Anyone having fun Dub Spencer & Trance Hill has will too Dubylon like. The liveDub-Duo from Stuttgart presented their debut album after a year of creative improvisation work: "Dubylon“ (Dubylon) - and what should I say? Sounds like Dub Spencer meets free jazz and is definitely worth an excursion. "DubFor us, ylon means letting our creativity run free, sometimes experimenting wildly with live-controlled effects and not being tied to limits or specifications, ”said João Braun and Julian Humburg. With that they hit the nail on the head - whereby we are already at the body part with the "Dubylon “should be enjoyed: the head. Anyone who intellectually engages in the interesting, contradicting mixture of straight beats and solid basslines on the one hand and weird, almost atonal experiments on the other, should have an exciting experience with the five tracks of the EP. In any case, I'm pretty excited to see which of the two directions the journey from Dubylon will go further.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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High René!

Exactly ! Dub Spencer and Trance Hill are always great fun and Dubylon definitely have mine with this ep DubHit nerve. Musicians from Stuttgart or Germany don't always have that easy "DubHerb ”. In any case, I know that the herb is exorbitantly expensive in Stuttgart. Actually in all of Germany.
Well I want to DubDon't assume anything about ylon, but I suspect you had the right herb at the start at the right time. The Dubs and especially the many abnormal or dublike background noises testify to an expanded horizon that allows it. to think outside the box again. This is not just beautiful music, but almost a little adventure trip into your own brain. Synapses are stimulated, which in people with Dub nothing to begin with, do not exist at all. In my case, these small interfaces between music and “film” are all shining brightly. The joy of experimentation and the overcoming of limits and requirements struck me in the innermost part of my soul. The overcoming of boundaries and guidelines allows every free thinker and every free spirit to really blossom. I claim that is exactly what Babylon does not want at all. Babylon would much rather look into our heads in order to be able to manipulate us even better. In the end, you won't be satisfied until you determine what I want. That’s still to come. (Oh, if I think about it, I could order the new sneakers that the ComputerAlgorthmen picked out for me from Amazon right away). Nothing there Babylon! I'd rather buy a new one DubDisc in Dubylon!
I would like to say something special about "Duboratorium “to write something. The first 38 seconds or so sound as if they are intended to show how badly programmed music can be. It sounds like something is stuck. Then comes a redeeming cry, which could also come from a Sioux "Indian" who has long since passed over to the eternal hunting grounds and
is sent exactly there with echo and reverb. What follows is almost a world sensation for me. A great bassline that doesn't come from Jamaica (as far as I think I know). After that, nothing sticks anymore, it turns into a surrealistic one DubGroove, which convinced me the most on this EP. For my part, I can only say that as an On.U-Sound fan and also owner and connoisseur of everyoneDub Me Crazy "albums, I'm well tried and the present EP fully corresponds to my" intellectual level ";-)

Then I'm gone …………………………. lemmi

Set lemmi, sex (I mean the note sex, if “do-gooders” want to exercise power again) ……… ..

It's called: ON-U. SOUND !!!

So, now bye bye ............................. lemmi

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