DubBeach Allstars: Dubbing up the coast

(This text has been machine translated.) You want new scientistDubs hear about the Roots Radics? You don't need to look any longer for them Dubstrand Allstars (Brizion with his brother as drummer) come on their second album "Dubbing up the coast "(Dubstrand Music) is very close to this listening experience. 

Already the debut "Dubbing on the bay“Was that worth a review - even if the reviewer found something to hump around: uniformity, sometimes in the form of boring e-drums that sound the same, sometimes in the form of monotonous listlessness, sometimes simple due to a lack of musical ideas. In other words: Nice try, but that could be much better.

And how to do it better: On "Dubbing on the coast “, the e-drums have given way to a live kit, which has already brought life to the sound booth; that is the sound that is needed to let handmade music breathe freely. The new pieces, arranged in the classic 80's style, appear deeply relaxed in this way, freed from the tonal dreariness. Only a snare that sounds a little too sharp disturbs the sound - which is undoubtedly a question of taste or personal preferences.

Also new is the successful melody - simple and memorable bass lines “old-school Jamaican style” (Flabba Holt sends his regards) lead to this light trance-like state that the reviewer loves so much about reggae. One likes to tip in there; you quickly begin to move in rhythm. In addition, fine guitar work and keyboards, which sometimes make it difficult for the listener, between instrumental, version and Dub to distinguish. Even the apparently indispensable melodica these days is not overused and fits unobtrusively into the musical scene. So in the overall picture a nice, well-rounded thing that clearly shows a musical development - that might mean something if you think of Brizion's enormous, but not particularly versatile Solo output as the measure of all things.

What that Dub- As far as mixing is concerned, the initial comparison with Scientist was of course exaggerated; although the direction is correct if one compares it with the corresponding recordings from the early 1980s. We don't have any spectacular ones here Dub-Caprioles, sound gimmicks or innovative mixing in front of us, but rather solid craft - although I doubt that an old-school mixing board was worked on. It doesn't have to be - it's the result that counts, and a frugal echo or reverb makes you really happy somehow.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Next week we have here at the dubblog a nice interview with Brizion that sheds light on the background of his music.

Thumbs Up!

Im DubAt René's blog we sit in the front row ;-)

Greetings …………………… lemmi

Oh how happy I am!

I really can't explain the secret of effective basslines with words or in any other way, but the bassist from Dubstrand Allstars has - from my point of view - deciphered the secret. I sit here completely relaxed and melt away. The basslines (especially the first 4) are pure and pure medicine for me, with no negative side effects. The drums do the rest and set skilful accents. The snare is not too hot for my taste either. Since I had feared worse after the "advance warning". Because I'm also very sensitive there. If anything, the hi-hat sound bothers me with Ocean Front Rock, but it only reminds me very weakly of the excessive distortion from the old King Tubby days. I can live with it very well, especially since the whole rhythm carpet is fluffy and thickly woven on a very stable foundation.
As for the freestyle, which circles on the foundation, I would say that the compulsory program was completed solidly, but in the end I could use a little more.
But it doesn't necessarily have to be. However, to get to the ingenious and groundbreaking Dubs by Scientist and Roots Radics, I am still missing a few small but very soulful piano solos with occasional, veiled synthesizer swaths that float through space and time like in ghost robes - again - and for the psychoactivity that is felt again and again DubWorry about the upper room. But I only mentioned that so that the Dubstrand Allstars don't think they already have EVERYTHING under control ;-)
Yes, what would the Steppa fans say about that, I ask myself? To give the answer yourself would be slightly dubious, but I can well imagine that you will leave the room again
or fall asleep on the way to the exit, if they haven't managed to crawl into the next room on all fours at least.
Here there is no "in the face" but here the soul is prepared for nirvana. At least that's how it feels to me. And that's more than just a good thing.
(But that doesn't mean that I want to get into nirvana as quickly as possible. I can also live with the anticipation for a few more decades ;-))

Well, if the world wasn't the way it is, I would now like to go to a nice record store and get this nice album, also as a tangible and therefore really understandable “music matter”. I also wear a mask (mouth and nose protection or muzzle, call it what you want).

Good tip! gtkriz! ……. I lie down again, oh no, I have to work ……………………. lemmi

Hi all,
My first post.

Sorry, this is the hottest album I've heard in a long time. Thanks for that.
Greetings to Lemmi ...


Yo Christian!

I enjoyed the album again on the weekend. If the year were already over, it should actually appear in the top 10. At least if I had something to say ;-)

Cheers …………. lemmi

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