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Dub'Ozone: From Root to Roots Dub

That Dub arises all over the world is now taken for granted. But also in French Guiana? So much could be researched: In 2013, Jr. Polony started the project in that South American country - which, by the way, is actually an overseas department of France and therefore belongs to the EU Dub'Ozone. His goal: Dub to combine with the traditional sounds of the country's Native American people. The result was the reggae album "From Root to Roots", released three years later. Recorded and mixed in French Guiana, it is a synthesis of hand-played rhythms with traditional Kalin'a singing. But now things are getting really exciting: The recordings were then sent to the Ariwa studio in London, where the junior professor, Joe Ariwa, was allowed to lend a hand. That (ultimately somehow British) Dub-Work has just been published and has the imaginative title: "From root to roots Dub“(Mo'Tek-Zikarchy). What you can hear here is among the best that has been heard from the Ariwa studio lately and may well be Joe's best performance so far. It is this fusion of the powerful, analog rhythms, great brass sections and the perfectly matching traditional Indian chants that makes the album so extraordinary. An idiosyncratic, pure, rough sound that Joe Ariwa actually only had to chase through the echo chamber to get a good one DubHarvest album. But the boy has outdone himself here. Incredibly virtuoso, he juggles audio tracks and sounds and creates a really good one Dub-Album that not only sounds exciting, but is also really fun. Papa must be very proud of him - especially since the crazy professor is known to be from British Guiana.

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I who foolish !!!

Your description, the 5 stars and the fact that I was able to listen to a single piece at the moment makes me crawl on my gums. That Indian song
is the original form of Dub ;-) !!! Indians have always had a higher spirituality with good contacts in the eternal hunting grounds. You can definitely drift off into a parallel universe and forget your worldly worries. I think the parallel universes would be superfluous if they existed, but I just didn't know how to describe it better. Anyway, I'm very excited about it and hope that the whole disc will soon run up and down on the couch between my towers of freedom.

Happy Weekend ………………. lemmi

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