Dubmix to Dub Evolution January 2009


solidarity: "Panorama Dub"From the album" Northern Faction 4 "(
Analog Mindfield: "Need A Leader (Dub) "From the album" Visions In Sonic Sense "(Malicious Damage / Cargo)
Harmonics 313: "Dirtbox" from the album "When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence" (Warp / Roughtrade)
High tone: "X-Ray" from the album "Underground Wobble" (Jarring Effects / Alive!)
Midnite & Luster Kings: "Really Dub"From the album" Infinite Dub"By Midnite / Luster Kings (Luster Kings / Import)

Download mp3 (23MB): dubmix_1_2009

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