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DubVisionist: King Size Dub Special


The Dub I still think spontaneously of England and then of France. But if I really think about it, then Germany should actually have to be among the topDub-Nations belong. A label like Echo-Beach alone ensures that in good old Germany one of the most productive sources for Dub-Music bubbles. We also have some highly innovative ones here Dub-Artists at the start that some UK steppers epigones cannot hold a candle to. One of them is Felix Wolter. It is no exaggeration to say of him that he is the father of Dub is in Germany. He started working in the mid-1980s Dub to experiment and in 1987 brought the first German with his band "The Vision" DubAlbum out. Countless albums and sound excursions later, his debut album is only released today King Size Dub Special (Echo Beach), in which Felix does not hide behind band or project names, but as the "Dubvisionist ”emblazoned on the front cover. Echo Beach Label boss Nicolai Beverungen is deeply into the oeuvre of des Dub-Veterans and Studio Masters immersed and has 17 dark Dub-Crystals brought to the light of day, which Felix polished again to shine on the occasion of the publication. “It's the basic atmosphere that makes you Dub matters. Quality Dubs are based on vibes, but bad ones are only based on technology ”, says the master and proves this with his album. Felix ' Dubs are delicately woven acoustic works of art, harmoniously balanced, finely tuned, of captivating precision. The superficial effect is not Felix's business. You have to listen carefully to fully enjoy the subtleties that are in each of the tracks, to immerse yourself in its atmospheric flow and to lose yourself in the vibes. Although Felix emphasizes that atmosphere is his most important quality Dubs, but in no way relies on the mere vibes. Rather, he aims to entertain the listener with his mix, to add a constantly changing, always surprising quality to the repetition of the beat that breaks up the listener's expectations. At Felix, the mix is ​​at the center of the Dubs like a "lead voice". This is where the mixer really becomes an instrument. It is the definition of made sound Dub. Hats off.
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One answer to "DubVisionist: King Size Dub Special "

The old Dubs from The Vision were also very cool. Overall, maybe a little too solid. But the Dub - Disc the Felix Wolter aka The Dubvisionist has delivered here definitely belongs in the Dub-Championsleage. World class !!! In any case, it is still missing from the list of trendsetting ones Dub-Discs. But on the whole question of future-oriented things and the constant search for something new, I will definitely write something again ...............................

Cheers …………………. lemmi

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