Dubvisionist presents PFL Dubstudio sessions

Admittedly, the first time I only listened half-heartedly and incidentally via the notebook speaker. Biggest possible mistake of a reviewer, no question about it - shame on me. I may ask for a little understanding when I confess to myself Dubvisionist's "yoga in Dub“Left pretty untouched. An album that certainly has its place in the work-life balance trend and can be used well with a vinyasa flow, for example - if you can't stand silence while performing the asanas. And yet: I have the approach of reggae /Dub belongs to "New Age" music in the broadest sense. Deeply relaxed readers like Deva Premal's excellent mantra chanting album produced by Maneesh de Moor "A deeper light“Lead to mind; or Jay Uttal's "Roots Rock Rama!“-Release in which the Kirtan veteran padded his chants with solid reggae grooves.

In fact, this is about the successor to “Yoga in Dub"Who is there"Dubvisionist presents PFL Dubstudio sessions “(Echo Beach) calls it. Felix Wolter aka Dubvisionist is well known and valued in the Dub-Scene; the review its fine “King Size Dub There is nothing more to add. I would see PFL or Pre Fade Listening as the part in the equation, which is rather unknown today, as one of Felix Wolter's musical incarnations: a project that made a name for itself in the past with its lounge productions.

“Lounge” as a term for a hodgepodge of different musical styles has always been a puzzling phenomenon to me - sure, it's mostly really relaxed downbeat; often instrumental or provided with more or less obscure ethnic vocals and samples. Located somewhere between everything and nothing, it is used by millennials as background sound in the cool bars and hip club lounges. This is where people meet for a neat chill out, have friends and acquaintances and possibly plan the rest of the night together. In short: Wherever the word “nice” is used instead of “beautiful”, “good” or “fine”, the probability of hearing lounge is very high. All of this has to do primarily with communication; Music plays a subordinate role: not too loud, not too present, not too intrusive or, in the worst case, even disturbing the conversation. Passive music that you don't actually want to hear, but at best perceive as background hum, but which is ideal for bridging the silence - in the event that you have nothing more to say to yourself. Sarcasm aside: A lot of money was made under the label “Lounge Music”, especially in the noughties; it was probably the last hype in which physical records played a role. What remains is a curiosity: music that you actually don't (consciously) want to hear.

Back to the topic; back to an album that in the right setting - that is, a music system with a powerful subwoofer - becomes a veritable bass monster. Of course we don't have classic reggae here /Dub infront of us; HardcoreDubheads will definitely identify one or the other snipet of a reggae bassline; for example in the track “Going Underground”, in which the groove of The Tamlins' or Sly & Robbie's “Baltimore“Can be seen. Or how about the whole "Drum song"-Bassline in" Long Reasoning Dub“? Even Nyabinghi drums are used (“Searching for the Magic Frequency”), and yet I would rather classify the album as a downbeat - also to avoid the unfortunate term lounge. The release is just too interesting for that, requires due attention to discover many small and large sound gimmicks - such as vocal samples, a rocking guitar and wonderful percussions. 

May one "Dubvisionist presents PFL Dubsessions “maybe even with the Dub Compare Syndicate at Best On-U Sound Times? Well, a Style Scott is irreplaceable, but Adrian Sherwood also likes to experiment with all sorts of influences and styles. In this respect one can draw parallels; and I would think of the track "The Lone Ranger" as missing Dub Want to sell Syndicate recording - I probably wouldn't question it. Apart from the boring track “Yoga Secret” an interesting album that includes Dub- Effects not stingy. In terms of sound, it is in the with its rather reserved highs Dubvisionist-specific sound world at home, which was much duller on earlier releases. Balm for listeners like the reviewer, for whom cutting, extreme highs cause bleeding ears, but who celebrates intestinal massages in the lower Hz range all the more.

Ultimately, I recommend the inclined reader not to be confused by the album cover, the track title “Skylarkin Lounge” and the reviewer's lounge phobia. Albums of a different kind demand openness and the willingness to get involved with them - especially if they are not the usual ones Dub-Conform to clichés. Who so on "Dubvisionist presents PFL Dubsessions ”will be rewarded.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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I can only say thank you!
For one, thanks for the review, which made this fantastic DubDisc has transferred into our consciousness and also a big thank you to ours Dubvisionist!!!
He's finally got one again DubAlbum for the “true DubFans ”. This DubAlbum is really fat. The basslines and also the bass frequencies drip like
Fresh deep-frying oil from a delicious, thick donut that is very fresh and red-hot, just removed from the deep-frying pan.
I don´t like it! I love it!
Sometimes I think I am completely under observation or it is just these magical "coincidences" that keep happening. Just last week I started
to create a special playlist for me on Spotify. There is so Dubs, they are especially "smooooooooth". They are perfect for hanging across the whole width and are just as well
a wonderful carpet of sound in the office or wherever you can relax. I had to give the part a name of some sort and so I decided on LoungeDub
decided and the whole thing then with “very smooth DubMusic ”subtitled. So I have no problem with the term “lounge”. So I'm practically in the first place here
Starting row, if not in pole position. If I were a broker, I would click “BUY !!!” immediately.
Yes gtkriz, I also have a big problem with too many highs. (Mad Professor probably not). That's why the flying cimbals always rattle in my pear, but only marginally.
“Skylarking Lounge” flashes me really well. The groove grabs me and especially the way in which the vocal snippets are “sampled” in here
(among others) me too, to On-U.Sound and especially to the Strange Parcels. But it doesn't sound like a copy or like trying to repeat something here. It just becomes clear again who is the role model for ours Dubvisonists was and hopefully still is. In any case, I once read in the Riddim that Felix Wolter had already learned a lot from Adrian Sherwood and that Adrian particularly appreciates him. But I can only write the whole album as "DUB FOR ADULTS ”.
This is really not a child's birthday. Although I have to go straight to “going underground”. A title is rare for one DubTune so appropriately! I would love to say
(I get a boner in my head) but I'm afraid this is too frivolous for some here. Sorry but I hope it goes through in brackets, because that's the only way I can express my enthusiasm for this one Dub to put it in words halfway. So don't put yourselves in such a position …… (please, uh).
“Out Of Many” is also exactly mine Dub ! Everything fits exactly to the point. It's bolder, more brutal Dub, just right for Dub(Masochists). The whole design is not for wimps,
who like to listen to top-heavy heavy musicians with "demanding" lyrics about love. (calm down, lemmi, control yourself).
No! I don't want to control myself! Because the next one Dub "Only Dub (But i Like IT) “It feels much better to slip on your jogging (not yoga) pants and
once again really completely "to lose control of your life". But just not to go jogging with it. Jogging is way too sensible for me and therefore stinking boring.
And if you already think it doesn't get any better, then you just let the disc (hopefully it will be) continue to run and come to “The Lone Ranger” !!!
Now ma honest friends ;-) who needs steppersDub“? That’s a musical revelation, a “mountain predikgt” for all who attend DUB believe !
I see it similar to gtkriz, where I sort of transition from Little Ax to Dub Syndicate perceive. The bassline goes more in the direction of Little Ax or Doug Wimbish and later it goes into Dub Syndicate over, and I'd make a bet that Style Scott would play the drums here. And if not, I'd like to lose the bet.
"Searching for the Magic Frequency" !!!! Just awesome! I'm running out of superlatives! In any case, both the magic frequencies and the magic groove were found.
"Long reasoning Dub“Also has one of the best basslines ever. He has it Dubvisionist is also very fond of because he already has the “King Size Dub Special “session
equally fine Dub conjured up. However, the part is now so deep (dull) that you have to “pitch” a little on the height control.
“Tranquil” leaves nothing to be desired with me. The bassline is "loungy" but by no means dull. I would describe them as “SOVEREIGN”, which also applies to the whole Dubatmosphere and the many little ones DubGimmicks applies.
Personally, I would describe “Black Nile” as quite jazzy. But here we are sprinkled with the good side of jazz. I feel really good and the wind instruments, especially the trumpet, play beautifully discreetly, so that they look more like a kind of appearance and are not so dominant to show, "Look what I play on my trumpet
can ". That can quickly get penetrating with the jazz musicians.
I would have used “Yoga Secret” as an intro, but you can also use it to round off this fantastic one DubTake a journey, because it is always said so nicely for consolation when something comes to an end that is also a new beginning in every end.
It's advised a little more detailed, my comment ……. but these DubDisk was worth it to me.

THANK YOU gtkriz !!!

THANKS Dubvisionist!!!

and "Give Thanks and Praise to all the Singers and Players of Instruments" …………………. lemmi

You're welcome, lemmi.

I suggest you publish your Spotify loungeDub-Playlist - I'd like to listen to it.

I think your comment is great - this is an independent review of the album that is bursting with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and positive vibes. Makes you in a good mood and opens up another perspective.

lemmi rules :)

Oh how beautiful ! Today is really Friday again. I'm very happy when my commentator has conveyed my enthusiasm for the record well.
Yes gtkriz, there are only about 10 in my playlist Dubs ... ..
It is created by running your playlist through and whenever I notice
oh that Dub but if it's really relaxed now, I'll pack him in.
So one thing is for sure, you know them Dubs better than me ;-)
But if I ever manage to run my playlists without ads, I'd like to publish them too.
But then the old “late Pyronic skeptic” comes up in me again.
I don't believe that we (now I'm counting myself a bit)
Specialists, in detail, so easily come to a common denominator.
It would be very interesting for me if we had something like a small one
DubHitParade would do. Not universal, but special, good of you
reviewed DubAlbums. For example, which one Dub do you find from - for example -
"Understood what Dub Is “best?
My impression is that from 5 Dubheads, 5 different top hits are named.
Well, it doesn't have to be, it was just a thought. We don't have to
necessarily exaggerate with our addiction. There is nothing more fulfilling than his
Satisfying addiction, I've found.

"Dub Be Good To Me “…………………… lemmi

"My impression is that from 5 Dubheads, 5 different top hits are named. "
Exactly, lemmi, everyone has completely different preferences and ideas, which one Dub now has a deeply relaxing effect.

Well, you get Spotify without advertising if you pay € 9,99 per month. There are other very good streaming services for the money (after all, this comment is not supposed to be a Spotify advertisement).

That I Dub know better than you, I dare to doubt. Dub Nowadays, per se, is a colorful kaleidoscope with seemingly infinite variations - I've long since lost track of things. My strategy is to specialize in one sub-area: the classic, roots-oriented Dub as it is today in current productions. In this sense, imo the authors of the good, because everyone brings their own weaknesses and corresponding knowledge and thus the Dub-Horizon enlarged

The idea of ​​a dubI find community playlist exciting. I would call her “Understand what Dub is “give. That's what it's really about :)


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