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Drummers seem to be Dubmaster to be predestined: Ludovic Daquin (LD Dub), Aldubb, Felix Wolter (Dubvisionist), Ben McKone (General Roots), Nelson Miller (Burning Spear) are just a few that come to mind. Ergo, the trained drummer Gianluca Ferrara is with his project "Dubcancerdubra“In the best of company. He originally played drums in a Bob Marley cover band. When all of this no longer really impressed him, Gianluca left "Dubcancerdubra “Ferrara soon joined the band to learn the craft of sound engineer at the Fonoprint studio in Bologna. A few years later he moved to Milan to deepen the knowledge he had learned at CPM (a music vocational center). At the same time, at the same time, he was employed by the computer music specialist “Cubase Magazine”. But that also seems to beDubcancerdubra “not to have been the absolute fulfillment. Because after a period of retreat, self-reflection and a short break as a post-production technician at radio, he turned to his own music production. Under the pseudonym "Dubcancerdubra ”he originally published as a composer, arranger, sound engineer and Dub-Master his first own productions only on the web. The seven tracks, now as a complete work show, have become a very nice conglomerate. A thunderstorm of reverb and echo effects does not await us, but a very relaxed album, the Dub, Trip-hop, downtempo, toasting, acid jazz, classic borrowings à la Matthias Arfmann and much more. A great discovery for me.
Today Gianluca Ferrara is also known under the pseudonym "DubMatter ”at the start. On his “Live Dub Session EP “- not bad either - it pays homage to four (potent) hemp varieties.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Mmmmmh? Actually, I was just in the process of sharing the data in a good mood and full of enthusiasm.
I think “A Spliff In The Desert” has turned out really well and it makes you want to see “Mathias Arfmann Part II.
"Dubcancerdubra The Weeds Mood “I could skip further, but I don't have to. Actually, it's okay for me.
“Roozstep Galaxy” lives up to its name. Sounds really nice like big, wide, unlimited space and grooves
in a solid orbit somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn. "The Ambission" has really great drums, I think, and "The Lion"
first reminded me of "Natural Mystic" by Bob and his Wailers, although it was completely different but also
fine bassline passes over. But now I'm already at the point where I could completely burn down Babylon again. I've already listened to the disc twice, but
in principle I can now only comment from my memory. “Badcamp” has the penetrating “habit” after two or three runs
Request to buy in the form of a Babylonian road block in the middle of the face, so that you can no longer hear, or no longer between the tunes
can jump back and forth to take a closer look at any details. However, the site always advertises with “unlimited streaming” and similar empty ones
promises. My mood and the associated anger at the wrong turn of the times no longer correspond to a feeling as it should be on a Friday. I only know that the others do to me too Dubs very much liked here on the "data disk". Sorry man but I'm really not from the cia or nsa or nsu or bnd
or some other fascist organization and so I really can't understand why I should pay money for simple, simple data.

And then a warning for all those who would like to try out “A Spliff in The Desert”. I don't recommend this because once a spliff like that works, you get an extremely dry mouth. In our early days as teenagers, we always referred to this phenomenon as desert flash. And if you don't have anything to drink with you, the good turn is over. But that's only on the edge.

Sorry for the "simple, simple data"! Still are DubData but only data (ones and zeros, nothing more ...) I always like to ride around on this topic, especially when I think of the recommended one DubDisc for my life. All my grumbling about our "new values" is ultimately nothing more than another compliment for the music in this database.

"Every man" wants "to be a bad man, no one" wants "to be a good man" …………………………… .. lemmi

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