Evening News: In Dub (EP)

The evening news is universal, sometimes sensational, yes, even essential for most people. So too Evening news, an exciting Ska-Rocksteady-Roots-Reggae-Band from the south of the Netherlands. The band has been around since 2013 with an extremely strong rhythm section, a really fat old-school horn section and lead singer Rick Blansjaar, who is completely dedicated to the Jamaican old-school music. The eight members of the Evening News only come from Dutch municipalities such as Zoetermeer, Leiden, Katwijk, Nieuwkoop, Beverwijk and The Hague. But if you make music and really step on the gas, you travel back over half a century to the suburbs of Kingston like in a time machine. When the band had finished their first demo recordings in 2014, they turned to the company in Leiden (NL) Dub-Engineer Tony Dubs. He in turn saw it as a very interesting challenge, made of the purest ska riddims,Evening News: In Dub“ ( to mix. Tony Dubshot went to work, activated his old analog equipment and started that Dubbing. The attentive listener and connoisseur will notice that the extremely accelerating tune “After The Dub"Originally comes from the Skatalites LP" Return Of The Big Guns "and reads" After The Rain ". In my opinion, the exciting experiment was worth trying and, fortunately, the conclusive end result is the Dubbhism netlabel is still available as a free download. The only downer with the EP is: The Evening News is history again after a good 18 minutes. If it were up to me, the album should be much longer. This is uplifting Dub!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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In general, I find news pretty unpleasant. It has always been like that and is very special at the moment. Not that I really long to have to work again, but I would like to have my or our old life back. However, it would be fully in my interest if we started with a 30 hour week. And if everyone finds that that's basically enough, we can stick with it, if you like.
That would also be a real uplift!
I've had a ska for a long timeDub - desired disc and now has Ras Vorbei found one. Thank you RasVorei !!!
After your review, however, I approached the data with extremely great anticipation and it hurts my soul that I have to admit that my anticipation was initially a bit disappointed. I had a megaDubFeuerwerk
but expect the uplift to come more from the SkaRiddims. But what am I screwing around here again? In the second run I approached the matter with the experience from the first and got the DubLet tunes affect me as a whole. In doing so, I came to the conclusion that I should just leave a fly or two in the soup in the pot.
After the review, I was also very curious whether I would recognize the Skatalites' tune and I can only say, "I have it" ;-). Only if you asked me where to find it would I probably still be looking. I'm so good at it that I would say the first tune here is also from the Skatalites. Or do I know Victor Rize's with the Senior Allstars? With the question I am referring back to my real "I". Just so that nobody here thinks I can do it ;-)

Greetings …………………… .. lemmi

"After your review, however, I approached the data with extremely great anticipation and ... I had a megaDubFireworks expected ... "

hi lemmi,

then my review achieved its goal, because I was able to arouse your interest in what I think was an extraordinary EP. Ok, “a megaDubFireworks “has Tony Dubshot actually not burned down, but at least it is a small, fine and, above all, damn rare Ska-Dub-Become album.

Greetings from the self-imposed segregation measure!

"Greetings from the self-imposed segregation measure!"

Yeah man …………. The main thing DubHomeOffice is at the start. You are systemically relevant! …… .. ;-)

Greetings from a Man At Work ………………………. lemmi

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