Dubvisionist meets Dubblestandart & firehouse crew

The Echo Beach label knows how to recycle its published productions one or more times. With a bit of goodwill, this can be interpreted as sustainable upcycling or even further research on the musical microbiome; In the present case, however, I see it more as a revitalization measure for a… well, suboptimally successful album. In short, Dubblestandart's "reggae classics“Collaboration with the Firehouse Crew has been given a bold makeover. After Paolo Baldini for his fine Dubblestandart remix album has already mixed up and cleared out two tracks, is now taking it Felix Wolter aka The Dubvision is grateful to the entire album that just under the title "Dubvisionist meets Dubblestandart & firehouse crew“(Echo Beach) is out.

Dubvisionist does his job very briskly, not to say: inconsiderate, and he does not think about taking prisoners: fly like this Paul Zasky's stiff vocals are completely out of the mix and are only allowed to return, if at all, as highly alienated snippets. So for the first time it is actually possible to put fragments of the voice at the service of the cause and thus to remedy a major shortcoming of the original album. Felix Wolter is also not squeamish with other audio tracks; Guitar or drum parts have to believe in it to make room for the synths that are more conducive to the intended mood. As a sound carpet they play an important role in the mix and spread a solemn, sometimes mystical-melancholy atmosphere that shapes the basic tenor of the album.

I'm struggling with this resolute, uncompromising approach of the Dubvisionists pay some respect; what he still gets out of the given sounds is astonishing: if the originals danced along too lightly, he now gives them a proper foundation - a piece like “Hypocrite” turns into a pounding furiosity. Other tracks, on the other hand, seem to float ethereally; the opener "I'm No Robot" conjures up the basic mood of the album for more than a minute - before borrowing the drums on the hook of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is taken. A dramaturgical highlight, no question about it. The new, spaceier version of Burning Spear's “Fly Me To The Moon” was just as successful - it was amazing how the new mix animated the material and impressively demonstrated how two Dub-Mixer - Felix Wolter and Robbie Ost - interpret one and the same material differently.

Now it is probably the case that two hearts are pounding in Felix Wolter's chest - there is the cherished one Dubvisionists, but also the PFL (Pre Fade Listening) project that is more or less dedicated to lounge music. Both influence and fertilize each other to a certain extent, which is undoubtedly based on "Dubvisionist meets Dubblestandart & Firehouse Crew ”is understandable. This mixture is what makes Wolter's mixes so appealing, but it is for the Dubhead becomes a problem at the latest when PFL takes over the command and leads a track like “Babylon The Bandit” into shallower lounge waters. A one-time slip that is just caught by a dominant bassline.

In terms of sound, we are moving here in the typical Dubvisionist dimensions: distinctive, more centralized bass; holding back the heights. Anyone expecting crystal clear, glittering Trebbles will be disappointed. Everyone else knows that a sonic high-gloss polish would be wrong here - Dub is more of a steamroller than a greyhound, more feeling than intellect. Under this premise the transforms Dubvision is a formerly stiff, wooden release into a soulful, worn-melancholy, but ultimately also into an album with a positive outlook.

PS: For those interested in sound technology, I recommend the mixes by Robbie Ost, Paolo Baldini and vom Dublistening to visionists back-to-back; the differences are as striking as they are astonishing: a short journey through three different worlds of sound.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Analyzed very aptly. To hear “Fly me to the Moon” and “Babylon the Bandit” in comparison is really very illuminating. Fantastic, what tonal variety a minimalist concept like Dub then made possible.

First of all, I really didn't know that Burning Spear's “Fly Me To The Moon” was. There were two or three records that Burning Spear didn't really interest me.
Maybe the tune comes from one of these discs. I just listened to it again on yt and have to say that DubI like it better because the great bassline is a lot here
cuts through more clearly. Already on the Dubble standardDubVersion I found this one Dub with a slight margin before “JAH JAH see dem a come” best of all and have heard it up and down, although I do most of the others Dubs often just “flown over. “I am no robot”, I have to emphasize very positively. Well I found that DubSlice of Dubblestandart / Fire House Crew actually good enough so that I wouldn't have needed any more infusions, especially since it's worldwide after one anyway DubOverKill looks like. (My opinion on the Portuguese "DubTry "I prefer not to write here because my mood has been quite tense for some time anyway and the" Portuguese "have partly worsened this mood). But it's always interesting that Dub"Playing off" versions against each other. Which version I find best in the end, I will probably never be able to answer. In one version I like the intro best, in another the slider for the riddim is left up longer, here and there, they “crack”
Effects sometimes more sometimes less, but by and large, Adrian Sherwood summed it up a long time ago. "At first you need a good riddim, to make a good Dub". There are many good riddims here, maybe all of them. That's why I find everyone DubVersions more or less well done. I find the intro of "JAH JAH see dem a come, for example, from Robbie Ost ( Dubblestandart) better than that of DubVisionists. In return I would be very happy if the version of Felix would appear in a SteppersSoundSystemPlayList, because I consider it to be a straightforward, forward-rushing SteppersStyle. I would be happy to join you. No matter what the others say, I am a "DUBHEAD “!!! Because the “lounge version” of “Babylon The Bandit” is not necessarily “a problem” for me, but I can do without it. But that's not necessarily just because of the “lounge style” but rather because the bassline doesn't tear it out for me, in this case. I have nothing against "loungy" Dubs but lounge music itself is a third choice for me. “Crystal clear - glittering Trebbles” a la Mad Professor are the opposite of Felix Wolter's sound. Here and there, the HöhenPfad could be used a little more for my taste, because the sound comes across a bit dull at first. But that's why I have my height regulator, which I just pitch up a bit in such cases.
One thing is also clear. Should I have to make any effort to get this disc as vinyl or polished plastic, it will no longer be heard from me. She disappears in the swamp of data (period)
The vinyl version that I have at home has a clear advantage (exclamation mark)
Well, every now and then I come with the “Deep In Dub Playlist ”from gtkriz at this point and if I still don't have it at home as“ hardware ”, I'll be happy that I can even hear it. Let's see if Echo Beach stays true to its passion …………….

“I am no Robot” (I don't get tired of data) ………………………………… .. lemmi

Thank you for your, as always interesting, comment, lemmi!
In comparison, I myself find Paolo Baldini's mix the best, because it comes closest to the daring of a King Tubby. The mix of DubI like visionists because he conjures up this wonderfully melancholy mood and runs through the entire length of the album. I think Robbie Ost's mix is… hmmm… so-so. The man has already delivered better.
In the end, it's all a matter of taste and also the extent to which subjective expectations are met.

High gtkriz!

The mix from Paolo is of course also great. I hardly or not mentioned him because he only has two Dubs contains this special album. It is also a fact that you have read all reviews for the reasons of the recession Dubs even more intensely than I did. A melancholy is with me
Mix by Felix Wolter didn't even become that aware. Except for “Babylon The Bandit” and the beginning of the whole disc. Nevertheless, I am sure that it is there when you have noticed it. However, I have already indicated that I have no contracts at all with Melancholy. I can do without this mood completely. I always need peace
Joy, pancakes …… revolution and uprising …… .. in short, I need “UPLIFTMENT” !!!

I always come down on my own anyway …………… .. lemmi

And sometimes I come back and I'm just very little with a hat.
Somehow I had to really ground myself again last weekend. And then it came to me Dub Syndicate just about right. And what I noticed in particular was that too Dub Syndicate always has very melancholy moments. Actually, I knew that too, but on the one hand I often simply "dismissed" this melancholy as special magic and on the other hand I was mostly far from my own inner sadness, so that this melancholy seemed magical and not sad to me.
I wanted to mention that again so that everyone doesn't think I'm a monster. Melancholy may not even equate directly to sadness-
add but it often comes down to it for me. And who likes to be voluntary?
Sad ?!
Today is Monday and I'm always very "sad" or melancholy ;-)

Ok, "the show must go on" (no time for sadness) ………… .. lemmi

I wouldn't equate melancholy with sadness ... I would associate autumn with melancholy - the falling leaves, the fog, the cool temperatures, the diminishing light. If I put that into an emotional state, it would be… melancholy.

Good news on things Dub Syndicate: "No Bed of Roses" and "Dub Syndicate Overdubbed bei Rob Smith ”(originally CD1 from“ The Rasta Far I ”) is finally available in the stream. Who knows, maybe there will also be my # 1: "Acres of Space".

“……… the falling leaves, the fog, the cool temperatures, the diminishing light.

That sounds very sad now ;-) Well, we know it's a cycle and next spring is sure to come.

It's always the other way around for me. I am happy when “Strömelinge” is also available on CD or vinyl. But also that
lifts my mood extremely, because what you are so happy about, I have everything as a CD in my drawer. So here it's the other way around.

But I have to clarify the sentence "originally from" The Rasta Far I "for myself ;-)

Until ……………… lemmi

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