El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey: Ekundayo Inversions (Instrumentals)

There are albums with a long history. "El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey – Ekundayo Inversions (Instrumentals)(Big Crown Records) is one such. Soul musician Liam Bailey released his debut album Ekundayo on Big Crown Records in late 2020. In the summer of 2021, another of the label's artists, El Michels Affair, grabbed the tapes and produced an exciting one, Ekundayo Inversions Dubversion of the album. Chapter 3 follows: The Ekundayo Inversions (Instrumentals). So this is the third edition of the "Ekundayo" tracks, because the basis are both instrumental versions from the Ekundayo album and the Ekundayo Inversions album, but now as instrumental versions. If you compare all three incarnations, it is noticeable that they do not differ that much from each other. The original always sets the tone - but that's anything but negative, because the Ekundayo productions are simply great. Small, innovative masterpieces in the no man's land between retro gimmick and experiment, between reggae and soul, between aha and oh! In any case, I can listen to them again and again with great pleasure. Sounds like that clear my ears when too much bass babble has accumulated there. And while in reggae the instrumentals are usually the most boring version, in this case they might even be the most exciting.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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This new album from Leon Michels aka El Michels and singer Liam Bailey takes me back to legendary John Peel shows. Listening to music that led you to discover new bands and genres; it's got that home-made feel that John Peel liked. I just discovered this album here, and I think it becomes one of my favorites. Classic reggae and dub sounds but yet sounds very timeless and contemporary. The production from Leon Michels is exquisite. My favorite track is White Light, but the whole album is fire, amazing vibes. thanx!

The first few tones, especially the sound of the drums, sounded very promising to me too. I haven't checked every instrumental for the authenticity of the drums, but on "She Hates This Life" I hear almost the same drum computer as on the very successful "Billy Jean" cover version by Shinehead. So far, all of this is still very interesting for me. But do I have to write anything else about the basses (BässLines)? I think it's now clear that I can't do anything with such bass "melodies".
In addition, Jamaican, African and English reggae has more soul for me than soul ;-) ……….. I don't know if “My Mama o. Papa ( ? ) was a rolling stone” also belongs to soul. That would be an example of soul, which I like sometimes. But the reggae version by the Pioneers is the ORIGINAL (!) for me. As good as The Mamas and The Papas may groove, in the reggae version I have groove and vibes HIGH 65!!!

Sorry if I'm wearing reggae glasses too much here, but Dub is Reggae Music and therefore it should be allowed here. Not every style of music is suitable for me Dub and Soul doesn't seem to suit me either.

(Maybe I should have googled beforehand what soul is all about, but I'd rather be lazy and risk being put in or behind the gate by you guys).

However :

"REGGAE GOT SOUL!!!" ……………………. lemmi

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