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The underground never sleeps. Lots DubTo my delight, masters keep reinventing the genre. So does Emiliano Gomez aka Dubshow, a producer and sound engineer from Cordoba, Argentina. He spent most of his life in Europe, preferably London, where he learned the craft of sound engineering. The workshow "Selected Dub Cuts“ (Dubmission Records) provides a representative overview of his oeuvre and spans his creative period from 2009 - 2019. The very early recordings from 2009 were still released under the name Raroyloco. This album, which is almost two hours (23 tracks) long, has been inspiring me for days. We hear the sound of Jamaica in old times Dub-Tradition, as well as a wide range of different styles, tempos and vocal hooks. Basically the album is more in the psydub or ambientDub to locate, a fusion of electronic music that has its roots deep in psychedelic, ambient and trance Dub-Music has.
The Dub-Lovers get everything their heart desires on the album. These include rich, melodic bass lines, deep reggae roots, plenty of echo, reverb, delay and occasional vocal fragments. What I personally like most about the Psydub I like the sound elements, which are very strongly influenced by Indian music. When a sitar and tabla sound, I'm blown away. All in all, I can only agree with the first track on the album, this workshow is “properly rolled”.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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I like the psydubbige style of this Dubsalon album also very ... driving, relaxing ... ideal to expand awareness without foreign substances ... here I have for Ras Vorbei another tip, right "on the doorstep":
So in Bavaria dubDon't just practice Umberto Echo, there is still a lot to discover hidden in the country! The Dub-Versions are very cool, with the vocaltracks ( I have a hard time ... Bavarian is not my thing, although my Queen has Munich roots!

Thanks for your tip Phil, interesting, nice recommendation. As already said, the underground never sleeps. Yes, you're right, there are lots of very interesting musicians in Bavaria, some of which are also very uncomfortable for politicians.
On the occasion I think of another band that is also a very good one Dubalbum there.
LaBrassBanda: Europe In Dub (

Phew, in case you were wondering where my comments are, I can only say, I come straight from "musical hell" !!! I was once again on the ski slopes and had to listen to pure horror every day at apres ski.
I don't know whether the Austrians still want to take revenge on us Germans because of the Second World War, or whether they believe that we Piefkes don't understand anything about music anyway. Without exception drinking songs or drinking songs up to “she only had shoes on” ……. produced at ballerman six. No matter how much beer I poured into myself, my mood got worse with every "new" drinking song. I would have loved to have declared World War III right away. Actually, I know what to expect, but it's getting worse every year.
How good that I can have at least a few more late in the evening Dubs on headphones.
It is all the nicer to be here again, although I still miss the ski slopes a lot.
Well now ……. and then here is about psy Dub from Dubsalon spoken and I come from bad to worse. No! I'm just trying to find my humor again. It is, however, that I use this variety of Dub not at the top of mine
"Most Wanted" list. But if it works, I can't turn it off. I like ambient and psy Dub also gladly and can draw almost everything from it. My addiction to crazy experiments is not or only very rarely satisfied. It's true that here at Selected Dub Cuts everything there is that DubLover is important
and I also have no problem listening to the “data disk” completely, but personally I miss the highlights.
With "Dissolving Clouds" a certain murmur went through my body, so that I can rate it as a little highlight for me. The sound elements, inspired by Indian music, always enchant me and with "Sugar"
I think I actually perceive something like an accordion again. "Entangled", "Metallic Shaman" and "Who are You" belong to the best phase of the album for me. But “Indigo”, “Submerged” and “Surrounded” also create a good feeling. “Vorward” with Razaman is actually okay too, but the sound of the bass is obviously too synthetic for me. Sounds like a copied instrument here with which one would like to drive away “female deer”.
All in all a nice and certainly a well-intentioned tip but I have to admit that if I had never heard anything from the album, I could cope with it. Not so with “Heavy Rain” !!! I don't know how you feel about it, but I'm glad that I, for example, and especially the Dub "Cricket On The Moonlight" at my home. If I do this Dub If I had heard this unexpectedly at another DJ somewhere, I would still be in the intensive care unit in some funny farm out of sheer enthusiasm.

"Bloss a bit Dub“I like it a lot too. I don't need “Care” and “La Brass Banda” In Dub has only confirmed my well-founded prejudices against this band. For me it's a Bavarian carnival troupe that try to be funny. Sorry but I can't take it off. I see it as a sin to drag music through the cocoa. I would hang the nomads by their ears. But that's just on the verge of shame.

"Russia" in Dub But then it turned out quite well ………………… lemmi

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