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Dubment: Showcase & Dub Fugues

Who visites Dub Spencer & Trance Hill likes will too Dublove ment. Like the former, they come from Switzerland and make minimalist with a minimal cast Dub, hand-played and with sprawling rock-guitar excursions. Occasionally sounds like a psychedelic jazz trio - which is probably due to the fact that Dominik Zäch (guitar), Balz Muheim (drums) and Linus Meier (bass) study jazz together in Lucerne. Reggae and Dub are actually committed to the principle of strict repetition, but that's why the three don't care about their album "Dubment - Showcase & Dub Fugues“(Echo Beach) not particularly. The game is played pretty freely and experimented with courage. Strangely enough, it still sounds like it Dub. Incidentally, the album was on the market since December 2019, but is now coming out as a deluxe version from Echo Beach. Deluxe thing is that the Dubvisionist to everyone Dub created a short "fugue" that follows the original. So we always hear the originalDub, followed by a two to three minute fugue. "One Dub from Dub to do it didn't seem particularly useful to me, ”he says Dubvisionist information, “The originals should clearly be the heroes. The joints are just small corridors ”. I like the intermediate courses very much, they do Dub-Feeling that the originals sometimes miss something in the exuberance of jazz improvisation. By the way, to speak of “fugues” here and thus inevitably arouse associations with Bach's “Art of Fugue” or “Well-Tempered Clavier” is really a cool idea - even if that Dub-Fugues don't have much to do with the musical concept of a fugue. Marketing rules.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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