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Dubsouls in session

Fit Dub and jazz actually together? The former is super-structured music with a rather gentle flow, the latter often free-floating chaos and haphazard improvisation. (So ​​much for the clichés). But there are some wonderful examples of how both can go well together: Starting with Ernest Ranglin and my darling "Dub på Svenska ”to“ Nordub”By Nils Petter Molvær and most recently the“ Natural Hights ”of the Guiding Star Orchestra. Now we have another prime example of that Dub and jazz are meant for each other: "Dubsouls in session“(Youth Sounds) by the Dubsouls. Behind this charming name is a septet led by British jazz guitarist Andrew Murphy. It plays extremely relaxed reggae in a relaxed retro style, smooth & easy with organ, brass, astonishingly maximum bass and minimum Dub-Mixing. The perfect steady background for the lovely, free flowing jazz solos from Murphy & Co. Such a simple recipe! Actually nothing special - and yet I'm totally hooked. The flow is simply amazing and the jazz guitar sounds beguiling. I can only say: Dub & Jazz belong together like butter and bread. And anyway: Is Dub-Mixing any free jazz improvisation anyway?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Right ! We already ran out of it here, this record. I wasn't so clear at first. My comment would have gone a bit in the direction of “Natural Hights” —– Copy - Paste —–. When looking for my comment on the Guiding Star Orchestra, I have the 1st opinion Dubsouls…. found. I always find it very interesting to see what I thought about music some time ago and whether something has changed in my opinion or my feelings.
And unfortunately I have to say that I could write exactly the same thing today as I did in November 2019. Today I had the feeling that the brass parts are really pulling me down here. In November this feeling drove me towards James Last. I really have to say, I get depressions from the fan. Don't worry, I'm still a long way from depression, but too often I am not allowed to be such a staid fan, because I just still can't cope with that at all. But even today, these neat, politically absolutely correct wind melodies, some of which are excellent
Imprivizations to the guitar and create these magical moments over and over again, but ultimately everyone Dub
on "Dubsouls in session ”. As far as I am concerned, it always sounds like you ………… .. I'll go fishing for the silver fish out of my bed ………………. lemmi

(If my Kommtar sounded a little too nasty, I beg your pardon, but the brass section didn't improve my mood today).

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