Dubmatix: Riddim Driven Vol. 1

Another release of will not be big bang Dubmatix: "Riddim Driven, Vol. 1“(Bandcamp). Here are just the most popular Dubmatix instrumentals from the past twelve years. Pure, ungedubbt and unsung. The pure rhythm tracks of songs like “Show Down” (2012, from the album “Rebel Massive”, originally with Tenor Fly), “Pull Up Selector” (from the same album, originally by Eek-A-Mouse), “ Jump & Twist "(2006, from the album" Atomic Subsonic "in the original with Raffa Dean) or" Struggle "(2010, from the album" System Shakedown "with Dennis Alcapone in the original). The intended use is less likely to be the home stereo than the sound system live performance of picky MCs. But I still enjoy listening to it at home and admire the master's incredible grooves.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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