Dubvisionist Meets Dr. Markuse: In Studio M7

They still exist, the good, classic ones Dub- quality work. Hand-played, melodic basslines, cleanly produced, inspired mixed - no experiments, no steppers, no "bass farts". Just neater Dub according to the gold standard. Felix Wolter makes it possible: ”Dubvisionist Meets Dr. Markuse in Studio M7“ (TimeTools). "We had recorded a few backings for my label 11-7 Records," explains Felix, "we added new keyboard melodies and Dubs mixed from it". So very simple. Felix is ​​known to be a purist of the old school. Sound wizard, which he (also) is, he dispenses with technical frills, grand gestures and spectacular effects. He prefers to stick with the old school Dub Faithful to craftsmanship based on good sound and classic mixing. That could also be boring if it weren't for these superb recordings that he, Markus Dassmann (Dr. Markuse) and Marco Baresi made so lovingly and masterfully by hand. Felix points to the originals that it natural also there. Where would we be if just here Dubs would arise without the original version! Finally needs a good Dub always a good original! You'll have to search the 11-7 catalog to find them, though. Clever Marketing!

By the way, the cover and title are obvious references to “Jah Shaka Meets Aswad in Addis Ababa Studio” – one of the best (in my opinion). Dub-Albums of all time. Clever Marketing! But even if the comparison is perhaps a bit exaggerated: I like ”Dubvisionist Meets Dr. Markuse in Studio M7” exceptionally well. Dub, as it says in the textbook. Nice to hear that there is still such beautiful music to be elicited from this classic concept.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Yes, the "Jah Shaka meets Aswad In Addis Ababa Studio", a legendary disc that I just fished out of my digital archive after reading your comment and listened with pleasure... a short thing with almost 30 minutes, but that's it a first class classic. I have so many brilliant, good and unfortunately not so good ones Dubalbums that I'm glad for a reminder every now and then... that would be different with vinyl, but some things "disappear" on hard drives and are difficult to find again...

"Jah Shaka Meets Aswad in Addis Ababa Studio" - one of the best (in my opinion). Dub-Albums of all time."

This sentence gave me goosebumps, because I was very happy that we once again completely agree. For me, JAH Shaka is not the most gifted
DubWizzard of all time, but for me ASWAD is one of the best reggae bands that has ever existed and will exist (if you disregard the many horrible gaffes that Steel Pulse has made that are even worse). Tony Gad plays the bass in the same league as "Flabba" and Aston Barrett !!!
But it's really about "Dubvsionist meets Dr. Markus". At the first attempt of "Dub Rasta" I thought at first, "oh no, Dub Spencer And Trance Hill Are Playing Christmas Carols Again" and "JAH Dub' seemed to be preparing me for the Easter bunny, but just before I was completely 'worry' again, I was struck by 'Don't Worry'
calmed down again as the groove grabbed me from the first bar. The first two DubI found the Riddims far too good. I didn't want to go there at first. At the second attempt, my mood was probably better and this one too Dubs were beginning to please me.
But I only really get going when “Look Good” starts rolling. Maybe not the greatest of gestures, but far more than a "nice gesture" like that Dub provides the necessary magic with a mystical synthesizer frequency. At least that's how it works for me. Actually reminds me of a distinctive element from an old JAH Shaka Dub but he is not on the ASWAD – Dub-Slice with it. Of the Dub could have been appropriately called “Sounds Good” for me. The disc or maybe just the album continues very well for my taste. Small ones keep popping up everywhere DubGestures that vary the sound and cause a little surprise here and there, what can go beyond a simple little song. If you like sound experiments. If you prefer it "real" and preferably "unplugged" without any technical frills, you will probably turn away. I just say to them, "then go to mtv!"
So again a good one DubAlbum from Dubvisionists. Just a wee bit too dull he mixes many of his Dubs. If I have to turn out the “highs” almost completely in Mad Professor, I have to turn them out in the Dubturn visionists in almost completely. Well, I've got all the necessary knobs with me and that's how it works.

Until ……………… lemmi

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