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Okay, we can't get around it. The one I hold dear Dubvisionist presents a new album: "yoga in Dub" (Echo Beach). Spherical sounds, trippy chill-out sounds à la Space Night meet Bass - this is how the concept could be summed up in keywords. A concept that aims at a very practical use: The generic meditation muzak, as it is used in yoga exercises, through high quality Dub-Music to replace. Everything is hand-played and, as usual, superbly produced. But to be honest, the music is too boring for me. However, I am sitting here in front of the computer and not in an asana.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Yes, the “yoga in Dub”Is ideal for asanas or for relaxing! I like this album a lot and mean, im here Dubblog to have pointed it out elsewhere.
Felix Wolter and his teammates Markus Dassmannn (Senior Allstars), Nitai Guanmani (The Vision), Marco Baresi (Far East Band), DJ George Solar (Solar Moon, Chin Chillaz) move in these eight Dubs skillfully away from the typical esoteric toothless. I've heard the album very often and keep discovering new facets.
Such a great part can only come from Echo Beach, Nicolai has been making for tens of years (1996) Dub-Records “for open minded people” and Felix Wolter built bridges to the somewhat different reggae / reggae in 1994 with his band “The Vision” and the albums “Mental- / Instrumental Healing” and “Namas Te” (1996)Dub completed. “Yoga in Dub”Is just the logical consequence of the path that has been taken for a long time.
Surely they will be back now Dub-Purists are furious because they don't care anymore Dub have to do.
To that I can only reply like a prayer wheel, "wrong", Dub originated from experimentation and still lives from experimentation today, that is a fact.

Stay tuned ...

It is completely a mystery to me how you can do sports while listening to music. Unless you consider dancing to music as a sport. In any case, I couldn't listen to good music while jogging, for example. I can't do something that completely annoys me and possibly even makes me exhausting and listen to my favorite music. That would be like spraying Vasabisenf with fennel flavor on my favorite cake out of pure masochism. (There are people who like fennel, but for me that's the last shit, the total aberration of taste. Just to explain).
So I'll leave out yoga for now, because yoga is actually only gymnastics for busy people. Yes, sorry, I can't help but blaspheme about things that I just can't get away with. Now you know that I don't feel like jogging and yoga at all and so I can do something about “Yoga In Dub" write.
Hand-played isn't necessarily that much. “Hand” is right, but when it comes to the wit, all the musicians have relaxed quite a bit on the spherical sounds of the synthesizers. So I can find it boring too.
But there are those beautiful Sunday afternoons in my life where I first have to make coffee at home and do a few "shooting" on top of that. In addition I have to clean up the kitchen from the Saturday chaos, so that a total of half an hour passes before I can really concentrate on the music. And for that time is something like “Yoga In Dub" Perfect !!! It creates exactly the atmosphere that belongs to the standard climate in my apartment. "DubThe atmosphere" ! Basically, these are all intros for me. I don't always have to be fully there and hear every note. It is enough if the atmosphere is right!
It works particularly well here with “Prana Dub"/" Vrindavan (mad cow disease Dub ) “Deva / Asana and Cali Dub".
With “Siva Dub"And actually also" Silver Dub“But then the atmosphere is completely too thin for me. Hardly any oxygen.
Prana Dub I would rather call it "Ambient Jazz". Then comes the "DubPurist ”in me, who also likes to hear ambient.
My highlight here is “Deva Dub“!!! And to justify that, I'll quote the good Prince Fatty:

"WITHOUT PERCUSSION, EVERYTHING WORKS NOTHING !!!" The man recognized it anyway, as we all have long known ...

Greetings …………… lemmy

I think, “Yoga in Dub“Is really a special project from the heart for the soul. It is based on the idea of ​​using a selection of meditative instrumentalDub-Transfer reggae tracks to a region of deep relaxation. An excellent and highly believable environment for (and inspired by) yoga practice and meditation.

If you don't like yoga etc., you can just let yourself go and relax or do what lemmi so aptly described.

you always amaze me!
Ambient and I still like the old German “electronics technicians” to chill out - people used to say “hang out”.

As the "cat Steven" said many years ago:
"Music is a lady that I still love because she gives me the air that I breathe".

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