Elijah Solomon: Solomon Dub

How good an old schoolDubconcept can be implemented today, as Elijah Salomon proves with his album "Solomon Dub" (One Champ). It was made by the Zurich band DubHand-recorded by Conquerors and recorded in Jamaica by Bobby Digital at their Digital B studios, then mixed by John John at King Jammy's studios and mixed by Joe Ariwa at London's Ariwa studios. It is also based on a vocal album (“Salomon” from 2022). It can hardly be more classic. And that's what it sounds like - albeit with an outstanding sound quality that would have been unthinkable in the classical age. The Swiss singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Elijah Salomon is best known for his lyrics sung in Swiss German. However, I didn't really have it on my radar. That has “Solomon Dub' now suddenly changed. That classically interpreted Dub Can sound so fresh and inspired is a real joy. I was also positively surprised by the mixes by John John and Joe Ariwa. I'd saved the former as a digital dancehall producer and always dismissed the latter as the somewhat uninspired son of Mad Professor. Both teach me better now, because they deliver perfect craftsmanship and a firework of ideas. The inspiration probably comes from the excellent production that Elijah himself was responsible for and brought to the two of them. Credit for that should also Dubby Conquerors due, because the precision of their game is breathtaking. I can think of “Salomon Dub“ less in a sound system than with headphones in the subway, because the many details of the production and the mixes want to be listened to carefully.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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"You bum right here and you bounce over there Sponji Reggae" I hear the (cross?) flute there in the "Running Dub" to play.
A new DubAlbum by or with Elijah Salomon! I was very excited.
Yes, if only the word "if" weren't there.
Yes, the sound and effects create a good feeling, but when I play the riddims with the - for my taste - outstanding Dubdisc from around 2017, I just have to much prefer the "Dub Ripe Fruit". I find that much more exciting, which is probably primarily due to Raging Fyah, because Joe Ariwa also mixed it excellently. I thought back then, who is Elijah Salomon? ….. he must have it all but I much prefer listening to them Dubs on. Nothing against the "breathtaking precision of the game" by Dubby Conquerors but I hope the band can live with it, if I not only mean, but also write that they lose out against Raging Fyah, or in this case they lost out. The riddims of Raging Fyah have a much more magical effect on me and also create a much more mystical sound DubThe atmosphere. Jamaica Rules!!!
Otherwise the album is of course far from boring me and I would also like to have it at home next to the "Dub Pipe Fruit" and "in the opening act of "Dub Ripe Fruit". But unfortunately I can do this outstanding DubStill only stream the album ( howl - sob - sigh ... ).
Either I can finally buy both discs UNCOMPLICATED soon or I just keep streaming, which has a very negative effect on the “Salomon Dub' would have an effect, because when I'm streaming, it's only the very best.

For everyone else, I wish you a lot of fun with “Salomon Dub“……………………… .. lemmi

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