Dubis lying: Dubment & showcase Dub Fugues

There are very few bands who can afford to release an album that doesn't have a band or album title on the cover. Only Pink Floyd comes to mind spontaneously: on the original LPs “Atom Heart Mother”, “Meddle”, “Dark Side Of The Moon”, “The Wall” there are no references to which band it is.

The Swiss band Dubment already affords this luxury on their debut album of the same name "Dubment“(Echo Beach). On the cover, only a popcorn - I mean to see it - jumps towards us. Dubment are a very creative, experimental trio from Zug (Central Switzerland). About two years ago the trio also did a few gigs DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL on tour in Germany (Thanks for the tip, Masi!). It is really very exciting what the three guys are offering us: Dominik Zäch (git), Balz Muheim (dr), Linus Meier (bg). Even if minor cross-references to the Dub Trio, the Revolutionary Dub Warriors or of course DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL can be made out, have it Dubment managed to make their own Dub-Create cosmos. At Dub it's generally about creating space, while rock is to some extent about filling it. Master this balancing act Dubment virtuoso with elegant ease. The sound of the (only) five songs here alternates between somewhat harder rock passages, jazzy guitar runs and super relaxed ones Dub-Passages. The one who likes to experiment Dub-Band found each other at the Lucerne Jazz University. While jamming, the young, talented musicians realized pretty quickly that their shared passion for Jamaican / Caribbean music in combination with the boundlessness of jazz was the ideal breeding ground for their escalating in all directions Dub is. Even if you only hear bass, drums and guitar on the album, you never have the feeling that the complex sound is missing anything. Etienne Schorro was at the controls and mastered the beautiful mix of the band's sound engineer and producer Joschka Weiss. All titles were recorded live in the studio. Dubment basically throw all classic reggae principles overboard. Nevertheless, the trio manages to create spacey, exciting arrangements Dub-Effects, beautiful grooves and cleverly placed suspense, new ones Dub-Tap spheres. (As far as my review from April 26.04.2020th, XNUMX).
On June 05.06th Echo Beach has now released an extended version of the original. Nikolai Beverungen, the "Chief" at Echo Beach, has the recordings in the hands of Dubvisionist, who revised the originals again. The result are a few additional, short "Dub-Fugues ”, which in my opinion would not have been necessary to make the opus even more attractive. That means: the additional ones Dubs are solid, but no Dub-Fireworks. With this excellent starting material I would have expected a little more.
By the way, should be live Dubment how Hazer Baba also, be an impressive concert experience. It is questionable that the tracks on the album will sound the same live as they did here, because the trio's motto is and remains: Transformation and improvisation.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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High Ras Vorbei !

You are slowly crystallizing yourself as jazzDubSpecialist out. Anyway, I have the impression that you for this Dubs want to break a very special lance.
Misunderstandings arise so easily, that's why I say clearly here that I don't mean this as a criticism, but as a kind of snapshot, because it is you and yours
Reviews wouldn't do it justice at all if I only reduced you to that.
But we have found a certain “point of friction” with jazz.
First of all I have to say that I am glad not to find any excessive saxophone tirades here. That makes this jazzy Dubs already very audible to me. Difficult
I do, however, feel the many different moods, even within one Dubs sway back and forth.
“The sound of the (only) five songs here alternates between somewhat harder rock passages, jazzy guitar runs and super relaxed ones Dub-Passagen. "
That's exactly how I feel, but I don't find it as exciting as you do. I get along better with a Dub grabs me with a certain mood and this mood
retains or even increases. Simplified, I would say if a Dub when steppers starts, I would also like him to continue to run as steppers and even increase towards the end. Another negative example would be one Dub like “Pour Qui Son Le Dub“ ( Dubamix? ). It starts like “the best Dub all the time "and will then from halfway through
to a children's birthday party, where hyperactive children go crazy. That’s at least two completely different moods within one Dubs. The advantage here is that at least they run one after the other and don't jump back and forth.
But it all comes across as a bit too negative. The disc starts off really well. At first I immediately have a really deep underground feeling. But that mood is within the DubTunes changed too much (for my taste). In the short term he becomes a real reggaeDub, only to then
to transition into a real "lounge feeling". As soon as I have come to terms with it, it becomes a rock tune with a certain Dubatmosphere but completely without Dubfeeling
Then it will be reggae-heavy again with super hot guitar improvisations. My emotional world is quite shaken. It's not an accident, it's the style of
Dubment and, as you can see, there are also people who are just as fond of it. I definitely don't think it's bad, but it doesn't make me enthusiastic
Flights of fancy.
That's how I feel with most of them Dubs here. Even if, for example, “Porro Porro” doesn't work that way. Nevertheless, my perception also goes there, from "a bit bulky" to "groovy spacey". A “hodgepodge” of feelings.
I like “Wunderschön” very much and especially the guitar part from minute 3:59 is really beautiful. Unfortunately, this part is missing in the version of Dubvisionist, but his version is something overall dubbiger, so that the guitar part would have looked a bit “too beautiful”.
I do not know what the association with the Revolutionary Dub Warriors woke up, but for me it is mainly “It's nice”.
For me that is the highlight here on this album. With a little imagination you can hear the good On-U.Sound co-founders Ari Up or is it really her?
In this context I would like to say on behalf of everyone "DubElderers "excuse us, we always say," That reminds me of ... "," That sounds like ... "but the descendants have to live with that. It's just like most films, it's all been there before. To create something completely new, however, requires a lot of inspiration
that doesn't happen every day.
The Dubvisionist has the DubIt's really not changed that much. Only the bass sound sounds a bit deeper and he tried here and there to grind in a little corner but
what should he have done. To make more effects work, he would have a lot of overdubs must invent to do so, similar to that Dubmatix with some Dubs by Sly and Robbie
has made.
I have to learn to keep it short ………………… (but I am not so happy with learning) …………………… lemmi

Hi lemmi,

your impression is correct and again not. Actually, musically, I come from a completely different direction. I grew up with typical "hippie west coast" music (Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Allman Brothers, Frank Zappa's Mothers, Jimi Hendrix), prog rock (Genesis, Pink Floyd, Camel) and all the German electronic musicians (Can, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream). At the beginning of the 70s came reggae and a little later Dub added. My listening habits are often phased. There are times when I hear a lot Dub, then hippie music, etc. Now and then I need something to blow my ears free again and to give the mind new - also musical - impressions. It is impossible for me to always hear the same style of music.

Back to Jamaica: it all started with classic jazz bands. Almost all of the Skatalites musicians learned their craft in Jamaican jazz bands. Basically, ska is also a further development of jazz. If we now have the dubbig Swiss bands like here Dubment, Hazer Baba and of course Dub If you look at Spencer & Trance Hill, you will notice that they were all trained at the Lucerne Jazz University. There are many other examples that actually have their roots in jazz: Nat Birchall, Jan "King" Cooper, Nils Petter Molvær, (Andrew Murphy's) Dubsouls, Chronicles Dub Trio etc. In my opinion it is great that many jazz musicians eventually turn to reggae /Dub turn to and deliver very exciting albums. What I enjoy most about all these projects is the breath of fresh air that blows our sub-genre in the face and that Dub-Thought not always walk on completely worn paths. Stagnation means regression.
Yes, these “completely different moods within one Dubs “are the salt in the soup for me. But everyone thinks differently “and that's a good thing”.

Chapeau, it was precisely the track “Schön Ist's” that immediately got me to the Revolutionary Dub Make warriors think. Clearly the one Dub-Connaisseur lemmi with his huge expertise !!!

It is very clear to me that my recommendations do not always generate great enthusiasm. If I manage to arouse interest in some “curiosities” (quote from René) and to open the gates of acoustic perception a little further, then I am happy and I have achieved my goal.

So, now I've talked about the sewing box. If it helps a better understanding ...

Sure Ras

We understand each other ! My listening habits are always chamfered ;-)
I am listening to a lot right now Dubblestandart, then I hear a lot again Dub Syndicate, then
Nick Manasseh again, sometimes a large part of the ARIWA / Mad Professor empire and then again strictly On-U.Sound ;-) And as it always says,
"My Roots I will never forget" !!!
In other words, since I've been reggae and Dub got to know, I don't need anything else. With all other types of music, especially the music where the African roots have long since dried up, I simply lack the groove.
There are parallels to Paolo Baldini, who spoke in the interview
has expressed similarly. It's like sledding in winter. Sledging is fun, but once you've been skiing, you don't want to sled any more. At least that's the case with me. So much out of my “sewing box”.

"Put Your Hands Up For AFRICA !!!" ………………………… .. lemmi

Dubblog: What do you listen to besides dub music?
P. Baldini: Any form of Jamaican music. From calypso to dancehall. I recently re-discovered space music and ambient electronic music.

Baldini seems to get his inspiration from other genres as well, which is not reprehensible.

Ok, I saved that differently. I just wanted to remember what goes well with me. I definitely counted “Any Form of Jamaican Music / Calypso / Dancehall” among African or strongly African-inspired music.
For me, space music and ambient electronic music are only acceptable if they sound somewhat “Black”, but Paolo Baldini really didn't say anything about that.
Unfortunately I am allowed here in the DubBlog do not "forge documents", otherwise I would try to delete his comments on "space music" and "ambient music" so that I am absolutely right again ;-)

(remove, remove, remove ...... crap it just doesn't work)

"You see a man's face but you don´´t know his heart" ……………. lemmi

That's an interesting subject. What do you hear if you don't Dub running?

For me I wouldn't talk about phases (unless I come from one Dub-Festival. Then I first need abstinence), because Dub remains the big constant that I actually hear almost every day. But on the side there are a lot of other styles in my collection. Z. B. increasingly more jazz and classical (actually!). Otherwise always African music (listen to Eddy Kenzo!), Drum 'n bass, electronics and “world music”. I can't do that much with rock and hip hop.

Here is my current non-Dub/ Reggae-Top-5 ;-)
Bach: The Cello Suites - Recomposed by Peter Gregson
Eddy Kenzo: Zero to Hero
Matthew Halsall: Color Yes (Special Edition)
Elite Beat: Selected Rhythms
Daniel Haaksman: Black Atlantica Edits

I've already tried classical music. I even have a small playlist there. In contrast to one DubBut I don't necessarily need a playlist. But it's nice to hear something like that at Christmas, for example. The problem with classical music is that it is much more exhausting to find “the right one”. At Dub and reggae, searching is fun. Ok, I don't have as much fun searching as you do, but that's more of a time problem, what I feel there.
You have recommended Eddy before and I was blown away. My favorite tune is “Mariarosa”! It's so beautiful, my father immediately liked it (78!).
I also got to Jose Chameleone through Eddy and he also has very nice music at the start.
Bach: The Cello Suites …… .. if I'm not mistaken, a cello is something like "a violin with more thump", which brings us back to the bass ;-)
The earlier HipHop things were still really good “RootsMusic” for my taste. Since “Every Breath You Take” it became too “white” for me and thus shit.

Heaven is not a half pipe, heaven is a full pipe …………… lemmi

Well i am def. very dub- and regga-inspired, but there is also other very good music that I really feel and that makes me go crazy ... hip-hop is part of it every now and then, but certainly not what the crazy young people celebrate ... here are a few my current favorite albums (all released in 2019 & 2020):

- Buckethead - Healing Inside Outside Every Side (Instrumental Rock)

- Horne Electric Band - Horne Electric Band (jazz, funk, instrumental)

- Jozef Van Wissem - Ex Mortis (Experimental, Classical, Dark Folk, Neoclassical)

- Lusid - Cortège (Electronic, Instrumental Hip-Hop)

- No Hood, Zablon, La Jota - Journey (Acid Jazz, Soul, Funk)

- Stone Temple Pilots - Perdida (a masterpiece, very acoustic ... rock)

- Douniah & High John - Dream Baby (R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul)

- Eyvind Kang - Chirality (Neoclassical)

- Max Herre - Athens (Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul)

- Yugen Blakrok - Anima Mysterium (Hip-Hop)

Very different styles, it has to groove, with good basslines ... only with hits and commercial folk music I have a lot of trouble and classical music is also not really my thing, with exceptions ... everything is welcome and that can sometimes change quickly ... based on experience!

A mini excerpt of my current and all-time favorites:

Bremer & McCoy - Utopia

Hazer Baba - Terra

Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder - Talking Timbuktu

Windseeds & Tony Dubshot - Windseeds in Dub

Mdou Moctar meets Elite Beat - In a Budget Dancehall

Lars La Ville & Daniel Waples - Sunset in India

Ashra Temple - Le Berceau de Cristal

Grateful Dead - Postcards of the Hanging (Songs of Bob Dylan)

Please do not get this wrong ! I don't want to ride it around forever, but now that we're "there" again and I still have some "on-call duty",
I would like to illustrate "my problem with streaming" again.
For everything that I like about music, but ultimately not that important
for me is how roots /Dub/ Reggae, streaming and archiving in a third-party computer cloud is perfectly acceptable - also for me. Most of the time, I only like one or two tunes from an album by an artist who is in the second, third, or none of the series for me. Then I put these two tunes in a playlist and everything is “square, practical, good”. But (!) And that's why I'm going to write something about it again, what do I do if I think so and can't escape the feeling of having found a musical treasure ?! For me such a treasure is for example (is still my number 1) “Understand what Dub Is “from the MIghty Prince Fatty !!!
This broad cinemascope grin, which I get every time I pull this disc of “Black Magic Plastic” out of the record cover, place it on the turntable and then gently “slide the needle into the groove”, I definitely don't want to miss. I am shaped like that "from birth". I can't do anything against that. I don't want to either! I have to! So it is about coercion and
Nobody actually finds that pleasant.
For example, I would have liked to buy myself a real record from Eddy Kenzo.
But in the end, he's not as important to me as Prince Fatty. Except for “MariaRosa”! I would like that inna MaxiVersion + Instrumental and, of course, the icing on the cake Dub to ;-)
So streaming is okay, but I don't think it's an all-round success. Humanity is evolving anyway, no matter what I think of it, but we have to be careful not to become totally dependent on the computer.
I have a queasy feeling there, but it wouldn't be the first time that I'm wrong.

My life is already too much determined by others, the computer doesn't have to want to have a say.
Sorry, something is bubbling in my pear again. Therefore the thing with the CoronaApp, which we are all - more or less - waiting for. If it helps, I'll even download the part, but it won't do anything, because there is no way I run
with my cell phone in my pocket, around all day. It has always been impossible for me to walk around with my wallet in my pocket. I don't even wear a watch because it nerds me to have it on my body.
Even for my key, I have to find a different solution than my trouser pocket. A chip under the skin is definitely out of the question. And as I said, I won't be compelled to run around with my cell phone up my ass all day like all the other "weak mates".
WHAT ? Do you also have your cell phone in your pocket?
Ok, then I'll take that back with the "weak mates". But how do you stand it without wanting to declare war on the whole world?

I'm going in the gate ……………… lemmi

@philipp and @ ras vorbei: You really have a strange taste in music ;-). But I could already have guessed that Dubheads listen to strange music as well. Thanks for the tip "Cortège" and "Dream Baby". Landed directly in my media library.

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