El Natty Combo: Flores y Burbujas

At the moment, instrumentals seem that Dub to put the show - there have been some amazing works on the market in the last few months, some of them Dub-Release loosely overshadowed. Please refer Clive Hunt, Bost & Bim, Roots organization, Winds of Matterhorn, The Dub Chronicles - to just the im to mention reviewers.

New year, new luck, one would think: The El Natty Combo is snowing with their album “Flores y Burbujas“In. So almost: The album was released at the end of 2020 and simply slipped through my fingers. And because it's so beautiful and the holiday-related lull in the Dubcountry rules, I unpack the old part here.

You may well have heard of the El Natty Combo; their Discography can see each other, better still: let it stream. You will have read less from them - the gentlemen rarely parlate, but in well-groomed Spanish. Therefore in all necessary brevity:

The El Natty Combo is an Argentine roots reggae band founded in 2003, trademark: well-groomed brass sections, playful saxophone / trombone / trumpet solos on rich reggae, which can - no, - drift into Latin American. This can come from the melody or the rhythm and gives the whole thing a certain kick. Whereby memories of Rico and Chris Hinze (does someone still remember the "Bamboo Reggae" aka "Kings of Reggae“- album“?) Wake up.

So thumbs up for “Flores y Burbujas”, which Google translates sometimes as “flowers and bubbles”, sometimes as “flowers and bubbles”. Well ... that will probably come across better in Spanish. Ultimately, it's an album for fans of well-groomed roots brass music, and with a bit of luck it'll be one of them Dub- give album. It wouldn't be the first of the El Natty combo.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Hmmm, no comment can sometimes be an opinion.

So I also have at least two DubSlices from El Natty Combo Home. One with Dennis Bovell and one by and with Mad Professor, as far as I can remember.
The sound and the riddims "from" El Natty Combo really flashed me right from the start. And here, too, the riddims get into my blood very well. But no, I will probably not get rid of my aversion to too much fan anytime soon. My specimens at home have also made a major contribution to my becoming aware of this certain aversion.
I really like the solos here with the “PusteBlumen”. And the interspersed piano improvisations also appeal to me very much, but almost always when all the wind players play together or only play the saxophone, I see James Last "clash" with Max Gregor on stage, who could possibly make the most staid sound of all To create times.
No, I still don't like “Wind Orchestra”. Since then they have been playing classical music.

Ok, I'm sorry, but sometimes a "bad comment" should be better than none at all. Although I could also name a few positive "aspects".

Greetings ………………… .. lemmi

Moin, I see what I wanted to write now is again unimportant, because that DubBlog has already moved on again.
But if someone is looking for or has searched for albums by El Natty Combo with Mad Professor and Dennis Bovell, I have to say that I also looked for these records in vain last night. Probably because there aren't any.
With me, some screws in my head were probably not so tight, so that my synapses were probably no longer wired correctly. So I had a wrong switch in my head and have El Natty Combo with me Dub Confused Natty Sessions. The word "Natty" made me go a little too far.

Sorry for my alternative facts ………………. lemmi

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