Dubvisionist: Treasures from the Hard Drives

For new work from Dubvisionist I get reflexively curious because Dubs from Felix Wolter would suggest the Netflix algorithm with at least “98% agreement”. The hit rate is therefore that of Biontech. Fortunately, the Hanoverian DubProducer a constant output level of high quality Dubs - and has done so since the 1980s. He and ThaiGrr founded The Vision, a pioneering German reggae band, whose recordings are the basis of some fantastic ones Dub-Albums that Felix created over the years. In recent times he has delivered many compelling ones Dub-Mixes on behalf of Echo-Beach.

Now he has Dub-Wizzard rummaged in his archives and marked "Treasures from the hard drives“Ten exciting but still unpublished ones Dubs promoted to days. Why they had to eke out a purely virtual existence up to now seems completely incomprehensible when listening, because they are presentable in every respect. I am enthusiastic about the sound (the master understands his mastering), the arrangements and of course the mixes. But above all the variety of the track selection. Maybe that's a bonus that comes with it automatically when recordings are compiled from different contexts. The achievement then undoubtedly consists of sucking in to ensure that everything still sounds like one piece. Of the Dubvisionist completed this challenge with flying colors.

Long recipes, in a nutshell: I like the album exceptionally well. While some albums are particularly convincing due to their atmosphere and sound and are predestined to exist in the background, Felix's “Treasures” are ideal for conscious listening. Highly entertaining - 98% guaranteed.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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It was a long time ago and yet I was (sometimes "against") late.
It must have been around 1991. I was already fully open DubTrip. And so it happened that one day we “jetted” to Hanover to meet one another DubAdd event.
I came to school too late on principle, but for reggae and DubEvents couldn't have the slightest chance of missing a single note. And so we were there again at least an hour early. But what do you mean too early ?! We took a seat at the counter, which was in an adjoining pub in the same building as the dance floor on which the DubEvent should take place. I had just let the first sip from my beer glass slide down my throat when the charming waitress turned the "background music" a little louder so that I could now hear it very consciously. Nobody but me showed any reaction. However, I immediately got my gasp again, which I always get when I - for myself - listen to such great and brand new music. After drooling a few drops of beer on the counter because I couldn't put the glass down as quickly as the question burned under my nails, I asked the (did I mention that?) The very charming waitress the all-important question? “Do you want to marry me?” Oh no, nonsense…. Confusion! I wanted to know how and by whom the disc is. Yes; and then she gave me the cover of The Vision and Friends "Dub Revision "in front of the nose and added the words (analogously), Dub from Hannover !
Huh, I thought ... Dub from Hannover ?!? And I like that so much that I get gasps ?! At the time, I would have thought something like that was impossible.
That was the initial spark for me, my prejudices against reggae,Dub and to get used to music from d-country as quickly as possible. Today my prejudices have been part of my "dark" past for many years or decades.
And so it counts DubVision has been part of the creme de la creme for me for many years DubWizzards around the world!
The treasures that we are now presented here show why Felix Wolter is in the first division for me DubWizzards has become a fixture.
"Visit at the Funny Farm" opens the chest very wide, in which the magical DubGimmiks are located. Whereby the whole riddim with these fantastic-looking “piano episodes” and the gedubbten sends fanfares in the front background to the valley of the positively crazy and puts me in boundless ecstasy.
I don't care if Knecht Ruprecht or Santa Klaus drives his reindeer sleigh right through the middle of the picture and sounds a few “flying cimbals” that are probably tied around the necks of the reindeer so that none is lost. I don't think that's a bad thing here, but I've always wanted to ask whether it might not be animal cruelty, for example when the cows always have to wear these fat and very loud bells around their necks during the cattle drive. For me as a cow, I have to admit that that would really get on the nuts.
"CocatooTatoo" shows that it doesn't always have to be a reggae beat to be a good one Dubto convey feeling. Above all, I first notice the skilfully sprinkled percussion snippets very positively and the effect locks for synthesizer gimmicks are wide open, so that the empty space is with itself DubMatter accumulates. Wow, I hope I haven't understated ;-) …… "Jamaican understatement".
Ok just because I don't care about anyone now Dub going in individually, that doesn't mean they weren't worth it, but I think they are Dubs all great. My favouriteDub is now the
"Victory Dub"Or is it the" Weepin N Wailin "?! Maybe it will be “Here I Come” by Barrington Levi again in the end. I do not know yet.
In any case, I imagine that you can hear the fun that the DubVisionist must have had here.

But I would like to write a little bit about mastering. The Mad Professor had to take a lot of criticism here, and so did he DubVisionist is not entirely free from "sin". What the Mad Professor occasionally (always) presents too much in terms of highs is with me DubVisionists (not always) a little too dull. He's also really up for bass! Unfortunately, the sound is a bit too muffled for me. But well, that's why there are buttons for bass and treble, which luckily on every good one
Music system are on. Or is there someone here who thinks high-end would be a solution for something? ;-)

Most of the time I feel more like the problem “than like” part of the solution ;-) ……………………………… lemmi

I never know what will come out of the "back" in the end. But I like this story a lot myself ;-)
Thanks for the upliftment René!

So long …………… .. lemmmi - 1m

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