because I feel very confirmed in my decision to ignore this sound system. Somehow I don't even wonder anymore, that's the biggest DubFans with such Dubsessions have the least fun. Even with those Dub There are now too many people running around events who are only interested in the festival but not the music.
Yes, I have probably exaggerated a bit against that, but in essence that reflects my impressions.
“My statements would lead to uncertainty in large parts of the population” ………………. lemmi

Hi Lemmi,

you interpret my comment on the Dub Gathering is actually quite correct. However, I didn't mean it in such a negative way. I definitely enjoyed the gathering and enjoyed it, but it was definitely bass overkill on my eardrums. After that, I first needed quieter and more complex music to reduce the paralysis of the ears and head ;-)


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